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Absolutely None! We guarantee you'll find Maxpanda to be the easiest maintenance management software you've ever used. You're never alone with direct email with your product manager, online chat during the week & a 24/7 in-app dashboard ticket portal included in every subscription. We don't simply support you, we also support your clients, vendors & contractors.
Absolutely Not! Maxpanda CMMS gives you all the tools (and moral support) needed to manage your team, clients and work order processes. Maxpanda CMMS is a monthly or yearly subscription service accepting credit cards and checks. Select customers start out small and grow big within our available subscriptions. Plans are fluid meaning you can move up or down month to month. Maximize your first month by familiarizing yourself with your new cmms account. Setup up your teams, contractor information, assets, preventative maintenance schedules, buildings and locations. Our techies have designed Maxpanda CMMS to be adaptive to your time table.
Your CMMS invoice is charged monthly to your credit card with the ability to upgrade plans as you grow your company or department. Found a better solution? (rare, but may happen) simply request a data export, cancel your subscription anytime. We also offer 1 month free on all yearly plans.
Download your data to your favorite file format 24/7. It's your data, crunch it. It's important that you access your data 24/7 when you want it, where you want it. Don't see the right report for your needs, we'll build it for you at no cost. It's just the way we work.
Absolutely. Every subscription includes unlimited users and access to our world class ios/android app called GoMAX! Mobile. You, your team (even your contractors & vendors) have access to work orders through any web enabled device on the planet including smartphones & tablets. Best of all, GoMAX! has a built-in QR Code scanner allowing you to scan assets, bins, parts, guest portals and locations. It even allows you to update metering fields such as hours, cycles, miles, odometers...
Absolutly Not. Maxpanda works with every major browser in the world. Runs well on any PC, MAC, smartphone or tablet in the world.
Absolutely. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides trusted, cloud-based solutions to optimize your fast-paced business needs. Maxpanda CMMS Software never archives or removes your data. It's always available to you from any web enabled device using a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) log in. 2048 Bit SSL is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client. Maxpanda is 100% HIPAA compliant.
Awesome! Maxpanda has the ability to auto-generate work orders (for your pm's) through the usual way like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. But our software goes beyond that. You define unlimited metering types (cycles, hours, miles), set triggers per asset and Maxpanda does the rest. Update recurring asset triggers through desktops, laptops, tablets or GoMAX! mobile apps.
Absolutly. In fact, we encourage it. Maxpanda's Community Portal is a repository of standardized preventive maintenance routines for assets, tools, locations shared by our engineers and every one of our customers. Company Admins may either share their pm's within 100 SITES or to the MCP. Let's build something together!

We're disrupting CMMS with a platform that's simpler and more affordable allowing you to eliminate errors/delays existing with pen & paper. Pressures from the real world are driving computerized maintenance management, work order maintenance management software and enterprise asset management (CMMS / EAM) software vendors to rethink not only the product itself, but how a service industry can help management achieve lower maintenance costs. The cmms software of today has to be quite consolidated in functionality and feature rich with instant ROI. Growing importance is how well a cmms vendor can support the variety of needs for these companies scattered around the globe (for example, supporting multiple languages) and consolidation across multiple business units or buildings. Another key trend is an ever-improving user interface having the best navigation aids that allow users to more quickly enter, analyze and report on maintenance data.

"We started out being a little apprehensive at first as we we're new to this type of software. So we moved forward with a free 15 day trial. We compared Maxpanda's features and monthly subscriptions to other cmms software. We don't let things fall through the cracks, not any more." - K. Dawson, Superintendent, LB District.


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Simplifying Maintenance Management

  • Communicate in your Language English USA CMMS English or French CMMS French CMMS English UK CMMS Spanish CMMS Brazilian Portuguese CMMS Portuguese CMMS Spanish CMMS
  • Centralize & Manage your entire maintenance management work-flow
  • Stop Struggling with spreadsheets, phone calls, missing papers - gain up to 500% ROI
  • Free GoMax! Mobile apps to create, manage, complete and close WO's mobile iphone maintenance software mobile ipad maintenance software mobile android maintenance software
  • Customize Outbound Email notifications to vendors using company standard verbature
  • Define Settings such as SLA, Work Categories, Asset & Location types service level agreements
  • Collaborate in Real Time with staff and requesters on smartphones & tablets unlimited users
  • Guest Portals for incoming requests thru weblink, email or QR Code free guest service web portal
  • Preventative Maintenance routines auto generate and pre-assigned to staff/vendor
  • Barcode or QR Code assets, parts, bins, locations with GoMAX! Mobile
  • Fleet & Metering Management for desktop with mobile QR Code scanning fleet & meter management
  • Community Portal to share your PM's to all your Sites saving you time
  • Purchase Orders made easy and integrated within your entire company account

Best Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

or CMMS is a software program widely used for maintaining computerized database of information and data related to maintenance operation of a company. When such information is stored in a software program, it assists the maintenance workers of an organization to perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively. Apart from that, it also helps business managers to take wiser decisions. Finally, the data stored in this system can also be used for verifying regulatory compliance’s. There are several ways with which an organization can benefit from CMMS. Let us see how.

Managing the work requests efficiently: This software will enable your designated staff to submit their request directly into the system. Once they do this, they are sent emails regarding the request statuses. With this system, the maintenance manager of your facility will be easily able to respond to inbound calls. Apart from that, CMMS can be used to prioritize the submitted work requests as per their type.

Organized scheduling and planning of regular maintenance tasks: With CMMS, your maintenance department can easily set an automatic schedule for your organization’s recurring activities. Preventive maintenance procedures are auto-generated, depending on their deadline for completion and as per the work orders. Preventive inspections and repairs can also be included in this scheduling. With stored checklists and procedures in the CMMS system, you can be assured that all your works are completed on time, and on consistent basis.

Analyzing data and trends: A CMMS software can also be helpful in analyzing your data and trends, and identifying the problem areas, such as constant damages, low productivity, rising costs etc. With a CMMS system, a manager will be able to keep better track of equipment breakdowns, in addition to the costs involved. With the system analyzing backup data, the facilities maintenance people will be able to get repairs done too in time.

Managing the inventory of spare parts: Facility managers usually have to deal with disorganized, undocumented store rooms. They face difficulty while looking for supplies needed to certain situations. In that case, an equipment tracking program can be used to determine furniture, equipments or fixture that need maintenance. The software can be used for arranging automatic reordering of any parts, as per their usage and need. With CMMS, it becomes easier for the facility people to come up with effective and reasonable budget for the required spare parts. This can be done through monitoring current levels of inventory, and their consistent consumption or usage in a year. In this way, an inventory of the spare parts can be maintained, leading to huge savings to the company.

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