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old cmms files Data conversion: When software is purchased to replace an existing CMMS, management will need to decide whether or not to export existing data. This can be a key decision in terms of data quality because there is always a risk that pre-existing data problems may be transported to the new CMMS. Implementing a strategy for your new CMMS is a great opportunity to review existing data in detail making sure the new CMMS is loaded with accurate data. In our experience, 80% of companies eventually abandon their plans to convert much of the old data from existing system. Maxpanda product managers work closely with new clients to ensure data quality. The key to good process design for data conversion quality is adequate system controls to be in place but most importantly work together from conception to meet the goals of the organization. We realize there's pain when upgrading software so our tech nerds created an extremely efficient process to import your existing data saving you time and money.

Free Data Import Services

Need to import your current data today? Work closely with a certified product manager and our competent technical engineers to ensure a successfully implemented database each step of the way. Contact us to request an import service today and get ready to launch your Maxpanda CMMS account overnight.

Alternatively you can populate our excel import sheet with your building, asset, parts, location, equipment and company codes information - our techies will do the rest.

cmms data conversion service

  1. Download our Excel Data Import Sheet (right click, save link as, unzip it, fill it, email it to
  2. Review add/edit default company codes LOCATION TYPES: Building, Grounds, Parking Lot, Room, Suits
  3. Review add/edit default ASSET TYPES: Building Electrical System, HVAC, Generator, Maintenance / Repair etc..
  4. Define your ADDRESSES, LOCATIONS, ASSETS, VENDORS, PARTS etc... (Unlimited entries, we don't mind)
  5. Email the import sheet to your Maxpanda Project Manager. The techs import your data overnight
  6. Data integrity tests are conducted - pre & post import to ensure quality (we all make spelling errors)
  7. 24 hours later, you're ready to get to work!
  8. Technical free cmms technical support conveniently located within your dashboard

Available tabs in your excel sheet - What do they mean?

1. Address - This lists every address of each Location and Building you will enter into your new account. Once all addresses are entered, a dropdown select menu beside the Location/Building name will be available to associate the correct address to that Location/Building note: each time you enter a new address you must SAVE your work sheet for the address to appear in the dropdown. Addresses are optional but helpful during application use and having them available on work orders.

2. SITES - Sites can be used for ENHANCED plans and up. Grouping your Buildings to a SITE allows that site to be self managed by a different Site Admin and/or Site Editor. If a location, work order, pm or asset is assigned to a building, they are auto set to that site. Everything attached to a building moves to the new site as you move buildings from site to site. Users can be set to manage 1 or all of your sites.

3. Buildings - Maxpanda uses buildings to sort multiple locations for the submitter when submitting a new work order and the admin/editors when filtering or reporting on costs per location(s). Think about a real example such as Building name i.e.) SUMMERSIDE APARTMENTS, then associate each location to that building (i.e. Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 2 First floor, Basement, Stairs, 2nd floor Showers etc…). You will need to create Location Types in the excel sheet or in your online account. A Location Type can be a UNIT, FLOOR, WASHROOM, GARAGE, FIELD, ROOF etc..). Predefined Locations Types are simply group locations. Maxpanda allows you to simply search by location types as well as asset types within your dashboard.

4. Vendors - Enter all of your vendors in order for you to quickly invite them into your account. Once entered through the excel you can select whether to invite them as either a LIMITED or UNLIMITED role. For details regarding these roles visit the Role Management area of our website.

5. Locations - A building is a BUILDING in Maxpanda. Each location will be assigned to that building. If you only want to create work orders towards that 1 Building, simply add it as a building and a single Location with the same name. Eventually you will have access to various enterprise reports such as Location Cost Summary and Building Cost Summary. To receive location based work orders through your portal you are required to create locations. Maxpanda uses buildings to filter through multiple locations allowing the Submitter to quickly select the desired location. We can initially focus on importing your Buildings/Locations first. Once you and your team are comfortable with Maxpanda CMMS and GoMAX! Mobile, we'll help you import your assets.

6. Assets - Initally review all the predefined asset types (HVAC, ENGINEERING, HOSES, FURNITURE etc..) in the excel sheet. These are the default terms within Maxpanda. Fill out the required asset details for each piece of equipment then select each asset type from the dropdown menu. Finally select the asset status (Active, In Storage, Disposed). Add to the asset status list as required. Most equipment you will enter for your initial import will have an ACTIVE status by default.

7. Parts - Enter the Name of the Part, the Part Number, any Notes, Quantity on hand, Minimum Level (for notification), Unit Price (captured costs on wo's), Storage Location and Send Reorder Email (yes or no = Admins receive email notifications when min. levels are reached).

8. Company Codes - The excel sheet is prepopulated with COMPANY CODES used by default in Maxpanda CMMS. If you like you can overwrite any code making sure the sort order is correct. This action can also be completed by an ADMIN within the COMPANY menu in Maxpanda. Adding new codes takes a second. It's wise to have a company meeting and get the team onboard on all the terminology they will be using company wide and moving forward.

9. Insert Company Codes - What's this for? Absolutely nothing. This page is for our technical nerds, please do not touch - they get angry and even more introverted.

10. Users - Build a list of all your users requiring daily access to your account. Don't worry, they can change their password within the app later on.

What happens then?

  1. Wait for the data to be uploaded - you'll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours
  2. Login and review all sections/menu of the desktop app now or after your data upload has been confirmed
  3. You can now download GoMAX mobile apps (ios/android)
  4. Share and bookmark this link which describes all aspects of the app
  5. Your staff will also receive an email to sign up once the data is loaded.
  6. Staff can now download and log into the mobile apps as well as any web browser

Facility Audit Services

Our onsite physical audits are an extremely valuable service to every new customer. We provide quality onsite data capturing of your entire facility(s) including but not limited to the collection of all asset details, asset images/tag uploads & building/location data. On-hand manuals (if existing) can be scanned and uploaded accordingly as well as all images per asset/location - all this is completed very equickly and usually takes 1-2 days to perform depending on the size of your organization (typically building and/or asset count). Addition to the physical tag services our auditing team is able to provide you with a full Preventative Maintenance Schedule set up per asset, part and location. Contact us with any questions regarding Maxpanda's facility audit services.

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