Ok, you're ready to change your process for the better, now what?

Thousands of new clients just like you are aiming to organize their daily incoming work order requests and preventative maintenance routines for Unlimited Users including staff, vendors, submitters, tenants and guests. We strive hard to maintain Maxpanda's simplicity while continuously enhancing key elements of the software through direct feedback from our clients.

Our goal is to disrupt the cmms industry with a platform that's faster, better, and much more affordable than most vendors. Getting Started

  1. Review our Monthly or Yearly Plans that best suit your company. Plans include all modules with unlimited entries such as buildings, equipment & locations.
  2. Once you've decided on a plan, create your Company Account (scroll to the bottom of this page).
  3. Review the Quick Start Guide which has a great post signup checklist.
  4. Get to know Maxpanda's desktop version and mobile apps. Familiarize yourself with the menu and all modules. Training is 24/7 with available videos and online help files.
  5. Understand what each USER's set permissions are in your new account.
  6. You are never alone. A button is located within Maxpanda CMMS for you, your team AND your clients.
  7. Ready to import thousands of entries? Download and complete our excel sheet then email it to max@maxpanda.com or your product manager (include company name or id#). We will populate your database over any given weekend.
  8. Training Guides: here & Training Videos here.

Each Subscription Plan Includes

unlimited user accounts   Unlimited Users: Invite unlimited self-managed Company Admins, Company Editors, Site Admins, Site Editors, Staff, Submitters, Viewers, Vendors & Tenants to your account

universal global settings   Users: Assign their own language and currency preferences including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese & Portuguese Brazil - includes global server localization rules

unlimited location work orders   Track: Work order requests or preventative schedules towards unlimited buildings, locations, equipment, assets & parts. Maxpanda hates limits!
free guest work orders   Company Guest Portal: Not required to register an account to submit requests. Total anonymity or optional email communication for every WO

free data import services   Free Data Import: Work closely with our qualified product managers and technical engineers to ensure a successfully implemented database each step of the way

free training session   Free Technical: Here for you and your clients with tech support buttons built into your dashboard including monthly client-driven software enhancements