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Team communication and cost tracking is at the heart of every business. It’s these things that connect your entire organization and have the biggest impact on your culture and productivity



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Maxpanda's fair pricing model is set at a level that allows us to continuously invest in enhancing a solid product while giving you the greatest user experience possible. Subscribe Monthly or Yearly · A valid credit card is required to initiate the 15 day FREE trial · Upgrade Downgrade 24/7 with no commitment and you can cancel anytime 15 day free trial 15 day free trial 15 day free trial 15 day free trial 15 day free trial
cmms api connector mAPI, Single Sign On, Active Directory
  Enabling the Maxpanda API, applications talk to each other without user knowledge or intervention. Push your cmms data to unlimited applications you already use on a daily basis
purchase orders cmms Purchase Orders
  Generate unlimited Purchase Orders while automating your approval process for total inventory management using email and push notifications
project management Project Management
  Whether your a School District or International Oil & Gas company, we've got project tools to save you time and money
request for vendor quote automation   RFQ Request for Quotes
  Vendor management and selection process with automated approvals on RFQs per work order or entire project
PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE SCHEDULING   Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  Preventative Maintenance Scheduling helping you create your own templates. Share them between your Sites (databases) or the entire Maxpanda Community
unlimited user accounts Dedicated Product Managers
  Ensure your success with instant ROI and continued support 24/7. Stay in touch with an expert that's there for you and your entire team
work order requests   Work Order Requests
  Your team, entire company with vendors have 24/7 access through iOS, Android Smartphones & Tablets tracking Work in realtime
unlimited user accounts User Accounts
  Invite as many people to your company or a Site. Assign users to multiple sites with various (15 pre-defined) roles per Site
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
sites and cmms databases   Site Management   Company Admins create Sites then assign unlimited Site Admins/Editors to various sites, buildings, assets, locations allowing a 2nd level approval process thru independent management 1 5 15 25 100
work order requests   Maximum Generated Work Orders   Pay monthly or yearly for total work order count and nothing else. Move up or down plans as required with $0 setup fees 50 50 150 350 Unlimited