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maxpanda tshirt Maxpanda will help you improve the way you create, manage and report on your incoming work orders and your preventative maintenance routines. Whether you're a sole proprietor or national enterprise, Maxpanda has a price plan to fit your budget. We're pushing the limits of technology and we want you to be part of the journey.

Our Mission is to disrupt the CMMS industry with a platform that's faster, better, and more affordable. Our Fair Pricing Model: For decades CMMS software has been a race to the bottom with clunky outdated solutions offering far more frustration than value. We wanted to change all that by providing software that just works. We want Maxpanda to be an amazing value for your organization — helpful on-boarding with 24/7 support. Maxpanda is an investment in your team and culture.

Our fair pricing model is set at a level that allows us to continuously invest in enhancing a solid product & service while providing the greatest user experience & ROI possible.

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