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Preventative Maintenance & Work Order Software Demo

Thank you for your interest in Maxpanda Work Order Software. Maxpanda will help you improve the way you create, manage and report on your daily and scheduled pm work orders. Whether you're a sole proprietor or national enterprise, there's a price plan to fit your budget. Request and schedule a personalised demo from one of our Senior Product Managers to review core modules within the application reassuring you that Maxpanda is exactly what you've been looking for. Schedule a Maintenance Management Presentation Demo today.

Our product managers use www.Join.Me web conferencing software. Presentations typically last 1 hour which include a post Q&A session ensuring all questions regarding your cmms requirements have been met. Demos are scheduled Monday to Friday 9-5 CST North American time. We use local call-in phone numbers accessed so you don't pay a dime in long distance. Schedule a Work Order Preventative Maintenance Demo this week or next and see why Maxpanda CMMS is the best work order software on the planet.

Work Order Management - Preventative Maintenance Library - Task Library - Drag n Drop Calendar! - Meter Module Trigger Management - Invoice Management - Location Management - Asset & Inventory Management - Pre-defined User Permissions - Pre-defined Reporting Tools - Download, Print, Email Work Orders - Customizeable Company Fields - Live Dashboard with Support 24/7 - Collaborate with Staff or Vendors in realtime - Field Service on Smartphones / Tablets / PC / MAC - Dedicated Product Managers Ensure Success - Bulk Data Import Services - Software Training Services - 24/7 Help Manuals including Video Training - Total Work Order Management Solutions - System Generated Preventative Maintenance Scheduling - Invoicing & Vendor/Contractor Controls - Asset, Parts & Inventory Management - Pre-defined User Permissions - Simply INVITE someone to your account - Dynamic and Static Reporting Tools - Download your data 24/7 - Customizable PM & Task Libraries - Multiple Customizable Software Fields - Location/Asset Types, Work Categories - Your Dashboard Data with Live Search/Filtering - 24/7 Technical Support within your dashboard - Realtime Collaboration with Staff, Submitters & Vendors - Smartphones, Tablets, Mobiles, MAC, PC - International Language Settings - US, CAD, UK, AU, BR, PT, FR - Create your own white labeled Guest Service Request Portal - Mass Data Import Service (free) getting you started on day one.

Thank you for your interest. Just like you, thousands of others are striving to organize their daily incoming work order requests and preventative maintenance routines for unlimited users including staff, vendors, submitters, tenants and guests. We strive hard to maintain Maxpanda's simplicity while continuously enhancing key elements of the software through direct feedback from our clients such as yourself. We're guessing it's not every day that you sign up for a new service like Maxpanda CMMS.

Our goal is to disrupt the cmms industry with a platform that's faster, better, and much more affordable

Schedule a Work Order Preventative Maintenance Management Presentation Demo   Schedule a Work Order Preventative Maintenance Management Presentation Demo

Webinars cover the following items in a very general overview

10 steps 1 hour: Schedule a Work Order Preventative Maintenance Management Presentation Demo

  1. Compare the prorated (monthly/yearly) subscriptions
  2. Review data-import service
  3. Review optional onsite audit service
  4. Review all customized dashboards including 24/7 data retrieval
  5. Review system roles including Guest Portal access
  6. Review the Menu including all Modules (optional)
  7. Submit a work order request in realtime to observe status changes
  8. Review the Preventative (or Metered maintenance) module with the Task library
  9. Generate unlimited Reports (downloaded to your desktop in 8 formats)
  10. Discuss next steps, app download, free trial & your timeline

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