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Facility Maintenance Management Software

There has been a sea of change in the way people used to do business in the past. Presently most businesses hire a team of expert facility managers and of course take the valuable aid of an appropriate Facility Maintenance Management Software to efficiently manage their day-to-day operations. There are in fact many computer-aided facilities management software existing in the marketplace and the main challenge lies in choosing the most effective Facility Management Software for your business. Every business differs from the other in some extent. Maxpanda CMMS, is one of the most user friendly facility management software that is at present creating waves in the industry due to its razor-sharp features and ample advantages.

What is Facility Management and Maintenance Software?

Facility management is nothing but maintenance of multiple disciplines in a timely manner allocated teams and budget limits. This is to ensure that effective functionality of an environment by successful integration of people, places, process and available technology. For example, housekeeping, transportation, security maintenance are all under the umbrella term of facility management for some businesses. Facility management has now become an integral aspect of commercial offices, schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities etc.

Software for Facility Management and Maintenance Tracking

Although, facility management was carried out by dedicated professionals, use of software helps to achieve accuracy and speed in a business. Microsoft excel has remained for a long time as the preferred software for facility management, but the dynamic marketplace has now outgrown excel and paper requests for the need of a proper Facility Management Software that can be aligned to specific business needs. Maxpanda with its powerful compatibility with all web browsers, tablets and smartphones has obviously emerged as one of the favorites among industry leaders.

Our CMMS Features

Maxpanda boasts many impressive features and currently used in a number of prominent environments like healthcare, education, public works, property maintenance, manufacturing etc... Our Facility Management and Maintenance Software features include.

Facility Management and Maintenance Software
  • Work Order Management
  • Preventative Maintenance Software
  • Preventive Maintenance Task Library
  • Customized Enterprise Asset Management
  • Users and Role Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  • Invoice Management
  • Location Work Order Management
  • Asset & Inventory Management
  • Facility Management and Maintenance Software
  • Pre-defined User Permission Management
  • Dynamic and Static Reporting Tools
  • Data Extraction or Printing of WO's
  • Unlimited Customizable Task Library
  • Unlimited Customizable Company Fields
  • Live Dashboard Data with built-in Support
  • Collaborate with Staff & Vendors in real time
  • Smartphone Tablet Mobility MAC PC

Benefits of Facility Management and Maintenance Software for Facility Managers

Choose the ultimate Facility Management Software and get ready to reap the benefits that will increase your return on your investment day after day. Thes benefits include: centralization and management of your complete maintenance management work-flow, submitting and scheduling system generated work orders via any web enabled device and in real-time, scalability to grow as your business grows, seamless import of your current data results in perfect collaboration between maintenance staff and clients through smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Facility Management and Maintenance Software
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unlimited user accountsUnlimited Users: Invite as many humans you need to manage incoming work requests, planned or metered maintenance
universal global settingsDedicated Product Managers: Ensure your success with instant ROI. Stay in contstant contact with our experts
unlimited location work ordersTrack Work in Realtime: For unlimited Buildings, Locations, Equipment & Parts. We hate limits so let us import all your data, for free
free data import servicesData Import: Let us take the stress off your hands. Invest a few minutes & fill out the data import sheet - we do the rest
free guest work ordersMultiple Guest Portals: Create as many Sites required including dedicated Guest Forms per site
software metering maintenance tasksMetering & Runtime: Customize and automate work order triggers by Time, Cycles, Miles, Production levels or whatever you require
custom service level agreementsService Level Agreements: Automate Triggered Due Dates for PM, MT and Submitted WO. Define SLA Time for the entire company or per Site
shared pm client portalPM Templates: Create Boilerplates save them as Templates. Share them between your 100 Sites (databases) or the entire Maxpanda Community
Purchase Ordering Automation POPurchase Orders: Generate unlimited Purchase Orders while automating your approval process for total inventory management using email and push notifications
request for quoteRequest for Quotes: Vendor management and selection process with automated approvals on RFQs per work order or entire project.
data storage includedData Storage: Store sensitive information safely onto the Amazon Cloud. Nothing is ever deleted allowing permanent records for your cmms activities
cmms api connectormAPI: Using the Maxpanda API, applications talk to each other without user knowledge or intervention. Push your cmms data to unlimited applications you already use
mobile iphone maintenance softwareGoMax! CMMS Mobile Assistant: Your team, entire company including vendors have 24/7 access through iOS, Android Smartphones & Tablets
qr code cmms appsQR & Bar Codes: Manage parts inventory on your smartphone. Generate WOs, review location/asset/part history managing parts consumption thru mobiles
project managementProject Management: Whether your a School District or International Oil & Gas company, we've got project tools to save you time and money
New to CMMS? Start with the Basic plan @ $29/m to generate 50 new monthly work orders. Basic does not include preventative maintenance scheduling, access to our mAPI and is limited to a Single Site (a Site consists of unlimited buildings/locations/assets/parts/humans). Upgrade 24/7 matching your company's growth curve once your ready. Need more than 100 SITES (databases) pay $15/month per additional Site added to your Enterprise Subscription plan

Our Fair Pricing Model: For decades CMMS software has been a race to the bottom with clunky outdated solutions offering far more frustration than value. We wanted to change all that by providing software that just works. We want Maxpanda to be an amazing value for your organization — helpful on-boarding with 24/7 support. Maxpanda is an investment in your team and culture. Our fair pricing model is set at a level that allows us to continuously invest in enhancing a solid product while giving you the greatest user experience possible. Additional discounts available to non profits. Start small Grow BIG · Subscribe Monthly or Yearly · pay with mastercard pay with visa pay with american express is required to initiate the 15 day FREE trial · Upgrade Downgrade Cancel 24/7

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