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Thank you for your interest in Maxpanda CMMS Facilities Management Work Order software. Maxpanda CMMS will help you improve the way you create, manage and report on your daily and scheduled work orders. Whether you're a sole proprietor or national enterprise, Maxpanda has a price plan to fit your budget. Request a personalised demo from one of our Senior Product Managers in your region.

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Awesome, you're about 2 minutes away from accessing your new CMMS software. A valid Credit Card is required to initiate your 15 day free trial (no debit or pre-paid cards). Credit card will be charged on day 16 and invoiced monthly or yearly thereafter. Maxpanda requires a credit card (even for free trials) allowing you fluid transitions between starter and enterprise plans.

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Why choose Maxpanda Facilities Maintenance Management Software?

Unlimited secure logins and users for every plan (never pay by the seat, license or user)
Unlimited buildings, locations, assets, parts etc.
50 Sites (independent databases) managed by you
Over 21 Reports generated in realtime
500 work orders per month (Need more? Upgrade 24/7 to the Enhanced)
GoMAX! Mobile Assistant
Traditionally, Professional Facilities Management Software companies appreciate it when they lock you into a contract. Once locked in, you and your data are at their mercy. Maxpanda's Professional Facilities Management Software Plan gives you all the tools (and moral support) that you need to manage your team and your clients work order requests. And we do it all for less with no hidden fees. What you see is what you pay. There are no hidden fees or term contracts.
Familiarize yourself with your new Facilities Management Work Order software. Setup up your teams, contractor information, assets, preventative maintenance work orders, buildings and locations. The best part is that you don't have to enter this information right away. We've built Maxpanda to be adaptive to your time table. Need a new work order placed on an asset that is not in the software? Enter the asset information on the fly and apply the work order to it. Edit the asset later on when you have more time to capture the serial number and other pertinent data.
All our paid pricing plans are charged monthly on your credit card. Increase / Decrease your plan as you see fit. Found a better solution than Maxpanda (rare but might happen) simply export all your data into a cvs/excel/pdf file formats and cancel your Facilities Management Work Order plan when your ready.

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The Professional plan @ $299/m or $289/m x 12m annually

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Professional Facilities Management Software

pro cmms Fully responsive Facilities Management Work Order Software usability. Simple yet darn powerful Facilities Management Software. Attach your images to work orders. Upgrade your account anytime through your Admin Panel, we don’t mind. Filter your staff’s Facilities Management Work Orders. Create and schedule unlimited Preventative Maintenance Work Orders. Review all your buildings and edit their details on the fly. Review your locations and edit their details on another fly. Review or edit your entire asset list (on a swarm of flies). Add a piece of equipment and create Work Orders towards it instantly.

Filter your Facilities Management Work Order and Preventive Work Orders by specific assets or locations. Review or edit your entire Facilities Management task list library. Create a new task for your library. Review or edit your entire parts inventory. Create a new part entry and manage quantities through Work Orders. Add a new vendor to your contact library - they'll get the work order, complete the job and you'll get status updates. Edit your user/team permissions.

Review and edit all users that have access to your Facilities Management Software account. Review your entire image library linked to your Work Orders. Review your entire document library linked to your Work Orders. Generate a report using specific dates to find trends and anomolies. Change your own details and view your login counts.

Professional Facilities Management Software

Identify & tag assets Assign assets to technicians & sites Schedule their maintenance Professional Facilities Management Software Plan Add custom fields within your dashboard Link assets in parent/child relation with buildings and locations

Automatically send notifications of pending work orders Multi asset Work Order capabilities Professional Facilities Management Software Plan Ability for customers to submit incidents with limited views Create re-usable set of tasks to speed up the creation of WO Create Maintenance Projects with multiple WO Assign tasks, parts, labor and costs to WO Track working time through date stamping on each WO

Schedule maintenance based by date and time intervals Schedule calibration intervals for tools and sensors Schedule meter readings Professional repair parts list & bill of material Professional Facilities Management Software Plan

Spare part details (Product code, description, manufacturer, life span, expiry, etc) Spare part availability Multi location Professional Facilities Management Software Plan Track purchases Min stock quantity and any triggers Track spare parts used in WO