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Schools must fulfill their mission within a given set of resources. Simplify School facility management in your school with Maxpanda CMMS - a web-based, fully hosted suite of applications and services that lets you manage every aspect of your maintenance. Maxpanda CMMS is designed specifically for school maintenance management. PM scheduling is a core feature.

To further streamline your School facility management, we offer a web 3.0 CMMS allowing you to customize your dashboard. Having everything that is important to you and your team is critical and a huge time saver. Teachers, students and staff may request new work orders through accessible through any Internet enabled computer, including tablets and handheld devices. So whether your managing a single private school, a group of small schools, or one large institution, you’ll find Maxpanda a cost-effective solution. We have created the most visually appealing and most easy to learn School maintenance software in the industry. We built Maxpanda primarily for the maintenance departments and support staff in mind but made sure to keep the fresh look and feel of a web 2.0 application that is easy to use, secure and allows users of every level of computer skill to learn within minutes.

If you've signed into Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Gmail or other web social applications you are already a Maxpanda School maintenance software super user. Web apps like those mentioned come with the ability to do amazing things. But we all know without the data your enter and build within they are limited in their value. Maxpanda is similar in this respect because you do not have to pay for expensive audits of your facilities. Most maintenance software companies offer a site audit for your building or enterprise. The price can range upwards from $5000 very easily depending on how much floor space your portfolio consists of. Using Maxpanda you can create and add data instantly once you sign in. The best asset database is the one you build yourself and at no cost of entry. If you require a facility audit - we can help with that too.

labour cost summary report

Do you know what you're maintenance is costing you?

The answer is simple when you crunch the numbers using Maxpanda's Work Order Status, Work Order Count, Work Order Summary, Asset Cost Summary, Location Cost Summary & Resource Cost Summary built-in reports. These are a small smaple of reports you can generate with a click of a button. Your data is always available when you need to present to upper management or maintain budgets.

Work Order Status - Graph your work orders by status broken down by current month, year, last month and lifetime.
Work Order Count - Graph work order statuses by selecting start and end dates.
Work Order Summary - A dynamic report allowing admins to select wo's by dates to create a real time report which includes: WO #, Title, Status, Start, Due, Completed, Closed, Type, Category, Hours, Labor, Parts, Invoice and Total Costs. This report can be extracted/downloaded to multiple file types including: PDF, XLS, XLSX, RTF, MHT, HTML, TEXT, CSV and IMAGE.
Asset Cost Summary - Similar to work order summary but admins select the desired assets within their account. This report can be extracted/downloaded to multiple file types including: PDF, XLS, XLSX, RTF, MHT, HTML, TEXT, CSV and IMAGE.
Location Cost Summary - Similar to asset cost summary - admins select buildings and or multiple locations to capture total costs. This report can be extracted/downloaded to multiple file types including: PDF, XLS, XLSX, RTF, MHT, HTML, TEXT, CSV and IMAGE.
Resource Cost Summary - Generate a report to calculate labor costs for one or a thousand resources, vendors, maintenance staff, contractors. This report can be extracted/downloaded to multiple file types including: PDF, XLS, XLSX, RTF, MHT, HTML, TEXT, CSV and IMAGE.

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