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Thank's for your interest in Maxpanda Preventative Maintenance Work Order Software. Maxpanda's Preventative Maintenance Work Order Software will help you improve the way you create, manage and report on your daily and scheduled work orders. Whether you're a sole proprietor or national enterprise, Maxpanda's Preventative Maintenance Software has a price plan to fit your budget.

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Awesome, you're about 2 minutes away from accessing your new CMMS software. A valid Credit Card is required to initiate your 15 day free trial (no debit or pre-paid cards). Credit card will be charged on day 16 and invoiced monthly or yearly thereafter. Maxpanda requires a credit card (even for free trials) allowing you a fluid transition between the starter and enterprise plans.

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Why choose Maxpanda CMMS Preventative Maintenance Work Order Software?

Unlimited secure logins and users for every plan (never pay by the seat, license or user)
Unlimited buildings, locations, assets, parts etc.
5 Sites (independent databases) managed by you
Over 25 Reports generated in realtime anytime
50 work orders per month (Need more? Upgrade 24/7 to Enhanced)
GoMAX! Mobile Assistant free for all staff/vendor
Traditionally, work order software companies appreciate it when they lock you into a contract. Once locked in, you and your data are at their mercy. Maxpanda is here to give you all the tools (and moral support) that you need to manage your team and your clients work order requests. And we do it all for less with no hidden fees. What you see is what you pay. There are no hidden fees or term contracts.
Familiarize yourself with your account. Setup up your teams, contractor information, assets, preventative maintenance work orders, buildings and locations. The best part is that you don't have to enter this information right away. We've built Maxpanda to be adaptive to your time table. Need a new work order placed on an asset that is not in the software? Enter the asset information on the fly and apply the work order to it. Edit the asset later on when you have more time to capture the serial number and other pertinent data.
All our paid pricing plans are charged monthly or yearly on your credit card. Increase / Decrease your plan as required. We always suggest starting off with the Enhanced plan and as you grow (adding pm's) upgrade as required.

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Preventative Maintenance Work Order Software

Fully responsive Preventative Maintenance Software. Simple yet darn powerful Facilities Management Software. Attach your images to work orders. Upgrade your account anytime through your Admin Panel, we don’t mind. Filter your staff’s Facilities Management Work Orders. Create and schedule unlimited Preventative Maintenance Work Orders. Review all your buildings and edit their details on the fly. Review your locations and edit their details on another fly. Review or edit your entire asset list (on a swarm of flies). Add a piece of equipment and create Work Orders towards it instantly. Filter your Facilities Management Work Orders and Preventative Maintenance Software by assets or locations. Review or edit your entire Facilities Management task list library. Create a new task for your library. Review or edit your entire parts inventory. Enter parts and manage quantities remotely. Add contractors to your vendor library. Edit your user/team permissions. Review and edit all users that have access to your Facilities Management Software account. Review your entire image library linked to your Work Orders. Review your entire document library linked to your Work Orders. Generate a report using specific dates to find trends and anomolies. Change your own details and view your login counts. Request a personal demo to properly review all of Maxpanda CMMS features.

Preventative Maintenance Software

Define preventive maintenance at the Task level
Establish unlimited number of calendar based PMs for each asset or location
Built-in Planning and Scheduling tools
User-definable and manageable preventative maintenance groups
Option to automatically generate and e-mail PMs to maintenance departments or requestors
Built-in PM Task library to aid in defining PM tasks and procedures (very powerful!)
Maintenance Calendar for easy viewing of current and future preventive maintenance activities
Multi-featured PM Manager Tool to manage and control PM schedules and settings
Update PM tasks and "publish" those updates to associated PM schedules

Maxpanda CMMS is an effective, super simple to use Preventive maintenance software (PM) scheduling system which can be used to design, implement and manage your company's Preventive maintenance program. It is an efficient, cost effective preventive maintenance management software program for locations or facilities of all sizes. From single sites to global enterprises. Our preventative maintenance software is a full-featured PM Scheduling and Tracking system with multi level user configuration tailor made for any company managing work orders.

View Pending Mode - As an admin you will be required to approve all of your work orders. Each Maxpanda Preventative Maintenance Software account holds unlimited user accounts, so create as many admins, editors, staff, vendor, contractor and submitters as you like. This tab will be a very important page for your administrator, secretary, office staff, etc whom are looking over all work orders within your oranization. When work orders are submitted they will need to be approved before they go live to your staff or vendors. To do so, click on the edit button circled. Once here, your admin user or editor should review the entire work order before approving. It is important to make sure all tasks, staff, parts, etc. are correctly assigned to the work order. The admin/editor can also make changes to the work order. Once he/she has done so, they can either: 1. approve the work order or 2. Cancel the work order

Creating a new work order in Maxpanda CMMS is super easy!

1. Fill in required fields

a. Title - This is the title that shows up in the email sent to all staff involved
b. Category - Select from the drop down menu the type of work order. To learn how to add an additional work order category please see section 18 (company setup) by clicking here
c. Priority - Select from the drop down menu the level of priority. To learn how to add an additional level of priority please see section 18 (company setup) by clicking here
d. Start and end date - the start and end date is automatically set to start on the creation date and end 7 days in the future. You can set these for any dates.

2. Fill-in non-required fields

a. Fill in field you feel is necessary to your work order.
b. Staff Work Orders - Search and organize your Staff's work orders.
c. My Work Orders - These are all the work orders you've submitted into your account.
d. My To Do List - You've been assigned to these work orders. Let's get to work.

Quick Start-up Guide, Pre-planning & Setup

Most new clients find this following implementation plan to be most effective. Note: it is not required to add any of the following data to your new Maxpanda Account. You may submit work orders anytime you are ready.

1. If you have numerous buildings / locations, it's most time effective to have us convert your data into your Maxpanda account.
2. Upon signing in click on (left main menu) - COMPANY and select PREFERENCES. If you want to show time stamps on your work orders choose YES. If you want to create work orders using minutes (i.e. a PM should take 45 minutes and is due today) then select 24 Hour Time Format. Selecting the 12 hour format makes PM scheduling/closing an all day standard.
3. Click Company Setup (left main menu) - Maxpanda comes with the standard Location Type, Asset Type, Asset Status, Work Order Category and Work Order Priority. If you need to add and define your own please do so now.
4. If your data has not been imported by our team you may add your BUILDINGS (left main menu) - Very important since BUILDINGS are the parents to LOCATIONS & ASSETS.
5. Add your LOCATIONS - When submitting a work order you can use BUILDINGS to filter thousands of LOCATIONS easily.
6. Add your ASSETS - Since your LOCATIONS are populated, you and your Vendors will know where the ASSET is location. Note: you can always add more buildings, locations and assets at any time, even if we have imported your data for you.
7. Invite USERS - We have 7 roles to choose from when inviting USERS. Simply enter a users email address, select a role and they do the rest.
8. Add your PARTS - Parts are associated to ASSETS and the inventory/cost is tracked by the system.
9. Add your DOCUMENTS - If you have pictures of your ASSETS or LOCATIONS etc…it's time to add those to your library.
10. Create TASKS - Your TASK library will help you save time when adding new TASKS to wo's or pm's for approval. Create as many TASKS you think may occur in your company once and they'll be available ad hoc. Each TASK TEMPLATE holds unlimited TASKS, be creative!
11. Create PM's (preventative maintenance schedules) through your PM library on your left main menu - Never again will your organization miss required maintenance with a PM in place.
12. Schedule an internal maintenance meeting. Create new processes around your new Maxpanda Software. Slowly roll them out to your co-workers and vendors.