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MeetMaxpanda CMMS



Can be saved by assuring assets function as efficiently as possible through these preventative schedules. Assets with long life-cycles can avoid costly replacement expenses that may occur each year.


Whatever the mix of equipment, people and energy use, a business’s success depends on keeping assets working as much as possible with minimal downtime using properly scheduled maintenance procedures.

Maxpanda maintenance management software

  • Easy to use - absolutely no training required
  • No set up fees - paid monthly through company credit card (or yearly invoice)
  • No yearly contracts - we work hard each month to keep you happy
  • Data Integration - Let our techs import your data overnight
  • 24/7 Technical support - always there when you need us built into your dashboard
  • Maxpanda is flexible - enough to grow as you grow with the app
  • Define your naming convention for Location & Asset Types, WO Category & Priority
  • Web based - as we update our core system you get the latest and greatest FOR FREE
  • Security - SSL secure, just like your online banking account

Hosting & Securing your Data 24/7:
1. Maxpanda CMMS desktop application and your data is housed on the Amazon Web Services (true cloud)
2. Clients never experience downtime or data loss with auto save to the cloud
3. Triple Firewalls: Onboard Microsoft based 1024 BIT firewalls including Amazon's dedicated software/hardware keeps it all safe and secure
4. No backups: everyting is auto stored and setup for each SQL database including uploaded files, images and audio through desktops/mobiles
5. Global elastic servers ensuring 24/7 client uptime anywhere in the world while experience lightning throughput of your data

Online Security: super secure cmms
1. Maxpanda CMMS utlizes SSL - secure socket layer technology - i.e.) online banking type security
2. SSL Keys are issued by Amazon Secure Certification Authority
3. SHA1 Fingerprint: F8:98:10:A8:B1:66:37:A7:F7:2C:70:99:5B:57:EB:95:1D:5B:A8:1E
4. MD5 Fingerprint: E7:66:0C:0A:65:EA:6E:AF:BD:F4:87:AA:DD:A0:79:04
5. Front end IIS servers are pre-configured allowing port 80, 8080 and 443 public access only
6. Intrusion detection with auto text notifications are auto sent to our techs handled through VPN
7. Maxpanda creates unique registration keys per USER which you invite by email
8. Each email addresses can only be used once and no personal data is ever sent through plain text

SMTP Mail Service:
Not like other web apps, Maxpanda outsources the outgoing email service through a 2nd dedicated cloud on Amazon Web Services. This guarantees that work orders generated by Maxpanda CMMS software have been sent to the desiginated user's email account 100% of the time - but always check your spam folders. We are not responsible if @maxpanda.com is caught by your internal or individuals spam filters. We feel email and text notifications are critical and invest heavily in this feature and our service.

Device compatibility

compatibility image
  • Compatible with all web browsers supporting web 2.0 SaaS technology. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.
  • Compatible with all iOS / Android tablets.
  • Compatible with all smartphones supporting web 2.0 browser technology.


Maxpanda CMMS facilities management software

by Maxpanda CMMS

100% web based & customizable for all your integrated facilities management services. It helps you manage your day to day operations in single or multiple buildings or worksites all through self customizable dashboard. Build your PM library your way!

From Property Managers to Directors of Facilities

by Maxpanda CMMS

From Property Managers and Directors of Facilities to Maintenance Coordinators and Trades People, Maxpanda Work Order Management Software is an essential maintenance productivity tool saving your entire organization 10-20% in annual operating costs.

Change your maintenance process today, for the better ⇛