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Work order management & Facilities maintenance software is a must when developing a CMMS plan that works. This plan may take time. Everywhere you go people around you are doing more, with less. If that's the case, then why are companies not reporting company efficiencies being at an all time high? With the adoption of a CMMS system like Maxpanda, you're getting exactly that- more, with less. While I am confident that everyone in the facility maintenance industry is well aware of the benefits of a CMMS system, I believe the real confusion lies in the implementation of the system. Many companies struggle for an all-encompassing implementation plan and are therefore unable to see the results of a system working at its full potential. Maxpanda has developed an easy four step CMMS implementation plan that is not only simple to execute, but actually works for all types of industries!

Services description

Step One: An idea for Change

It begins with an idea for change, and the first step is to determine your needs. We know you need a centralized software package but what else? Define your business rules and a team of dedicated employees.

Step Two: Reflection

Step two calls for a little reflection. With any change, you should know what you currently do in terms of practices and processes so you can make an educated decision that maximizes the benefits to your organization.

Step3: Team Building

Selecting a team of dedicated employees is an important element of your implementation plan & identifying the roles and responsibilities of team members for centralizing your maintenance database.

Step 4: Goals and Objectives

Once your team has been selected, you can set out your goals and objectives. Set the tone for what is expected. Define your objectives and break down the implementation into manageable chunks.

Recently a Client said

  • client-photo-1
    Sandra I.T. Director

    I have used and implemented dozens of maintenance tracking software in my years at the hospital. Maxpanda wins!

  • client-photo-1
    Edward Senior Facilities Manager

    I will show and promote Maxpanda to others every chance I get. My staff are not 100% computer literate like the younger generation so we wanted something with a fast learning curve, easy to use and we found it.

  • client-photo-3
    Barbara PM Coordinator

    I have been very pleased with what Maxpanda has to offer. I would recommend this software to anyone.

  • client-photo-4
    Donald Regional Property Director

    Maxpanda Asset Management is the best overall computer maintenance management system with extremely user friendly interfaces on both the web based desktop and mobile application and excellent functionalities in the software. Maxpanda 3.0 is fully integrated and all inclusive solution which means that one price gets me all the modules on the desktop and mobile application which my team needs. Amazing!

  • client-photo-5
    Frank Maint Supervisor

    Maxpanda has tremendously helped us organize and maintain our facility in a more efficient way. Thanks to Maxpanda, we are able to manage multiple units such as accounting, asset management, inventory, staff management, purchasing and work orders all at once. Moreover, the tech support staff are approachable and professional when assisting us 24/7. This software rocks!

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