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Work Order Management Services

Work order management & Facilities maintenance software is a must when developing a CMMS plan that works. This plan may take time. Everywhere you go people around you are doing more, with less. If that's the case, then why are companies not reporting company efficiencies being at an all time high? With the adoption of a CMMS system like Maxpanda, you're getting exactly that- more, with less. While I am confident that everyone in the facility maintenance industry is well aware of the benefits of a CMMS system, I believe the real confusion lies in the implementation of the system. Many companies struggle for an all-encompassing implementation plan and are therefore unable to see the results of a system working at its full potential. Maxpanda has developed an easy four step CMMS implementation plan that is not only simple to execute, but actually works for all types of industries!

Step One: An idea for Change

It begins with an idea for change, and the first step is to determine your needs. We know you need a centralized software package but what else? Define your business rules and a team of dedicated employees.

Step Two: Reflection

Step two calls for a little reflection. With any change, you should know what you currently do in terms of practices and processes so you can make an educated decision that maximizes the benefits to your organization.

Step3: Team Building

Selecting a team of dedicated employees is an important element of your implementation plan & identifying the roles and responsibilities of team members for centralizing your maintenance database.

Step 4: Goals and Objectives

Once your team has been selected, you can set out your goals and objectives. Set the tone for what is expected. Define your objectives and break down the implementation into manageable chunks.

Work Order Software Setup

Most new clients find this following implementation plan to be most effective. It's not required to add any of the following to your new Maxpanda CMMS Account. This can be completed as you progress in your learning curve at your own pace.

  1. Upon signing in click on (left main menu) - COMPANY and select PREFERENCES. If you want to show time stamps on your work orders choose YES. If you want to create work orders using minutes (i.e. a PM should take 45 minutes and is due today) then select 24 Hour Time Format. Selecting the 12 hour format makes PM scheduling/closing an all day standard.
  2. Click on Company Setup (left main menu) - Maxpanda CMMS comes with the standard Location Type, Asset Type, Asset Status, Work Order Category and Work Order Priority. If you need to add and define your own please do so now.
  3. Add your BUILDINGS - Very important since BUILDINGS are the parents to LOCATIONS & ASSETS.
  4. Add your LOCATIONS - When submitting a work order you can use BUILDINGS to filter thousands of LOCATIONS easily.
  5. Add your ASSETS - Since your LOCATIONS are populated, you and your Vendors will know where the ASSET is location.
  6. Invite USERS - We have 7 roles to choose from when inviting USERS. Simply enter a users email address, select a role and they do the rest.
  7. Add your PARTS - Parts are associated to ASSETS and the inventory/cost is tracked by the system.
  8. Add your DOCUMENTS - If you have pictures of your ASSETS or LOCATIONS's time to add those to your library.
  9. Create TASKS - Your TASK library will help you save time when adding new TASKS to wo's or pm's for approval. Create as many TASKS you think may occur in your company once and they'll be available ad hoc. Each TASK TEMPLATE can hold unlimited TASKS, be creative!
  10. Schedule an internal maintenance meeting. Create new processes around your new Maxpanda CMMS Software. Slowly roll them out to your co-workers and vendors.

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