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    best cmms maintenance software
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Team communication and cost tracking is at the heart of your business. It’s these things that connect your entire organization and have the biggest impact on your culture and productivity

Optimize your Maintenance & Operations with Maxpanda CMMS

An affordable A dynamic A user-friendly A simple A customized Multi Dashboard CMMS Enterprise Software Solution

  • 24/7 CMMS Customer Support: Whenever and where ever, we're here to help
  • Work Order Management: Easy and simple organization of your work orders
  • QR & Bar codes for CMMS: Using your own mobile device or tablet, you can manage parts inventory, easily producing related work orders, and reviewing aspects of each part such as its location, history, use, and more
  • Multiple CMMS software Guest Portals: Your contractors and staff can easily link into the system without concern over the number of guest accounts
  • World-class Security: We offer dependable security for storing sensitive data on the AWS Cloud
  • Customized CMMS software Experience: Maxpanda can be tailored specifically to match the needs of your organization
  • Easy to use - absolutely no training required (super duper user friendly)
  • No setup or contract fees - paid monthly through company credit card (or yearly invoice)
  • Data Integration - Let our techs import your data overnight
  • Maxpanda CMMS software is flexible - enough to grow as you grow with the app
  • Define your naming convention for Location & Asset Types, WO Category & Priority
  • Web based - as we update our core system you get the latest and greatest FOR FREE
  • Security - SSL secure, like your online banking account. You're on AWS's global HIPAA & FedRamp servers
  • HIPAA compliant - Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • FEDRamp - Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program

Getting a new CMMS system was seen as only affordable to large businesses. We’ve changed that! Small businesses see incredible benefits from a CMMS - if you’ve ever found yourself struggling with pen, paper and spreadsheet management or if you’re looking to find new efficiencies, from vendor ratings to integration with other intelligent software, Maxpanda CMMS system is the solution for you.

What to Look for when purchasing CMMS Software

Customization - What works well for one company isn't always a best fit for another. You should be able to customize your CMMS to fit your business requirements not the other way around. Each USER can view their own work order status, manage custom asset or part lists such as types and categories.

Cost - Your CMMS should provide what you need without breaking the bank. There are many CMMS pricing programs available for business owners , some offer monthly payment subscriptions while others require an upfront fee. Most CMMS charge by the USER count accessing their app, not Maxpanda.

Support & Upgrades - Having dependable support can make or break your experience with any of the hundres of CMMS companies out there. A good CMMS should have round-the-clock support available not only for you but for your entire team including subs and vendors accessing your data.

Service Terms - While you're searching for your first CMMS or replacing your current solution, be sure you know exactly what the service terms are. Some CMMS companies contracts create costly consequences if they are broken, while others don't require a contract at all. Maxpanda has invested heavily in a robust infranstructure that is hosted on a global AWS platform with ZERO downtime and no service interuptions since our birthday 2004.

User-friendly Software - One of the most important features of a CMMS is that it be user-friendly. A difficult interface is counterproductive. It will leave your employees frustrated and your contractors miffed. You want a CMMS that is sensible and intuitive. submit a work order

Maxpanda comes with multi site management meaning any company can set up to 25 different database with unlimited data per each in order to manage a large portfolio across multi Cities/Countries. Each Site includes a GUEST PORTAL allowing any user to request a work order without being a registered user in your account.

The guest portal module works amazingly well for nurses at hospitals, students at schools, guests at resorts etc...Basically anyone who you don't want to invite and manage as registered Users in Maxpanda. Scan the following QR Code to Submit a new ticket:

If you can find a lower cost CMMS software with more features than Maxpanda we'll not only
eat bamboo for a week - we'll give you a Starter account for FREE!

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