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    Best CMMS Software
    Best CMMS Software
    Best CMMS Software
    Best CMMS Software
    Best CMMS Software
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Our mission continues to disrupt the CMMS industry  with a faster, better and more affordable enterprise platform

Maxpanda delivers a affordable rich user-friendly CMMS experience

We're a forward-focused computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) developer with a penchant for efficiency and a desire to rid the world of cumbersome ticketing systems. We provide a software solution for all business types from all sectors, needing a sensible approach to work order management. Our software is customizable, designed to adapt to the specific size and requirements of your organization.

Whether it's a small business with a local base, a handful of employees, and limited needs, or a large corporation with multiple locations, a substantial number of employees, and regularly occurring maintenance requirements, our goal is to help our clients get the right CMMS programs for their organization. In short, we want to see you leave the struggle of a difficult ticketing system far, far behind.

Maxpanda CMMS Software: Faster, better, more affordable

We offer our users a robust system that is low in complexity, but still has all the functionalities one would expect of a world-class CMMS. Just some of the benefits your company can look forward to with our system are:

  • 24/7 Customer Support - Whenever you need a hand, we are here to help
  • Work Order Management - Easy and simple organization of your work orders
  • Google Facebook Azure - Enjoy a hassle-free, secure, single sign-in process
  • QR & Bar codes - Using your own mobile device or tablet, you can manage parts inventory, easily producing related work orders, and reviewing aspects of each part such as its location, history, use, and more
  • Multiple Guest Portals - Your contractors and staff can easily link into the system without concern over the number of guest accounts available
  • World-class Security - We offer dependable security for storing sensitive data on the Amazon Cloud
  • Customized Experience - Your software package can be tailored specifically to match the needs of your business

What companies can benefit?

Our software is designed for businesses of various sectors. Some of the types of industries that have already benefitted from our program are: Healthcare, Education, Resorts, Spas, Hotels, & Hospitality, Restaurant & Bar, Facilities Management, Construction Maintenance, Public Works, Sports & Athletics, Manufacturing & Non-profits. Maxpanda can be used successfully by any business or organization. With our easy customization, user-friendly design, and low price tag, your company can only stand to gain by switching over to our program.

Why let Maxpanda CMMS help you better organize your work order system?

We get it. You're already used to your own methods, and the software your company has been using more or less makes sense. But, what if it could be better? What if you could solve your work order ticket crisis with a platform designed specifically to make a positive difference to those that are frustrated by their current systems? When you switch to Maxpanda, you will find a system that is extremely user-friendly, straightforward, dare we even say, fun? Our system is powerful, and data rich. We're different in the way we operate and how we run our services. Your company will get to enjoy a limitless number of user accounts, and you only pay for the data you use. We don't force our clients into long-term contracts, and clients can cancel their account at any time. Why are we so relaxed about these policies? Because we believe in our product and know how well it stands up on its own.

View unlimited Work Orders through powerful Lists, Calendars, Mobiles or Live Maps

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  • Best CMMS Software
  • Best CMMS Software
  • Best CMMS Software

We're not the only ones excited amazed impressed about Maxpanda CMMS

Thousands of People in over 100 Countries use Maxpanda CMMS each day

Absolutely Not. Maxpanda CMMS Software is the easiest and last maintenance management software you'll ever use. Signup, login and start generating meter, preventative or submitted work orders immediately.

Absolutely. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides trusted, cloud-based solutions to optimize your fast-paced business requirements for sensitive HIPAA compliant customers.

Color coded Lists, Calendars, Mobiles and Live Map views. Maxpanda makes managing all of your work orders simply and quickly on 4 platforms built into a single dashboard.

Computerized maintenance management system CMMS, also known as computerized maintenance management information system CMMIS and is a software package that maintains a computer database of information about an organization's maintenance operations. Information is intended to assist maintenance workers perform more effectively by determining which assets or locations require maintenance, manage parts inventory and helps upper management make informed decisions.

A facilities manager is a very important job role that's responsible for making sure buildings and services meet the needs of the people that work inside them. Facilities managers are accountable for services such as cleaning, security and parking, to make sure the surrounding environment is in optimial condition to work. They also manage building maintenance such as HVAC and Electrical.

Maintenance management is all about maintaining the resources of the company so that production and operations proceed effectively without wasting money. The objectives are to control costs, schedule work properly and efficiently and to ensure that the company complies regulations.