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Make your Asset Management Software, Tracking System and Help Desk More Efficient. Decision making on capital costs and budgets rely on many factors. Where are my assets? Who uses my assets? How many assets do I have? How old are my assets? How many vendor repairs? What is the history on my assets? Before you invest your valuable time and energy by purchasing an enterprise asset management software or a cmms - computerised maintenance management software, there are some things to consider. Maxpanda offers a comprehensive implementation and support service ensuring that your account is setup perfectly. With the Maxpanda CMMS, organizations can move beyond calendar and use-based asset maintenance management which may become a costly practice that doesn't take into account the reliability and health of all your assets. Through data-driven insights, maintenance professionals and engineers see exactly which assets are at a critical stage of their life time value and can better understand the health of these asset in real time to compare current conditions to historical performance. Through asset intelligence organizations reduce downtime, failure and production loss coupled with preventive maintenance, longer equipment life and predictable expenditures - efficiencies that can transform operational costs to pro status.

Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software & Tracking System Features

Maxpanda will help you track special order items; location of parts and materials; items which are stocked and not stocked; and movement of inventory, including items that move from one place to the other and items that move in or out of inventory. Our Asset Management Software & Tracking System helps provide information about the cost and amount of parts used per work order. Work Order Tracking: Maintenance managers use the software to schedule work; determine the cost of tools, material and equipment; assign personnel; and analyze failure of equipment. The maintenance team can easily know the faulty equipment, source of the problem, and assign personnel to fix the problem. Once the problem is fixed, the person working on the issue confirms he has finished the assignment, and the manager is alerted automatically. Work Requests Tracking: Maxpanda Computerized maintenance management system helps track external work requests, including shower repairs for requested by tenants. The maintenance team can enter the work order number for the request automatically or manually. The work request module may track and record the completion of such work.

Mapanda Asset management software tracks every aspect of an asset and is very useful to an organization because, aside from keeping track of assets, it can also provide additional functions like: Measuring vendor performance, Optimization of supplier portfolio, Vendor audit and policy compliance, Optimization of costs for streamlining the procurement processes.

Benefits of Maxpanda asset management software include: Maximizing utilization and value of assets, Enable informed decision making through cost transparency, Proactive software license compliance, Manage services as well as assets, Track vendor and supplier performance through transparent metric allocation of assets for greater return on investment.

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Maxpanda uses Straight Line Depreciation

ABC Corporation purchases an HVAC Deluxe system for $100. It has an estimated salvage value of $10 and a useful life of five years. ABC Corporation calculates the annual straight-line depreciation for the HVAC as:

Purchase cost of $100 – estimated salvage value of $10 = Depreciable asset cost of $90
5-year useful life = 10% depreciation rate per year
10% depreciation rate x $90 depreciable asset cost = $9 annual depreciation or $.75 monthly

Maxpanda auto calcluates your annual as well as mothly depreciation costs for each one of your assets (unlimited assets per Site). Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the process of optimizing the profit generated by your assets throughout their lifecycle. Maxpanda CMMS allows for comprehensive asset management, rigorous project execution through work order management and efficient asset management practices helping you deliver optimal outcomes. Our suite of service offerings addresses all the stages of an asset’s lifecycle regardless of scope, scale or industry. Having a good understanding of the availability, utilization and quality of your assets is critical to your business. Maxpanda CMMS can help you predict and address these types of challenges throughout the lifecycle of your asset. From planning for the purchase of your asset to decommissioning that asset throughout it's lifecycle.

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