cmms pm task checklist

Company and System Setup

The COMPANY tab is only available to the ADMIN(s). Editors or other users can not view Company settings.

Edit – Here you can edit your company name, time-zone, phone number and addressv Current Plan – Edit your current plan, move up or down or unsubscribe
Guest Services – Enable guest to visit your Maxpanda account
Change Credit Card – These things tend to expire
Preferences – change time format
Payments Made – view your payment history
Usage – view your: subscription level, next cycle date, number of work orders in the current month and year, data storage used (with limit), and number of pm work orders, assets, users, attachments and storage you have set up

Reset User Password- security is important

Company Setup Procedures

LOCATION TYPE: Create a new location type by going to LOCATION TYPE under COMPANY SETUP in the COMPANY tab. Then click ADD in the top right corner.

1. Fill in fields for the new location type;
i. Name – Name of the location type
ii. Sort order (not required) – the order in which you wish to see the location appear in the drop down menu when creating new locations.
iii. Work order threshold limit (not required) – Enter the number of work order that you feel is normal for a given period below;
iv. Work order threshold period (not required) – Enter the number of DAYS of your threshold limit. Note: Any locations can have as many work orders regardless of the threshold limit you set. This feature is for conducting reports. See sections 16 for more details.

ASSET TYPE: Create a new asset type by going to ASSET TYPE under COMPANY SETUP in the COMPANY tab. Then click ADD in the top right corner.

2. Fill in fields for the new asset type;
v. Name – Name of the asset type
vi. Sort order (not required) – the order in which you wish to see the asset appear in the drop down menu when creating new assets.
vii. Work order threshold limit (not required) – Enter the number of work order that you feel is normal for a given period below;
viii. Work order threshold period (not required) – Enter the number of DAYS of your threshold limit (ie a vehicle as an asset received oil change maintenance would have a normal
threshold limit of 6 work orders per 365 days). Note: Any asset can have as many work orders regardless of the threshold limit you set. This feature is for conducting reports. See sections 16 for more details.

ASSET STATUS: Create a new asset type by going to ASSET STATUS under COMPANY SETUP in the COMPANY tab. Then click ADD in the top right corner.

1. Fill in fields for the new asset status;
i. Name – Name of the asset status
ii. Sort order (not required) – the order in which you wish to see the asset appear in the drop down menu when creating new assets and during app use.

INVOICE ITEM TYPE: Create a new invoice item type by going to INVOICE ITEM TYPE under COMPANY SETUP in the COMPANY tab. Then click ADD in the top right corner. Now enter the name of the invoice item type and click save.

INVOICE TAXES: Add or edit the all the tax rates that automatically appear when adding invoices. Note: you can always change these rates when creating the invoices.

WORK ORDER CATEGORY: Add or edit the work order categories you, your team or clients see when creating work orders. Work categories help you filter and group work orders by categories that fit your organization. Each Maxpanda client is different in many ways so let the application fit your needs.

WORK ORDER PRIORITY: Add or edit the levels of work order priorities you, your team or clients see when creating a work order.

cmms calendar

Work Order and Preventative Maintenance Calendar

Monthly View: Shows all wo’s for each day

Weekly View: Shows all day items at the top and hourly scheduled wo’s

The Calendar provides added benefits when working with work orders. These include:

  • Hyperlinks open work orders
  • Drag n Drop work orders from 1 day to another
  • Alter entire pm occurrences by day week or month
  • Alter either the pm schedule or future occurrence
  • Change the amount of time allotted to complete the work order
  • Color coded links to show current status

Work Order status colors:

  • Yellow – pending, you need to approve a new work order.
  • Green means go – you’ve Approved a new work order.
  • Red – Overdue, was not completed or closed in time depending on the due date during the approval stage.
  • Black – Rejected. Add a note for history, the submitter receives this as well.
  • Grey – Cancelled. Maybe there we’re 2 submitted and you simply needed to cancel one.
  • Blue – FUTURE PM. These can only be viewed in the calendar (future dates) or in VIEW UPCOMING list.
  • Pink – Reopened. Maybe you forgot to add an invoice or picture. Go ahead reopen closed work orders.
  • Orange – Completed. This status color is reserved for the RESOURCE or MAINTENANCE ROLE only.
  • Brown – Closed. When the work is done, close the work order.

The Maxpanda CMMS Calendar view also provides instant popup notifications for more details per work order without actually opening the work order.

maxpanda work orders

Unlimited Maintenance Management Work Orders

Maxpanda conveniently organizes your day to day and preventative work orders (wo’s). WO’s are very permission based. The software is dependent on these permissions to allow user view.edit rights. Email and push notifications are also sent per STATUS change. Review this PDF (download it and print it) for detailed email and push triggers.

View All – This is the default list for all your generated work orders. Here you can;
1. Edit work orders
2. Filter work orders to find what you’re looking for
3. Import your work order to excel, adobe, etc
4. Add work orders

View Overdue – Lists all overdue work orders (RED)

This is a very important feature of Maxpanda CMMS system as you can view, edit and filter all of your overdue work orders.

View Pending – You need to approve these work orders. They’re in limbo.
This tab will be a very important page for your administrator, secretary, office staff, etc whom are looking over all work orders within your organization. When work orders are submitted they will need to be approved before they go live to your staff or vendors. To do so, click on the edit button circled.

Once here, your admin user or editor should review the entire work order before approving. It is important to make sure all tasks, staff, parts, etc. are correctly assigned to the work order. The admin/editor can also make changes to the work order. Once he/she has done so, they can either: 1. approve the work order or 2. Cancel the work order

Once it is approved, all involved users will receive email notification regarding the work order. It will then show up on their to-do list.
Create New – Create a new work order. You can do it!
You can submit work orders by clicking on the green ‘submit wo’ at the top of the page, click ADD in the view all menu, or by simply clicking the Submit wo tab.

Steps: 1. Fill in required fields;
a. Title – This is the title in your subject line that shows up in the email sent to all staff involved
b. Category – Select from the drop down menu the type of work order. To learn how to add an additional work order category please see section 18 (company setup) by clicking here
c. Priority – Select from the drop down menu the level of priority. To learn how to add an additional level of priority please see section 18 (company setup) by clicking here
d. Start and end date – the start and end date is automatically set to start on the creation date and end 7 days in the future. You can set these for any dates. Note: Only the admin and editor can change these dates, all other users cannot.

2. Fill-in non-required fields a. Fill in field you feel is necessary for your work order.

Staff Work Orders – Search and organize your work orders by internal resources (maintenance staff). All you need to do is enter the date range and choose which staff you will like to view.
My Work Orders – These are all the work orders you’ve submitted into your account.
My To Do List – You’ve been assigned to these work orders. Let’s get to work.

cmms plan

CMMS Pre-planning & Setup

Most new clients find this following implementation plan to be most effective. Note: it is not required to add any of the following data to your new Maxpanda CMMS Account. You may submit work orders anytime you are ready.

  1. Upon signing in click on (left main menu) – COMPANY and select PREFERENCES. If you want to show time stamps on your work orders choose YES. If you want to create work orders using minutes (i.e. a PM should take 45 minutes and is due today) then select 24 Hour Time Format. Selecting the 12 hour format makes PM scheduling/closing an all day standard.
  2. Click on Company Setup (left main menu) – Maxpanda CMMS comes with the standard Location Type, Asset Type, Asset Status, Work Order Category and Work Order Priority. If you need to add and define your own please do so now.
  3. Add your BUILDINGS – Very important since BUILDINGS are the parents to LOCATIONS & ASSETS.
  4. Add your LOCATIONS – When submitting a work order you can use BUILDINGS to filter thousands of LOCATIONS easily.
  5. Add your ASSETS – Since your LOCATIONS are populated, you and your Vendors will know where the ASSET is location.
  6. Invite USERS – We have 7 roles to choose from when inviting USERS. Simply enter a users email address, select a role and they do the rest.
  7. Add your PARTS – Parts are associated to ASSETS and the inventory/cost is tracked by the system.
  8. Add your DOCUMENTS – If you have pictures of your ASSETS or LOCATIONS etc…it’s time to add those to your library.
  9. Create TASKS – Your TASK library will help you save time when adding new TASKS to wo’s or pm’s for approval. Create as many TASKS you think may occur in your company once and they’ll be available ad hoc. Each TASK TEMPLATE can hold unlimited TASKS, be creative!
  10. Schedule an internal maintenance meeting. Create new processes around your new Maxpanda CMMS Software. Slowly roll them out to your co-workers and vendors.
maxpanda screenshots

Screenshots 2016

Add, edit and track unlimited Assets.

The work order list is color coded providing you with a sense of urgency Color codes definitions can be found in the Calendar View.

The Maxpanda CMMS Calendar is an amazing tool! The Calendar displays both hourly preventative maintenance work orders and daily. The Calendar has drop and drag capabilities for manipulating pm and work order dates. This makes handling time, resources and your team a breeze. This screenshot is the DAY AND WEEK view.

The Calendar displays all your preventative maintenance schedules. It also shows FUTURE PM’s so you know what’s coming up next week, month, year.

Real-time reports within your dashboard. Search all work order status or counts instantly. Need to know whose working on what? Search it, Download it, Save it, Store it!

ITIL Incident Management

Maxpanda ITIL Incident Management

Definition of ITIL Incident Management

ITIL Incident Management is focused on rapid restoration of services with minimal impact to the business operations. The Incident Management process often relies upon temporary workarounds to ensure services are up and running while the underlying problems are investigated and permanent solutions are put in place. The process places more emphasis on restoring the ability to perform the service, than on fixing the underlying problem. Investigating the root causes and fixing the underlying problem is part of ITIL’s Problem Management process. In most cases Incident Management process is owned and executed by the Maxpanda requester/submitter. ITIL Incident Management notification tends to come from users, but IT detection systems can also ring incident alarms. The details of the incident are recorded permanently in the incident management system and gets categorized according to predefined criteria for the purpose of diagnosis and prioritization. Additional details regarding the incident are gathered and used along with tools such as the knowledge base to attempt resolution. Incident service requests are formally managed through a staged process from inception to conclusion.

Implications For Your Business

An incident is any event that is not part of the standard operation of an IT service that causes, or may cause, an interruption in, or a reduction of service. The goal of ITIL Incident Management is to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible with minimum disruption to the business, thus ensuring that the best achievable levels of availability and service are maintained. The Maxpanda submitter will usually play the key role within the ITIL Incident Management process. They are typically the single point of contact, recording and monitoring the progress of Incidents as well retaining ownership of them throughout their lifecycle.

How Maxpanda CMMS Helps

Maxpanda CMMS supports ITIL Incident Management process to ensure that incidents result minimal business disruptions. It further aims to provide meaningful inputs to the Problem Management process that may follow. Maxpanda CMMS makes it easy for end users to report incidents by email or submit requests from Maxpanda CMMS self-service portal. End user can monitor the status of incidents and receive notifications and communications (such as messages requesting further input) while the incident is being worked and resolved. By allowing incidents to be classified and routed automatically or manually to a skill-based queue where they can be addressed by the first available technician with the required skill set, Maxpanda CMMS helps keep the lid on disruptions caused by incidents. Business rules in Maxpanda CMMS apply appropriate priority to incidents that could cause the most harm to the business operations. Maxpanda CMMS also enables end users and staff to report symptoms and conditions that may serve as input to the problem management process. Maxpanda CMMS knowledge management process provides guidance and helps to expedite incident resolution.

saas cmms - software as a service

Software as a Service – Maxpanda CMMS Benefits

Computerized Maintenance Management System

What is CMMS? Well let me just say it’s a Web-Based s software you use over the internet with a web browser. You don’t have to install any CDs, download any software, or worry about upgrades. If you use an online bank or web-based email program like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo then you’ve already used web-based software before.

And why is it better for your business or organization?
When you use web-based software you don’t have to worry about anything technical — you can just do your work. We handle all the security, 100% uptime monitoring, backups, software upgrades and other “I.T. Guru” stuff. You can stay focused on what you’re good at and we’ll handle the rest.

Our Web-based software is the safest
With installed software, people save their data on their own computers. It’s not the smartest choice, especially if you do not have a full team of I.T. experts. Loss data accumulates over time, computers are never backed up. When you use Maxpanda’s web-based software (software as a service – saas), your data is stored on AWS‘s ultra secure, always-updated, backed-up daily enterprise-class servers located in 16 state-of-the-art data centers across North America. Why 16? If a primary server ever goes down your data and traffic is automatically routed through to the 2nd, 3rd and so forth. You will always have access to your data “24/7” anywhere around the world..

Everything together in one safe place
A key advantage to web-based software is that all your data is centralized and accessible over the web from any computer at any time. You can’t leave something on the wrong computer since everything is stored in one place on the web. You can get to it from anywhere. Safe, secure, and password protected, of course.

Your data is automatically backed up, it’s in the CLOUD
All data is stored in multiple locations for additional redundancy. You could say our backups have backups. In fact, Amazon’s web services are HIPAA compliant.

Your data is safe and secure with us
Our state-of-the-art servers are protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. Our software and infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. The traffic on our network flows behind an enterprise-class firewall to keep your data safe. We handle the I.T. you handle your work orders. Data security is our #1 priority and as such your data is on the Amazon Cloud. Amazon Web Compliance: Compliance Docs. Compliance whitepaper: Whitepapers. Security webpage: Security is our #1 priority. Security whitepaper: Security is our #1 priority. HIPAA Webpage: HIPAA References. HIPAA whitepaper: HIPAA Whitepaper

any browser smartphone tablet

You’re always using the latest and greatest Unlike traditional software that requires you to download and install updates yourself causing time delays, Maxpanda Computerized Maintenance Management System products are updated automatically. Each time you securely log into our cmms software you’re always using the latest and greatest version (view top left version in your dashboard).

There’s nothing to install, ever – I.T. departments love us!
With Maxpanda Computerized Maintenance Management System there’s nothing to download or install. Just log in with the web-browser you already have such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari. It’s just like your online bank or web-based email program. Easy, fast, safe and familiar! You can work from home or on the road. When you use Maxpanda Computerized Maintenance Management System your maintenance office is everywhere and data is accessible anywhere with internet access or data plan.

Regularly-updated infrastructure
Our software infrastructure (backend as they say) is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Our products run on a dedicated network which is locked down with firewalls and monitored 24/7 to keep any type of dragon at bay.

Browser compatibility Maxpanda CMMS works on any mobile device and all major desktop browsers. We love Firefox and Google’s Chrome but the choice is yours. Our software supports all modern web browsers (PC & Mac) including Firefox®, Safari, Google® Chrome, Opera & Internet Explorer. While we strive to give every Product a seamless near-identical experience across each of these browsers, it is impossible to compensate for the lack of web standards in some of these browsers; particularly with Internet Explorer. Don’t forget, Maxpanda works on any iOS or Android tablet and smartphone in the world.