Winnipeg CMMS Software Company Helping Clients Fight Back Against Coronavirus

WINNIPEG, Canada – Maxpanda, a leading developer of CMMS Software that is based in Winnipeg, Canada, is pleased to announce that its software is playing an important role in the global fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Their customers, including 1200 Carl’s Junior restaurants in California and Mexico, are utilizing the software to ensure daily cleaning and weekly filter changes. Weekly filter changes can help to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. 

The CMMS software effectively puts systems in place to help remind and monitor daily cleaning tasks, which in turn, ensures that customers are safe. The company is also celebrating the two million work orders that they have received over the last twelve months. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect across the world on millions of families in addition to causing huge problems to many businesses,” said Steve Kyriakidis.  “Maxpanda is determined to do everything in our power to help in the fight against this terrible pandemic, and with the CMMS software we have produced, it ensures that procedures are not only put in place but adhered to. Perhaps the best example of this is the many gym clients we have. Gyms should be cleaned a minimum of three times a day, and our customers can monitor this on the app remotely, to ensure that tasks are being completed.” 

Maxpanda CMMS Software is an award-winning software for maintenance professionals empowering staff & vendors to work more efficiently. Maxpanda CMMS software is widely used for maintaining a computerized database of information related to the maintenance operation of an individual company or multiple companies. This information is stored in the cloud and assists maintenance departments of all sizes to perform preventive maintenance tasks more efficiently through the included GoMAX mobile assistant app, available for free. Maxpanda is disrupting CMMS software with a platform that’s simpler and more affordable, allowing customers to eliminate errors and delays that exist with pen and paper. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at

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ATEX Rated Maintenance Management System

What we are trying to solve

We need to ensure that all equipment is managed properly. The planned preventative maintenance schedule, follow-on work orders and the reactive maintenance schedule must be managed, along with any spare parts which are needed to ensure that the systems are as reliable as possible.

The site is subject to regulations, with a number of rated areas. This means that, for example, any equipment that is rated must be flagged as such, and the rating of that equipment recorded.  The basic maintenance process that is will be following is described in the diagram below.

Structure of the organization

There are two divisions: Production and Care & Maintenance. Both of these divisions are different legal entities, and so need to be managed completely separately from a financial perspective. Most of the equipment is associated with the production division, with a much smaller equipment base in the Care & Maintenance division.

The maintenance technicians will be working for a central organisation – a shared services group – and will then be despatched to work on the various equipment as needed. The maintainers will usually (but not exclusively) work in either the production area or in the Care & Maintenance area.

Interface to finance

There will be no interface to any finance system as this is a temporary system until the ERP system is implemented. It will be important to produce financial reporting from the system however, so that the cost of any maintenance tasks can be accounted for, as well as the cost of maintenance for any particular machine. The reporting should be in both PDF and Excel format ( could be XLSX or CSV format )


The system should be cloud hosted, in a GDPR compliant datacentre. System uptime should be close to 100%, with availability on a 24×7 basis as the site will be running 24 hours a day.

Work costing

Each technician will have a cost allocated to them – probably a standard cost per hour. This cost should be used to calculate the total cost of labour for any job. The cost of any materials that is consumed from the store or procured via a PO should also be allocated to the work order. Some work will need a subcontractor, which should also be included along with any costs from purchases that don’t have a PO, for example purchase via credit card.

Equipment costing

All work against a piece of equipment should be costed, and automatically rolled up to the overall equipment costs. It will then be possible to easily see the cost of maintenance for any piece of equipment.

Asset structure

A multi-level asset structure is needed whereby the assets are split down to the following:

  • Area
  • Equipment
  • Item

All spare parts are allocated to the asset on the machine. This item will link to a store stock code, which will be a different number. A single stores stock number can map to many asset numbers. Each field in the structure needs to be an alphanumeric field.

Work orders

The heart of the requirement is the Work Order. All work must be controlled by the Work Order, be that a Planned Maintenance task or a reactive maintenance task. No team member will be able to start work without a work order. Costs are all allocated to the work order. The strategic goal for the system will be to ensure that technicians have some kind of electronic device to access their work orders, however in the short term these will be printed out & handed to the technician. The technician will update the work order after the work is complete back at the office.

Planned Maintenance

Each PM job should have a task list, a parts list and also a checklist which documents any specific checks that need to be made – for example a current reading when a motor is running normally. All parts will either need a stores item number, or details of a PO that should be created. The PM will also be categorized, so that it’s easily possible to understand what kind of PM it is – Safety Critical, Critical, Standard etc. These lists should be printed out (or be available via an app on a tablet or phone) so that they can be used at the workplace & the results of the tests be recorded.

The results of any tests should be held individually so that it’s possible to do trend analysis on the figures, rather than being held as a text field which cannot be reported from. These figures should be linked to the machine and allow, in the future, for an automated collection of data.


Each task ( with the exception of reactive, breakdown maintenance tasks ) will be scheduled & will be allocated to one or more technicians. It should be possible to easily see the workload of each technician as well as the overall tasks that are ongoing during any chosen day. Tasks may be “one-off” tasks or repetitive tasks, based on a time rota. Some equipment may have multiple PMs – maybe a simple PM weekly but then a more in-depth PM on a monthly basis. The system should not issue a weekly PM when a monthly PM is being undertaken in this case. It’s sometimes necessary to “borrow” a technician from one division to another if the workload demands. The system must be able to allocate technicians from one division to a work order in the other division.

The scheduling of maintenance tasks needs to be undertaken on a graphical screen, which will show the loading for each technician & will flag up if the technician is approaching 100% loading. Planning should be on an infinite capacity planning basis, so that the scheduler will be able to over/under load any technician as appropriate. There should be a drag & drop capability to move work items from one day to the next & also to easily reassign work orders to other technicians.


Each scheduled work order needs to be planned, so that the number of people and also the required parts are all allocated to the job. This will allow the system to manage the stock movements, including procurement of parts in an MRP system.

Improvement work

These small projects will have a number of different tasks, which will be managed as work orders. They all need to be held together so that an overall cost can be collated for the improvement work. These costs must be able to be split between labour costs & parts costs. It must be possible to run a report on all improvement projects to identify the costs of the project. These costs should be split down into internal labour, external labour & parts.

Reactive maintenance

Any breakdown that comes in to the departments should be managed through the system. The exact piece of equipment and fault description should be logged. It should also be possible to allocate spare parts to the reactive maintenance job, time that the technician spends and also the cost of any third party that also needs to be brought in, if needed. This will usually be in the form of the cost of a purchase order that’s sent to the third party to perform some work.


One of the vitally important areas of work in the business will be inspection PMs. These are work orders that ensure that the equipment is safe to operate. There will be different categories of inspections, with some being rated as “ critical”, and if these are missed then they should be rated as a “near miss”, and investigated appropriately. It should be easy to get a list of the  Critical inspection=s for the week, and understand which have yet to be completed. A report should also be available that details any missed  Critical inspections that have been missed in any defined period of time.

Recording of work done

It must be possible, for all types of work order, to record the exact work that has been completed and any spare parts that have been consumed. Reactive maintenance should, in addition, have fault codes which can be allocated to the job so that later analysis of the various breakdowns is possible.


There is a large amount of stock associated with the various equipment that will be installed on-site. All of this stock must be managed. Each piece of stock must be linked to one or more pieces of equipment. The stock must be held in a defined location, and the cost of the item as well as a primary & secondary supplier for that item. Lead-time must also be managed.

Any stock withdrawal should be allocated to a piece of equipment. The system should manage the stock levels, so that if any item reaches a defined level, then the system will alert the stock controller that an order needs to be placed for that item. The system must be able to create a report of all items, grouped by supplier, so that the stores controller is able to easily manage the reordering process. This stock management facility also needs to look ahead into the future work orders that are being scheduled to ensure that the required spare parts will be available for the technicians to carry out the work when it’s due. It should be possible to hold phantom stock items, which have a zero stock holding. When a demand is made on these items, the system will then flag up that the item needs to be purchased.

Stock purchased will generally be procured via a purchase order. The stock system should issue a PO for any purchase, and if a purchase is needed for a non-stock item, then a PO will normally be issued for that part too. There may be occasions where a PO will not be issued – the cost of the part in this case also needs to be captured. Any stock item should be replaced with a part that’s an exact replacement. If an equivalent part is to be used, then a formal change management process must be undertaken. No part can be changed for an equivalent without the change management process being completed and documented. This documentation should be attached to the stock part in the store.

All rated stock should be flagged as such, in a way that is easy for the viewer to see that this part needs to be carefully managed.

Consignment stock

There are some items – such as nuts & bolts – which are held on consignment stock. These items are generally of low value, and will not be recorded by the system against any work order.

Stock numbering

Stock will be numbered in an 8 digit alphanumerical sequence.

Stock locations

Each part will be held in its own stores location. There could be multiple warehouses:

  • Main store
  • PDU store

The parts will have their own locations in the warehouse. This will be a structured location scheme in the main store:

  • Aisle number
  • Rack number
  • Shelf number
  • Bin number

CMMS: What Is Its Role Within The Company?

In today’s technology-driven world, business moves at a lightning fast pace. Paperwork simply cannot keep up with the speed a company needs to operate efficiently. That’s why CMMS (computerized maintenance management system software) was developed. It’s designed to streamline the process of preserving assets and organizing repairs. But what is a CMMS exactly, and how does it benefit your business?

Ever heard the saying that preventative care is the best care? This style of maintenance helps your business avoid problems before they occur – this is opposed to reactive maintenance, which involves putting out fires after problems have already happened. CMMS software is designed to foresee these problems ahead of time so your company will never lose efficiency or have interrupted service. It’s a way for companies to manage inventory and maintenance on a platform that’s accessible for technicians, managers, and employees. This digital platform can assist your business operations in numerous ways:

It helps manage inventory. Trying to keep up with sales using pen and paper is a nearly impossible task. Even with a spreadsheet, it’s grueling to manage thousands of parts. With CMMS, your entire staff can see what’s in stock and make changes in real-time. It gives you the ability to automate purchases so that you’re never short on essential supplies. Say goodbye to overspending on inventory – CMMS lets you see exactly how much you’re paying, so you can stay within your budget. You’ll also be able to view which machines need spare parts. Leave the guesswork out of inventory management by using CMMS – you’ll know exactly what your business needs, and what it costs.  

Regulate work orders. When essential equipment breaks down, you need it fixed quickly to keep your company functioning. CMMS gives you the ability to record the issues and probable causes behind them, and quickly assign a technician to solve the problem. Managers can access these orders from a desktop or using a mobile app. When a new work order is issued, a technician is notified immediately. 

Keep track of scheduled tasks. When no jobs are missed, your workforce will operate like a well-oiled machine. CMMS software can help everyone keep track of upcoming repairs – this includes the ability to send reminders to those with imminent tasks. The online calendar with color-coded lists makes comprehending work orders easy. Managers will be notified when duties have been completed. 

Make information for audits readily available. A history of every action performed on your assets will be accessible when they’re filed using CMMS. Verifying information will be seamless in the event of an insurance or accident claim. You’ll be able to search and find all tasks performed on an asset in seconds. Using our software, you can achieve ISO certification which shows customers that your brand is consistent and follows industry standards. 

View repair history. With older machines, it’s helpful for technicians to know the source of past problems. Logging repair history into CMMS makes it easier to diagnose the causes of future issues. You’ll also be able to monitor when upcoming maintenance is due. It makes it easy to view all the previous problems with the machine, and how they were fixed. Eliminate the downtime that occurs when an asset malfunctions by using CMMS software to log repair history. 

What kinds of companies can utilize CMMS? When it comes to healthcare, you need a program that can meet the trying demands of this industry. The breakdown of medical equipment can be life-threatening for patients that rely on it. CMMS will track the performance of this vital equipment to prevent outages – and if a repair is needed, a technician will be notified immediately. Property managers will appreciate all the benefits that CMMS has to offer –  it’s nearly impossible to juggle all the requests in multiple buildings without it. Whether it’s managing repairs or scheduling unit cleanings, there are an array of operations that CMMS can help you manage.

Or how about running a restaurant? Preserving kitchen appliances is essential for your operation to keep producing delicious plates. You also need to stay on top of a rapidly depleting food inventory. But there’s more to it than that – you also have to consider regular cleanings of the restrooms and dining areas. To keep customers happy, you’ll also want to have your HVAC systems serviced semi-annually. How do you keep track of all these tasks? CMMS is intended to decrease any headaches that come along with maintenance scheduling. We offer customizable pricing plans to give your company a platform that suits your needs. For entrepreneurs in all industries, this software will bring efficiency and expediency to your company’s asset management. 

Maxpanda offers feature-rich CMMS software that’s user-friendly, fast, and affordable. Does your business need building management software? Our award-winning digital platform is designed to be straightforward, which will quickly improve the productivity of your business operations. It makes scheduled repairs streamlined and accessible to all users involved. We offer 24/7 support so that you’re always covered when you need assistance.

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Why Is Building Management Software Vital? Read This!

Did you know that a real estate related business is a lucrative type of business? According to Statistica, there can be a rental growth level of 2.1% from the year 2019 until 2023. This rental business growth speculation is being bombarded last March by growth decrease related issues due to Covid pandemic. However, it can’t be denied as a fact that people really need shelter. Families need houses, apartments, condos and other residential units. That is why despite the economic impact of Covid to real estate businesses, it is still evident that this type of business endeavor is going to flourish in the coming years.

Because of this consideration, every owner of a house or condominium for rent/lease needs a building management software tool. This is the focus of this blog article – to provide you some facts as to why you badly need this software. Of course, the main point here is you have to make sure that your tenants are happy with their rented residential building or room. But then, because of the possible issues to arise, it is a must for you to have a property management maintenance software. It is a platform wherein all services to be offered to the clients are optimized and streamlined.

Revealing the essence of building management software

It’s a common thing to happen that tenants and renters may be having problems relevant to the space or unit they’re renting. Damaged parts or sections of the house, like kitchen, living room, pool area, and the like should be renovated, repaired as soon as possible. A fast resolution process will enable your business to have a more efficient performance. Of course, the satisfaction level of the tenants should be high. If not, your business will be potentially risked. You need to avoid it. That is why it is advised that you find a provider of a building management software platform, like Maxpanda.

A positive sense of user experience is the main objective of those companies providing building management software online. Yes, it’s the ultimate goal – to make people happy. All parties must be satisfied. Remember that when you’re able to satisfy your tenants, you can also enjoy undeniable satisfaction due to the fact that your business will be able to experience a great performance in terms of increased income and profit. Real estate businesses are lucrative, to reiterate. But it is a must for you to have a systematic approach to address and fix all possible issues.

Benefits of Maxpanda’s computerized maintenance management

It is non-arguable to consider the real and clear benefits of property maintenance and repair software. Most real estate business individuals have found this tool as more efficient in terms of providing great services compared to manual approaches. It can be helpful to hire a property manager who will look into the regular issues that might arise and to craft solutions for the same issues. However, a manual effectuation, like just having a spreadsheet to maneuver things needed to be executed, has a lesser positive impact. The need to address the problems abruptly can hardly be realized. Consequently, it is important to have a building management software for this purpose.

Maxpanda sets a 24-7 customer support service whereby all issues can be channeled and sorted out for quick resolution within 24 hours. Non-stop as they say. The provision of effective remedies can happen any time of the day or night. This is how quick they’ll be able to remedy problems like the need to repair and renovate damaged kitchen or HVAC-related problems.

In a nutshell

Running a residential or commercial building for a rental business is great. Why? There is real money here. However, it can’t be easy to manage this type of business. There are things that need to be considered and understood well. Make sure that you have a building management software which functions as an effective aid in terms of providing a more transparent and more efficient approach to resolve any business concerns. If you want a more efficient management operation, you badly need this tool.

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Property Management Maintenance Software: Reasons Why You Need It

Implementing a smooth and comprehensive property maintenance strategy is an important aspect as far as doing business is concerned. It has led to the birth of a platform that you should have to try to use for your maintenance and repair program to become better. A more efficient approach is vital when it comes to scheduling regular maintenance, receiving requests, and sorting out what needs to be done to address the problems. This is why you need property management maintenance software.

Keeping your property tenants happy and satisfied serves as the ultimate way for your business to prosper dramatically. Hence, you have to get a provider of property maintenance software. This is to provide real benefits to the clienteles who are depending on the way you serve them. There are a lot of property management maintenance software choices. One of the great options is created and provided by Maxpanda. This company aims to give satisfactory services to its clients. Their main purpose is to help businesses optimize their operations.

Why do you need property management maintenance software?

There are clear reasons why you need it. Below are some of the things you have to learn as to why this software is important for you.

It’s a powerful tool to help you have a more optimized maintenance operation.

Optimizing the process of fixing issues in relation to your business is quite necessary. That is why you have to get a trusted software tool serving this purpose. But make sure that the features provided by the provider are great enough to help you. Otherwise, the problems you really want to solve can remain as problems.

There are issues like the need to repair and/or renovate the apartment for rent. Attending to this need should be done right away. An immediate response should be effectuated to make the tenants happy. When they experience happiness, they would be able to appreciate your management system. And it can have a domino positive effect on the business you’re handling and managing. Hence, progress is easily achievable.

Tenants are always kept updated regarding maintenance and repair services.

It’s necessary to keep your tenants always on the loop. This is an essential aspect when doing a property-related business. But of course, it’s not always easy to keep them always updated. If you do it manually, the result would be unfavorable. Meaning, it’s not going to be very easy for you. Hence, you should find a way wherein the process would be more efficient, effective, and helpful. More particularly if your tenants have a long-term contract with you, assisting and settling their problems must be done as quickly as possible. This way, there can be an assurance that their satisfaction level would reach a definite dramatic height. It would be then more favorable to your business success.

The number of complaints regarding tenant service tend to reduce.

With property management maintenance software, you will be able to reduce the number of complaints associated with repairs and maintenance systems. The usual problems to arise are related to fixtures, lights, HVAC, pool sanitation and other related services, and so on. All of these must be fixed as immediately as possible. It is probable to solve all these problems when you have an optimized way. A software can serve as the most effective solution. Thereby, it is best advised to have a property maintenance software for your business to hit the desired success level.


Real estate rental businesses are dramatically increasing despite the presence of Covid these days. It is so because of the fact that people still need a house or an apartment to live. It is necessary to provide shelter to every family. Hence, the use of management and repair software is important for every owner of a house, or apartment, or condo for rent. The purpose of which is to expedite the action whenever necessary. Every time there is a problem, you have to make sure that you can settle it immediately. The rate of providing a resolution process must be high. Otherwise, your business growth will be compromised.

Maxpanda is the provider to trust

Want To Organize A Maintenance Program? Try Facility Management Software Now!

Saving time and money for things associated with business activities is important. That is why you need to make sure that you run a system that truly works. This is the essence of this blog post. You will be taught about the importance of facility management software in organizing things relevant to maintenance and repair of any property-related businesses. If you are running such a business, then this page is right for you.

Giving ease and comfort to your business clients is a major task that you should not take for granted. Hence, you have to ensure setting a working and effective program. There has to be a comprehensive platform you need to utilize and be reminded that there are online providers of useful tools. One of them is Maxpanda. This company is offering a well-created facility management software.

Why is facility management software important?

With this software, all tasks related to facility maintenance and repair can be organized properly. Such proper organization needs to be done in order to make sure that the business endeavor will become fruitful. The functions of building management software include the following:

  • Building maintenance and repair
  • Contractor compliance
  • Preventive measures implementation
  • Space and other assets management
  • Invoice management
  • On-time tasks accomplishment reporting
  • Location work order management

So, with this property maintenance software, your business will be run smoothly. Streamlining the process is doable with the application of this tool. That is why most business people are relying on it as it provides great results for them.

Improving the level of customer satisfaction is one of the most basic essential elements when doing any form of business. Regardless of the nature of your business endeavor, you need to satisfy your clients or customers. Hence, you have to understand that this facility management software is one of the best tools you can use to make sure that the satisfaction level among your customers is maintained. It’s really a great way to make them happy and satisfied.

In what way can those customers be satisfied? Of course, fixing any problem that may arise is one of the best solutions you can do. For instance, attending to the repair needs of apartment renters is one of the most important things a landlord should do. Otherwise, more complex problems will come out when those simple problems are not immediately remedied. This is the reason why you badly need a facilities management system. It has to work to improve the level of customer satisfaction.

Other factors to consider why you need the software

Responding proactively to all types of issues is necessary, regardless of the range and domain of such issues. A proactive response is usually done when you know how to expect usual and common problems. Even the unusual ones, if possible, should be analyzed in advance. Failure to do this can somehow lead to biz shortcomings. So, it is necessary to make sure that you can use a working and applicable tool for remedial purposes.

This is where this facility management software has come into play. It needs to be tried if you want to make your business successful. To reiterate, it is for the purpose of saving time and money. It is to help you achieve your biz goals and objectives. You have to rely on it as it’s tested and proven as effective in making sure that addressing any type of problem will immediately be done. You need this software now.

Maxpanda is the provider to trust

Of course, you need to choose a software provider. Good news because Maxpanda has existed already to provide business clients the full potential of reaching biz goals. This company offers realistic solutions which are faster, better and more affordable. There is a systematized and robust program you can apply through their help. They are professional in dealing with customers. Their help can be substantial in terms of providing what is best for your property related business operation. So, let them help you today. It’s your chance to reach the zenith of your dream to have a sustainable and profitable business.

Using preventive maintenance software

Benefits Of Preventive Maintenance Software Revealed

For your property business to run smoothly and profitably, you have to secure and apply preventive measures. Why is it so? Well, property-related issues are normal to happen. They may affect your business operation anytime. Hence, you have to make sure that you have such a working and actionable plan whenever confronted by unwanted problems. This to control and prevent untoward circumstances like downtime and asset failure. In this case, you badly need preventive maintenance software, a tool that is run by a computer program set to provide immediate remedial action to any sort of maintenance-related concerns.

In relation to having property management maintenance, there are benefits you can enjoy. This is the focus of this blog post, to provide you with essential facts about this software. Companies like Maxpanda exist as a solution provider. Their solution is the immediate provision of outright remedy to any unfavorable circumstances that might jeopardize the way you run your business.

Is it really necessary to have preventive maintenance software? The answer to this question is below.

Let’s discuss now the benefits of preventive maintenance software

There are 4 major benefits when using maintenance software for property damage prevention.

1.     Major repairs are unavoidable but there’s a solution.

When running a real estate business, you need to prevent major repairs. Why? It may entail shelling out of a big amount of money without doing it. It means massive cost. That is why having regular maintenance is advised. It can make your business more favorable in terms of having sustaining profit. Preventing predictable issues is one of the most efficient techniques to see to it that your business is going to run more efficiently. When you have a system like preventive maintenance software, you will be able to know the problems as early as possible. In this sense, preventive measures can be effectuated as fast as needed.

2.     Maintenance costs need to be reduced so you have to be very cautious.

The satisfaction of your biz clients depends mainly on how you handle the issues that might affect them. You need facility management software because it can help you in properly handling the problems that may arise. In general sense, the cost for maintenance can be reduced because you’re always on time in effectuating preventive measures. In other words, preventing problems is better than curing them. You really have to prevent issues from further developing if you want profit inflow to sustain. Otherwise, major drawbacks can tend to happen and affect you.

3.     Your business assets can improve dramatically with preventive measures.

The longevity of your assets’ existence is vital. It’s really important as far as having profit sustainability is concerned. Thus, it is crucial to have preventive measures which are tested and proven. Having preventive maintenance software is one of the most trusted solutions today. The usability of your assets, for instance the parts of the house or building for rent, can be prolonged dramatically. Its longer existence can trigger a more dramatic increase in earning and profit. Why? You can have less expenses for maintenance because you’re always on time when settling problems. Your investment can therefore reap more profit to accrue to your pocket.

4.     Enhanced safety measures are significantly more effective with software.

Because of the computerized program of the software tool, you will be able to have more effective safety measures. It can then lead to a more fruitful business endeavor. Any catastrophic financial failure can be addressed and prevented right away. In a sense, the earlier the solution is, the better with respect to facing business-related problems. Any possible damage to facilities has to be addressed immediately. This is how helpful to have safety measures which are anchored on the use of preventive maintenance software.

Maxpanda: The Solution Provider To Try

Of course, to end this article helpfully, it is important to have a recommendation. When it comes to a solution provider, you can try Maxpanda’s building management software solution. It’s one of the best in the industry. Tested through the years of solid experience, this company is able to provide actionable and workable solutions for your property business. It’s better to prevent problems as early as possible. That is why it is a must to try an affordable yet highly effective solution available today.

Did you know the importance of property maintenance software? Read this blog as it will teach you about it.

Understand Property Maintenance Software Is Vital Before You Have It

Running a real estate related business can be tough. It has a lot of interrelated factors that need to be understood and executed properly. This is one of the reasons why you’re advised to get a property manager. However, the tasks can be more complex than what you’re gonna think of. In this case, you need a more efficient solution to remedy property related issues. You have to know the essence and significance of property maintenance software. It is one of the best solutions you can ever have for your real estate related business to become more profitable.

The satisfaction level of property tenants should dramatically be high. This is to assure you that your business will run smoothly, profitably. But having problems is part of the entire process. It’s impossible to have a business without issues and concerns you need to resolve. Hence, having property maintenance software is one of the most basic approaches you need to apply. Through this tool, you will be able to organize things the right way. The tasks can be implemented properly.

There are certain problems you need to address effectively. Some of them are:

  • Home painting
  • Graffiti cleaning
  • Plumbing-related problems
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Kitchen area repair

And a lot more.

Why do you really need property maintenance software?

A computerized maintenance management system is technically a process wherein you can have a smoother transaction now and then. It’s a systemic approach wherein you will be able to fix the concerns of your real property business efficiently, effectively. According to Maxpanda, real estate owners need to streamline the process. Hence, it is of utmost significance that you can use a preventive maintenance software tool. In this way, the approach will be undertaken immediately, thereby producing more favorable results for your business.

House maintenance in a nutshell is not an easy task. There are intertwining aspects that you need to imbibe. Failure to do this can lead to an overall business failure. The house renters can’t be happy at all. And as this happens, it may have an adverse impact against your operation in relation to your property business.

Features of property management maintenance software

You have to first understand the entirety of this software. The features of this tool are as follows:

  • Multiple sites location capacity
  • Smooth communication channels
  • Updated web-based access
  • Cloud storage capacity
  • Tight security measures
  • QR-run scanning
  • Other tools integration
  • 24/7 customer support team

When finding a provider of property maintenance software, you need to ensure that these features are present. The set features serve as your main basis. When a provider doesn’t have those then it might be great if you look for another software source. On the Internet you can find legitimate providers. All you need to do is to find a way on how you’ll be able to find one that best suits your needs and demands.

Clients want an abrupt solution when problems arise. It’s hard to provide a prompt solution to a particular problem when the system is manual. That is why it is recommended to have a computerized process, wherein everything is run using a computer or a smartphone device. The complexity of the actionable plans can easily be executed through the help of a more systemic computer-run solution provided by a legitimate and genuine provider.

Your real property business needs can rightly be addressed through the implementation of computer-generated schemes and processes. Any maintenance tasks are managed without hassles and risks. Regarding a transparency aspect, the reporting system is streamlined as well. It can be downloaded anytime using the computerized program. The metrics performance can therefore be understood without any trouble whatsoever. This is how productive and effective when relying upon a trusted and reliable building management software.

Is it expensive with Maxpanda?

The cost to set up the software starts from $0. And as a user, you can enjoy free upgrading without the need to shell out money for it. The upgrading and support scheme is unlimited for all users. This is how friendly and innovative this company is in providing a more effective and more credible maintenance software tool for business people running any type of property related ventures.

Simple Tips For New CMMS Managers

There might come a time within your journey up the career ladder when you want to become manager or a team leader and be responsible for more than just your own work. Becoming a manager is an incredibly important thing to get right, and being a good manager is something which can be a challenge for anyone starting out in the field today. Today we are going to take a look at some simple tips and tricks you should follow to allow you to be the best manager you can be.

Use software

As a new manager, the hardest thing you might deal with is making sure that everyone is on track with their projects and that you can stay in the loop with everything this year. You can use a building management software to make things a lot easier for yourself and this will allow you to keep an eye on your employees and see where they are at and what kind of things you should chat to them about each and every day.

Be honest

The difference between a mediocre and a great manager is the ability to communicate and be honest with your workers. Honesty is always the best policy and when it comes to showing your employees that you are a great manager, being transparent is incredibly important. You need to be sure that if you have an issue or a problem that you share this with your team and allow them to help you solve it. Working things out together is better than alone and this will make such an impact on your ability to work together in the office.

Show off talents

Every single person who works under your command will have a unique set of skills which they can show off to you, and they will have the ability to work in unique and different ways. It is important that you always talk to each person as an individual and be sure that you give them tasks and jobs which allow them to show off their talents. If you can treat everyone as an individual you should be able to have the most successful team possible working for you.

Learn to be assertive 
When it comes to becoming a manager for the first time, perhaps the weirdest shift in behavior will be going from taking orders to giving them. If you aren’t a naturally assertive person this can be super hard for you to get used to and it will take a bit of time for you to settle into that flow of things for good. It is important as a leader to be assertive because you need to gain some respect from your workers and you also need to make sure that they will listen to you when you speak. Be confident in your conviction and this will make a big difference to how people see you and how they react to you when you speak to them every day.

Three Important Ways To Keep Your Business Protected

Like all business owners, you are probably looking to make sure that your business is protected at all times. The only way this can be done is if you actually take steps to put necessary precautions in place. Too often business owners will overlook this aspect of their business or they prefer to spend money elsewhere not seeing the protection as a necessity. However, all it takes is for one thing to go wrong and it can cost you your entire business.

In this article, we’re going to look at some things you can do to ensure your business stays protected. Keep reading if you are interested in finding out more.

It’s the law

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you are taking all of the necessary precautions to prevent people from getting injured on your premises. You can do this in a number of ways. One way would be to make sure you adhere to all of the health and safety precautions required by legislation. These laws are there to help businesses and clients remain safe from any possible harm. Ensure that you have been through all of the health and safety regulations that could apply to your business but also be sure to enforce them.

You should also be taking other precaution such as getting your employees to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s).  If any employee has access to any confidential information, you need to know you can take action if they divulge company secrets. This is really important if there are certain things your competitors or other people in the industry cannot know about. Or, make sure you invest in preventative maintenance software so that you don’t have to spend numerous hours cleaning up when things start to take a turn.

Get Insured

Do you have business insurance? If the answer to this question is no, you need to really reconsider. There are a variety of types of coverage you could need from workers compensation to general liability and more. Protecting your business should be your top priority, and you can’t do that if don’t have the proper insurance. If you are worried about paying premiums that are not necessary, you shouldn’t. There are specialists who can give you the correct advice to so this does not happen.

Some customers may require you to have insurance in order to do business with them. As an organizational trainer, I had to show proof of insurance before signing a contract to present workshops. Good thing I had it or I would have lost the contract.

Have A Lawyer

Finally, if you have a lawyer on retainer, you can be sure you have someone there to give you the right advice you need if things do go wrong. Some businesses will argue this is a cost they cannot afford, but this should not be the way of thinking that most companies take because just like not following safety regulations and not having insurance, it could cost you your business in the end. It’s always better to have someone there for when you fall to pick you up than to fall and have to navigate your way around the darkness alone.

Spend time assessing your business to make sure you have the protection you need. The time spent will be well worth it. Here’s to YOUR success!