2019 Maxpanda Updates

  1. Showing SELL price not COST price on Work Order Invoices visible to Customers.
  2. Removing dollar sign symbol from Invoices and POs to allow for future internationalization settings.
  3. Maxpanda to separate PUSH & EMAIL notification settings per USER. User may turn emails on while turning mobile push off.
  4. New SERVICE TYPE PO module to be implemented.
  5. Revamping PO print layout using downloadable Excel format (not the default browser print settings).
  6. Allow for Category Group selection on Submit WO and Guest Portals.
  7. Reports will now EXCLUDE archived or deleted data such as parts, assets, locations etc…
  8. Open API will be released to include read/write functionalities. Built-In SWAGGER documentation for cool programmers.
  1. GoMAX Mobile CMMS = VERSION 5.0! Our team has worked hard all year to implement world class modules into Maxpanda CMMS. We’re ending the year off with an entire new mobile experience. Not only will there be a new interface but more importantly we’re implementing default tech such as lazy loading and local cache to create a fast and friendly user experience.