Monthly App Updates

October 15

  1. Data storage limits increased for each subscription level. Detailed data limits found on pricing page.
  2. Adding a new descriptor with help text outlining minimum requirements for changing or setting up user passwords.
  3. Asset name on view all work order page doesn’t update if Admins change the asset name in the database. This is fixed.
  4. Optimized the Preventative Maintenance auto scheduler, fixed a bug for Yearly pm schedules.
  5. Inventory Barcode upgrades to include print options for Part Name, ID#, Part#, Part CodeType (i.e. code39). Implemented for single & multi barcode printing to pdf sheets.
  6. Added stronger email validation on all new user  invites. Requirements are the need for the (@) sign, period (.) and .net/com/org etc…to ensure valid email is entered.
  7. External Add cc: emails won’t receive several work order assigned emails from the same work order. Old setting used to be such that if you added an external email to the work order in the ADD CC field, Maxpanda would send you a copy of that external cc’d email as well as your regular system role email. Maxpanda will now check to see if you are a valid system user and only send 1 email for the status change of a work order.

October 21

  1. Send email for minimum PART QTY to site editor, site admin, company editor and company admin. Currently only the company admin receives these emails.
  2. Desktop app will send an email to the CUSTOMER selected in your work order on approved/completed/rejected status. Email will include relevant details regarding the work order request.
  3. MyToDo list filters on iOS iPADS are not sorting thus causing confusion for companies on various time zone settings. Desktop and iOS versions have been corrected.
  4. All CSV data lists downloaded will include similar columns matching the Multi Uploader sheets for instant editing/downloading/uploading of your data.
  5. Adding checkboxes beside each BUILDING on the View All Building list – to be used for downloading/uploading Selected Buildings.
  6. Adding another checkbox for each user level to filter on/off email notifications for onhand parts reaching maximum levels. Get notified (or not) if someone tries to add more parts quantity greater than allowed what was set by the company admin.

October 31

  1. Part Transfer module. Transfer a part from a Site to Site or Location to Location with email notifications for Supervisor/Editor/Admin.


  1. Maxpanda to enable two-directional communication between the work order system and radios: When Maxpanda sends out a WO, it sends out via email, with a subject line and all the details in the email body. We’re building a new Gateway application that converts it into a text message and sends this data to your radio. Radio user changes the status of the WO by replying to that text message and enters “quick text”, such as “Accept”, “Cancel”, “Complete” etc. in the text message. The new email Gateway application receives the radio’s text message, convert it into the email format, with the original subject line, and the status as the first line in the email body, and sends it back to Maxpanda CMMS.
  2. Report Scheduling with email notification: Select your report, set a start/end date, schedule the recurrence once, have it ready in My Reports menu automatically depending on a set schedule. Each of Maxpandas 25 reports will be able to be scheduled similarly to schedule a PM. Have your reports ready Monday morning waiting for you.
  3. Staff/Supervisors assigned to specific Categories to only receive email and push notifications within those WO Categories.
  4. New Asset Cost Summary Report to include: Enhanced the current Asset Cost Details for the current report that retrieves all amounts from internal staff and external vendors with all the detail. – added a column “Description” – this would retrieved from the invoice lines attached to the WO. – added a column “Item Type” – this would retrieved from the invoice lines attached to the WO. – either have the labor and parts also retrieved from the invoice or add columns that pulls in the amounts from the invoice” – retrieved from the invoice lines attached to the WO.
  5. Submitters, Staff and Supervisors to view (read only) the status history on every work order.


  1. Update the work order status checker to review all work orders every 15 minutes instead of hourly. This will allow you to create 30 minute due dates per WO.
  2. Deferred status option with quick reporting tools. Know what work has been deferred at any given time.
  3. Auto-set required fields on the work order submit forms based on the category and/or the priority selected by the submitter.

January 2019

  1. Auto assign REQUIRED fields by selected PRIORITY settings when submitting a work order.
  2. Unit of Measure module (UoM): admin will be able to define their own UoM data and assign it to individual parts.
  3. Auto send a digital Task checklist to SUBMITTERS depending on WORK CATEGORY they’ve selected prior to approving the work order. This will assist you to ensure your staff/submitter have checked every possible fix on site prior to assigning the work order to a Staff and/or Vendor. Great for hospitality organizations.
  4. Maxpanda CMMS and GoMAX Mobile v5.0