2019 Maxpanda Updates

  1. Vendor Contract Reminder: Admins to set a start/end date per Vendor contract thru Calendar settings within the Vendor profile as well as to receive email reminders 30 days prior to contract end date.
  2. Fixed the work order Australian date format being sent to Vendors through the AWS email service.
  3. Changing the left menu text from STAFF to USERS. Renaming it to Users makes more sense since even a Vendor can be a User.
  4. New Asset Status Report including built in filters:
• Select 1 or more assets • Select start and end dates • Show header Columns to include: • Asset(s) Name(s) • Date and time • Work order, WO Number, Category & Status • All Tasks Named in the WO • Task Work completed • Staff/Vendor Name assigned • Active labor hours (in parentheses beside staff) • Total Hours per work order (add all staff hours) March
  1. Radios Text Email Replies – Subject Line to include WO order Number. Body of WO to include WO details. WO system permits status change and updates to WO via Email reply.
  1. Assigned Staff and Vendor will be attached to the Work Order if Supervisor/Editor/Admin assigns them to a Task. This way admins can force Staff to enter their total work hours even if they’re only assigned to a Task within the WO.
  2. TOOL TIME module implemented in GoMAX Mobile apps.
  3. Pre-assign TASKS to any WO Category ie) SUBMIT REQUEST PLUMBING CATEGORY, the pending work order will include relevant Task(s) speeding up the approval process.
  4. We’re breaking up the WORK ORDERS. Not really, Maxpanda will still show 7 accordions but each accordion will now be independent from one another (Independant WO). New method will allow the Work Order to save only changed data. This will create a faster EDIT WO experience for all users.
  5. Add Independant WO edit to version 2 of Map View when editing any Work Order within the Map.
  6. Asset Tracking (using GPS & Map View). Scan the qr code of an asset, assign it to Staff A, track the asset on a live map as Staff A brings it to Staff B (in a different location). Staff A then scans qr code to assign the Asset to Staff B. Know where your Assets are and who has them. 
  7. Removed COPY button from all pages.
  8. Changed name of CSV to “Download All” which will be in Excel view.  Added filtering to each EXCEL download.
  9. Default VIEW set to 10 items per session. Users will be able to change it during the browser session. If you log out, it defaults back to 10 max.
  10. Show ENTRIES will stay at 10, 25, 50 & 100 but we will remove View All functionality.
  11. Using the checkboxes will only DOWNLOAD only checked items. Selecting no check boxes will download all data by default. We’re trying this make the consistent rule throughout the desktop app.
  1. Show Time/Date Stamps on all uploaded photos through desktop and mobile apps.
  1. New Min/Max range setting for Tasks. Have values that require to be within a given range? Create a new Task, set the range. If a USER enters data outside the range, you’ll be notified.
  2. Auto-change required fields on the work order submit form based on the category and/or the priority selected by any Submitter.
  3. Create and add Service Types to Purchase Orders in Maxpanda.
  4. Map View v2 – Map View will allow users to assign Assets to themselves (check in / check out) by scanning the Asset’s Qr Code. This will assist owners in viewing where and who has the Asset across the Map View and in real time. There are over 20 new features being added to Map View v2 including: * QUICK VIEW ZOOM IN and center single marker (brings view of WO down to the street view). * Adding Reset button for manual refreshing of QUICK VIEW. * Set auto refresh data from 30 seconds to 2 Minutes on Map tracking GoMAX travel routes. * Adding moving markers with the QR CODE scan/assign function. * Moving the popup helper text higher so it doesnt cover the markers branding. * Adding Map Layer Selector so User can pick between various built-in maps (street view, terrain, night, public transport etc.). * Adding work order counts assigned to any Staff, Customers, Buildings and Assets (within the popup helper). * New slider providing quick data for each Asset on Map view. Data will show relevant Asset information, included attachments such as images and weblinks as well as who the Asset is currently ASSIGNED TO.
  5. Project Management – Create a new Project with ability to group unlimited Work Orders to Project and collect total costs per Project.
  6. Archiving Work Orders. Maxpanda is creating a new archive function to auto archive Closed, Rejected and Cancelled Work Orders in each client database post 2 years. This will allow optimal performance for all Users. Archived data will always be available even after the the 2 year period. Data will be stored in a secondary cloud environment off the main production server.
  7. Admins/Editors/Supervisor to conduct PART AUDIT TRAIL.
  8. Utility Management – Aggregate and Report monthly costs.
  9. Calendar API – Integrate Google and Office365 Calendar. If these new features are successful we’ll remove the current Maxpanda Calendar.
  10. Creating a 2nd View Only role: Currently the Viewer role only shows WO’s assigned to it. This role will renamed VIEWER LIMITED.  The new role: Viewer Unlimited will Automatically VIEW (List and Map) work orders in areas they are assigned to. For example the entire ACCOUNT or SITE or BUILDING or LOCATION.