Maxpanda will help you improve the way you create, manage and report on your incoming work orders and your preventative maintenance routines. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or national enterprise, Maxpanda has a price plan to fit your budget. We’re pushing the limits of technology and we want you to be part of the journey.

Our Mission is to disrupt the CMMS industry with a platform that’s faster, better, and more affordable. Our Fair Pricing Model: For decades CMMS software has been a race to the bottom with clunky outdated solutions offering far more frustration than value. We wanted to change all that by providing software that just works. We want Maxpanda to be an amazing value for your organization — helpful on-boarding with 24/7 support. Maxpanda is an investment in your team and culture.

Our fair pricing model is set at a level that allows us to continuously invest in enhancing a solid product & service while providing the greatest user experience & ROI possible.

The Best Enterprise Asset Management Software Around

Our Enterprise Asset Management Software is web based and customizable for all your integrated facilities management services, and helps you manage and facilitate your day to day operations in multiple buildings or worksites all through our graphically based dashboard.

Our #1 focus has and always will be on 2 things. Our clients and yours. Since the beginning of Maxpanda Asset management software, we’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we’re designing a new module for the Maintenance Supervisor or enterprise report for the VP of a large asset portfolio, we take great care to ensure that Maxpanda Asset management software will ultimately serve you, rather than our own internal goal or bottom line. Our core Enterprise Asset Management Software product offering is simply the most robust cmms in today’s market bar none. The web-based Maintenance Manager is an intuitive Enterprise Asset Management Software providing powerful on-demand and preventative work order management tools, comprehensive reporting and integrated Resource Library to ensure a timely and effective strategy that will increase the life cycle of your facility. Facilities management and Asset management software is not just for the directors anymore – asset management software has to be both fast and powerful for the data clerk, resident, nurse, teacher and administrative assistant to work with on a daily basis.

Enterprise Asset Management Software       Enterprise Asset Management Software       Enterprise Asset Management Software     Enterprise Asset Management Software

Our client’s Enterprise Asset Management Software procedures are standardized through various processes. These include the following:

  1. A change from paper to digital environments. Minimized energy consumption, internal technology infrastructure and carbon emissions through unnecessary travel
  2. Empowerment towards a sustainable organization through the community wide visibility of green practices
  3. Instant notification of asset failures and redundancies through enterprise alerts
  4. Uniting entire staff focus towards helping the organization in a team environment
  5. Track individual man hours per task and benchmark performance of assets across the organization
  6. Improve productivity by fostering environments where head office and staff communicate in real time to align common enterprise goals

The Software as a Service Model for Enterprise Asset Management Software – Maxpanda: As Internet access is increasingly available to maintenance and facility management departments of organizations everywhere, the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for CMMS/EAM is fast becoming an attractive and viable solution for businesses of all sizes. Historically, to benefit from CMMS, companies had to purchase, install and administer the system internally, and invest in the IT infrastructure needed to support the application on the customer’s own network. This traditional software model typically has a high total cost of ownership for the customer. With the Maxpanda SaaS model, customers can plug in and subscribe to on-demand, anytime, anywhere CMMS services built on a world-class infrastructure, delivered via the Internet and accessed 24/7. Maxpanda Enterprise Asset Management Software model provides the CMMS solution, along with all of the IT infrastructure and support services necessary to deliver it to customers on a monthly subscription basis with no contracts. The subscription fee includes anytime, anywhere access to Maxpanda Saas, system maintenance, automatic updates, upgrades and unlimited technical support. All you need to run Maxpanda Saas is any standard Web browser connected to the internet.

True Benefits of Enterprise Asset Management Software as a Service: Customers that choose the Maxpanda CMMS SaaS model gain many business benefits, including: No software or hardware to purchase, install or maintain. Given the current shortage and expense of dedicated IS personnel, this model means less of a burden on IT departments that already have many demands placed on them. Rapid deployment. Since there is no software installation required, maintenance personnel can get started with using the system immediately. Simple, low cost implementation for multiple locations. Multi-site locations don’t need high power servers for Terminal Server or Citrix architectures to use an Asset management software model, so the implementation process is simplified. No capital outlay. Because the subscription fees can be paid on a monthly basis, without the need to purchase the software licenses outright, it is easier to budget for an on-demand solution and pass the monthly costs through an operating budget. No updates or upgrades to install. Users enjoy access to the latest version of the solution because updates, upgrades and enhancements are made available automatically. No software support fees. Support is included with the subscription fee. Anytime, anywhere access to the system. No commitment. If the solution, or the provider for that matter, no longer meets your needs, you can cancel the service and switch to a different solution. Access to comprehensive security, back-up, and support services. Spend less time on managing your application and more time on your core business and of course, lower your Total Cost of Ownership simply by using our Enterprise Asset Management Software.

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