2019 Maxpanda Updates

March 31
  1. Radios Text Email Replies – Subject Line to include WO order Number. Body of WO to include WO details. WO system permits status change and updates to WO via Email reply. We’re changing the email account that sends out all work order notifications from NOREPLY@MAXPANDA.COM to WO@MAXPANDA.COM – you’ll be able to REPLY to emails updating the WORK ORDER STATUS. Added WORK ORDER ID in all subject line emails for integrational updates.
  2. Map View version 2 – There are over 25 new features being added to Map View V2. Map View will allow users to assign Assets to themselves (check in / check out) by scanning the Asset’s Qr Code. This will assist owners knowing where (geolocated) the Asset is at all times and who (Asset Assigned To) has the Asset in real time. Individual Assets can only be assigned to a single User. Asset Tracking (using GPS & Map View). Scan any Asset QR Code in your database, assign it to Staff A, track the asset on Map View as Staff A brings it to Staff B (in a different location). Staff A scans qr code, releases it to be assigned to Staff B.
  3. Add TOOL TIME (hrs/mins/sec) as a new data column to the ever popular SLA EXPORT Report.
  4. Assets are now ‘not limited’ by the Location drop-down-list on Part page. Assign any Location to Parts even if their assigned to an Asset.
  1. Creating new API endpoints for customers wanting to webhook Work Order data and financials.
  2. Auto-change required fields on the work order submit form based on the category and/or the priority selected by any Submitter.
  3. Admins/Editors/Supervisor to conduct PART AUDIT TRAILS.
  4. Creating a 2nd View Only role: Currently the Viewer role only shows WO’s assigned to it. This role will renamed VIEWER LIMITED.  The new role: Viewer Unlimited will Automatically VIEW (List and Map) work orders in areas they are assigned to. For example the entire ACCOUNT or SITE or BUILDING or LOCATION.
  5. Pre-assign TASKS to any WO Category ie) SUBMIT REQUEST PLUMBING CATEGORY, the pending work order will include relevant Task(s) speeding up the approval process.
  6. Remove closed, cancelled, rejected, completed WO’s from Calendar view. These are redundant and can slow down your browser.
  7. Changing the sorting of MY TO DO list for Users to show Work Orders by Due Date not by last edited on the top of this list, for mobiles+desktop views.
  1. Refractor PO print versions optimizing space usage and paper.
  2. New Module: Service Types for Purchase Orders.
  3. Auto set ‘required fields’ in submission forms (Desktop and Guest Portal) depending on WO Category selected.
  4. New Min/Max range setting for Tasks. Have values that require to be within a given range? Create a new Task, set the range. If a USER enters data outside the range, you’ll be notified.
  1. New Viewer Unlimited Role: This role will allow a User to AUTO VIEW work orders in the area they are assigned to.
  2. Archiving CLOSED Work Orders automatically that are older than 1 Year. This will increase the load times of all your Work Orders.
  3. Calendar API – Integrate Google and Office365 Calendar. If these new features are successful we’ll remove the current Maxpanda Calendar.
  4. Archiving Work Orders. Maxpanda is creating a new archive function to auto archive Closed, Rejected and Cancelled Work Orders in each client database post 2 years. This will allow optimal performance for all Users. Archived data will always be available even after the the 2 year period. Data will be stored in a secondary cloud environment off the main production server.
  1. Global and Localized Translation Services. A company may have 2 Sites: 1 in the U.S. and another in Spain. Maxpanda will speak both.
  2. Adding Category Groups as an option to the Guest Portal.
  1. Project Management – Create a new Project with ability to group unlimited Work Orders to Project and collect total costs per Project.
  2. Assigning Vendors to WO Categories.