Maxpanda CMMS Software Updates

December 21, 2021

  1. REMOVAL AND ARCHIVAL OF OLD DATA – Archiving all work orders from your database between 2004-2018. Maxpanda will retain current year + 2 past years [2021 + 2020 (01/01-12/31) + 2019 (01/01-12/31] of data per each corporate account with archives continuously performed at the end of each following year. Data older than 7 years will automatically be deleted without backups. We anticipate a 33% increase in desktop/mobile responsiveness after the initial clean up occurs.

June – Desktop CMMS Updates

  1. Adding ASSET CATEGORIES grouping similar to PARTS CATEGORIES module.
  •  add add/edit page
  •  add menu
  •  add asset category to asset add/edit page (not required, default null)
  •  add asset category to bulk upload
  •  add asset category to view all page
  •  add asset category to preference list view setting
  •  add asset category to csv download
  •  add asset to asset status report (Asset/Asset Review)
  • Unit of Measure (UOM) will be added within all PARTS to better clarify quantity types such as i.e.) Boxes, Pounds, Length, Liquids and whatever doesn’t fit into a normal Part measure like widgets.

July – GoMAX Mobile CMMS

  1. Filter Assets by assigned locations for faster search up.
  2. Add Asset Type as a new quick search filter.
  3. Submitter Limited to only view their own work orders.
  4. Increased popup screen size including width/height.
  5. On/Off feature reminding staff to enter hours on iOS version.
  6. Append Disabled Priorities on all mobiles.
  7. Hide PART PRICE in all mobile work orders.

July – Desktop CMMS Updates

  1. PM module to allow rotation of Staff assigned to a PM. For example, In January, the PM would be assigned to Staff member #1. In February, the PM would be assigned to staff member #2.
  2. Custom KPI dashboards – To include a CUSTOM KPI Dashboard for Admins/Editors/Supervisors to generate up 12 KPIs with print/PDF functionality. Current KPI will be removed from List View once Custom KPIs are ready to be launched. The dashboard will be ready for early July release.
  3. Customer Lead Management allowing quick filter of upcoming outreach program.
  4. Ability to start Asset Downtime monitoring based off of a specific priority.
  5. Creating a Part Qty reduced automation for all Completed Work Orders.