2019 Maxpanda Updates

  1. Invite User: Admins will auto receive an email when an invited USER registers their account. We added Work Order Category and Building assignment fields here as well for convenience. Selecting a  different Site will change work order category and building drop down list with their respective categories and buildings.
  2. Introducing new email ‘WO@MAXPANDA.COM’ to be used for Work Order status updates. All system emails will continue to generate from noreply@maxpanda.com. Both wo@maxpanda.com and noreply@maxpanda.com should be whitelisted in your company’s I.T. infrastructure to ensure delivery by the end of May.
  3. SLA EXPORT REPORT: END DATE lock 12 MONTHS after your selected START DATE. User can pick up any START DATE but the END DATE can be only 12 MONTHS after START DATE. Added All Sites checkbox for convenience. If All Sites checkbox is selected, ** Work Order Category** list is turned off (REASON: Work Order Category is based on independant Site Management. The report will run SLA across all Sites in the Company. Once All Sites is unchecked, Work Order Category is turned on for single Sites. The Preview and Schedule buttons have no changes.
  4. Update work order using email subject line. This feature will work with smart radios as well. We have completed 90% of the functionality. Our team is working on error handling for any misspelled subject line status responses.
  5. GUEST SERVICE PORTAL UPDATE: Admin will be able to hide work order categories from GUEST USERS but they will always be visible to the APPROVERS such as Staff Unlimited, Supervisors & Editors.
  6. Added Category Groups as a new menu item in the Guest Service Portal submission form.
  7. We’ve removed the RED ‘X’ from your USER list. You can not delete a registered USER in Maxpanda. Admins/Editors can DISABLE them which removes all access as well as unassigns them from any PM’s.
  1. Admins/Editors/Supervisor to conduct PART AUDIT TRAILS.
  2. mAPI endpoints v1 to be completed by end of June and begin testing.
  3. Auto-change required fields on the work order submit form based on the category and/or the priority selected by any Submitter.
  4. Adding Service Types to the Purchase Order module.
  5. UOM – Unit of Measure. New module for Inventory management to be added to the parts section to better clarify the quantity type, e.g., Box, Each, Pounds, length, etc.
  6. Parts consumption on Work Orders: Adding a new data entry field to capture CONSUMED parts quantity for the desktop version but will still include the current Planned (Allocated) field as well. Non consumed parts will go back to Inventory or designated Bin.
  7. mAPI endpoints v2. We expect API release end of July or 1st week of August.
  1. Customer data will be separated by Site. If you manage customers you’ll be able to assign them per Site.
  2. New WO method. When any USER starts the TOOL TIME on mobile/desktop the work order will automatically be placed to IN PROGRESS. The work order can then be Completed by the maintenance Staff/Vendor or Closed by the Supervisor/Admin.
September – Optimization
  1. Archiving Work Orders. Maxpanda is creating a new archive function to auto archive Closed, Rejected and Cancelled Work Orders per client database. This will allow optimal performance for all Users. Archived data will always be available to the Admins. Data will be stored in a second AWS cloud environment.
  2. Adding limitations to the view all data options in various pages. This limit is required to maintain browser performance and adhere to the browser’s cache file limitations, especially on Edge and older I.E.
  3. Refactoring System logs . Maxpanda will logs a footprint for the Admins. This is an  enhanced version of the current Status History.
  4. Refactoring PO printed versions limiting paper and whitespace use through various font and text alignments.
  5. Refactoring WO printed versions limiting paper and whitespace use through various font and text alignments.
  1. Project Management Module
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