Maxpanda CMMS Updates

April 2021 – Updates

GoMAX Mobile Updatesversion 5.6

  1. Building name will auto populate in the Submit WO form when scanning a Location QR code through GoMAX.
  2. Assets will be sorted either by asset name alphabetically or asset ID depending on the Company Admin’s preferences.
  3. Disabling/Enabling the Customer Module on desktops will apply to GoMAX. Show it or hide it will be up to the Company Admins.
  4. Adding Customer Invoicing on GoMAX including digital signature capturing by customer/staff.
  5. Setting required fields in the SUBMIT WO form such as BUILDING GROUPS, BUILDINGS, LOCATIONS, ASSETS will also apply to mobiles.
  6. Adding a STAFF user to a TASK on mobiles will auto apply them to the work order as well in order to capture hours/minutes worked as well as allow that staff member to complete the entire work order not just the task.
  7. Updating all mobile help text / notifications.

Maxpanda Desktop Updates:

  1. Asset Downtime Module – Allow staff to record asset downtime which will now include a summary & detailed admin reports. 
  2. April 2021 is the month dedicated to Inventory. We’re revamping many areas surrounding the inventory/parts modules including a part audit trail tracker, simpler part assignment to WOs, move parts from site to site using a single click method and an amazing new part consumption process.