2019 Maxpanda Updates

February 3rd – in progress

  1. GoMAX to open PDF files on mobiles. Ensure your mobile has downloaded a free PDF Reader.
  2. Added GEOLOCATION to GoMAX mobile apps. When Staff or Vendors are running GoMAX Mobile you’ll be able to view them on the Maxpanda live Map View in real-time (no more asking where Mike is). Staff & Vendors signing out of GoMAX will make them invisible.
  3. Radios Text Email Replies – Subject Line to include WO order Number. Body of WO to include WO details. WO system permits status change and updates to WO via Email reply.
  4. Company or Site Logos will be PRINTED on every work order. If no logos have been uploaded to your account by the Company Admin  Maxpanda will continue to print the default company/site name.
  5. When you assign a Staff to a Task it will now auto add them to the Staff accordion menu in order to capture Total Hours. This is a requirement for the future TOOL TIME module.
  6. TOOL TIME: Start/Stop clock for Staff on any assigned work order. This module is called Tool Time. Sometimes a Staff personal get’s distracted with more pressing matters. They will be able to Stop the clock on WO #1, proceed to complete WO #2, return to WO #1 by starting the clock again in order to capture better hourly reporting.
  7. Show Total Amount(s) spent on POs for each Vendor. In POs…can the values of all the POs (for a given status or sort) be displayed in the total amount column? Yes. If you were to sort by supplier, Maxpanda will display the total value of the POs for that supplier. This provides total expenditures for a particular supplier. If left unsorted, it displays the value of all POs until sorted or a different Status was selected. Now you can review the value of closed, open, backorder etc. POs.
  8. Live Map View – manage all your work orders on Maxpanda’s live Global Map servers. Also view/filter all customers, vendors, staff & buildings locations within each Site.maxpanda map view

February – in progress

  1. Assign USERS to multiple LOCATIONS.
  2. Admins/Editors/Supervisor to have ability to PART AUDIT TRAIL.
  3.  Admin to Associate tasks to equipment types.
  4. Private WEBHOOKS from mAPI – sync & download all your WORK ORDER data to your own systems. We’re making our webhook endpoints Public – it’s your data, grab it.
  5. Realigning current Reporting tools ensuring a more consistent view.
  6. Notes and Comments are being cut off when printed using EDGE. We’ll update additional printer drivers on the cloud.
  7. Pre-assign TASKS to any WO Category ie) SUBMIT REQUEST PLUMBING CATEGORY, the pending work order will include relevant Task(s) speeding up the approval process.


  1. Maxpanda API to connect your work orders to Office 365 Calendar and Google Calendar.
  2. Unit of Measure module (UoM): Admins will be able to define their own UoM data and assign it to individual parts. No manage Oil & Gas as parts.
  3. Maxpanda will send a reminder email to Staff and Vendor assigned to work orders notifying them it will become OVERDUE in 1 hour.