Maxpanda CMMS Dev 2019/20


  1. Admins to be allowed to ARCHIVE Sites, Assets and more – full list coming soon.
  2. Custom Part Categories: Admins to create own part categories for sorting, viewing, reporting. This is a custom category (similar to part status) for all inventory.
  3. Removing FUTURE WORK ORDERS from mAPI services.
  4. Adding French/Spanish CULTURE settings to Maxpanda Desktop.


  1. GoMAX Mobile CMMS – v5.0
  2. Adding French/Spanish CULTURE settings to GoMAX Mobile.
  3. User Performance Rating: Users will be able to rate Staff and Vendor for customer service. A 1-5 average star rating will be stored per User completing a work order.


  1. Color Coded Boxes on List View: Boxes will provide total work order counts per status providing high level review of Site performance.
  2. Use Task Module for MOC PROCEDURES.
  3. Trim leading spaces when creating/editing Assets. Some Admins have a blank space in front of the Asset name, this causes mobile viewing errors on iOS.


  1. Dynamic PM Scheduling.
  2. Reports will EXCLUDE archived & deleted data.
  3. Separation of PUSH & EMAIL settings per USER. A User may turn on  email notifications and push notifications off (vise versa).
  4. Project Management & Capital Works. Create new Projects, yearly budgets including work order costs against Capital Expenditures.
  5. Event Management. The current Calendar is becoming your Event Manager.