Monthly App Updates

December 30

  1. Radios Text Email – Subject Line to include WO order Number. Body of WO to include WO details. WO system permits status change and updates to WO via Email reply.
  2. Live Map View – manage all your work orders on Maxpanda’s live map servers. View your entire assets, buildings & locations by Site.

January 2019

  1. Company Admins will be able to mass check on/off all email and push notification options for all users accessing the their entire company account. This will save Admins time by not having to edit each user’s settings individually.
  2. Maxpanda will send a reminder email to Staff and/or Vendors assigned to any work order notifying them the work order will become OVERDUE in 1 hour.
  3. Creating a new WEBHOOK for the mAPI – sync all your WORK ORDER data to +1000 apps. You’ll need a Zapier account.
  4. Realign all Reporting tools ensuring cleaner layout.
  5. Assign USERS to multiple LOCATIONS.


  1. PO History Report: list history of all po’s generated.
  2. PO Module Report: including Monthly/Annual $ spending by vendor, monthly/Annual $ spending by part (how much is spent on something that doesn’t necessarily get captured on a WO, like consumables such as pipe thread sealant, saw blades, paint, etc.) , from which vendors, a particular part have been ordered (we have several vendors able to supply equal parts). Which vendor is used more often, which vendor a particular part was last ordered from and more.
  3. Maxpanda API to connect your work orders to Office 365 Calendar and Google Calendar.
  4. Start Stop clock for Staff assigned to all work orders. Staff get distracted with emergency requests leaving their current work order. Now they can Stop the clock on the 1st assignment finish the 2nd. Once they get back to the original WO they can start the clock again. This makes reporting data more concise.


  1. Change required fields on the work order submit forms based on the category and/or the priority selected.
  2. Auto-set required fields on the work order submit and guest portal forms based on the category and/or the priority selected by the submitter.
  3. New Asset Cost Summary Report: Asset Cost Details for the current report that retrieves all amounts from internal staff and external vendors with all the detail. – added a column “Description” – this would retrieved from the invoice lines attached to the WO. – added a column “Item Type” – this would retrieved from the invoice lines attached to the WO. – either have the labor and parts also retrieved from the invoice or add columns that pulls in the amounts from the invoice” – retrieved from the invoice lines attached to the WO.
  4. Unit of Measure module (UoM): Admins will be able to define their own UoM data and assign it to individual parts. No manage Oil & Gas as parts.
  5. Deferred Status Reporting. Couldn’t get to that work order in 2018, it will show up in your deferred report.
  6. Deferred Status Reporting: When a WO, MT or PM is created and you’re not able to complete it for various reasons (staffing, cost, etc.).


  1. Part and or Asset reservation – allow staff/supervisors to book a part or asset for a given period of time. Work Order to show whose reserved the item.
  2. Asset downtime report using quick status features.