Maxpanda System Updates

January 21

  1. Add bulk uploading for ‘service type’ items (Part/AddInventoryItem page). Removing ‘service type’ label from part bulk upload template (Part/AddPart). This function will not be implemented into the API until 1 of our customers demands it.
  2. Adding CUSTOMER INVOICE TOTAL as a new column in the SLA DOWNLOAD report available in the filterable excel format.
  3. Allow COMPANY/SITE Admins to alter Staff’s actual hours per work order. Staff make mistakes, let’s help them.

January stuff we’re working on:

  1. Vendor bid management – add multiple vendors to a work order, receive estimates on defined service types. Pick a winner, select approve work order, winning vendor is auto assigned and ready to complete.
  2. Adding PRIORITY STATUS to the CALENDAR popup preview per WO.
  3. Limiting API to current week’s labor hours not last weeks.
  4. Submitters roles will be able to PRINT work orders they’ve submitted which will also include full TASK details as proof of completion.
  5. Customer Quotations – Provide your Customers with a direct quote generated within the Customer Portal. Customer will receive an email to either approve/reject your proposal/cost per project. Quote is then assigned by you to a PRE SUBMITTED WORK ORDER for reporting.


  1. We’re breaking up the work order: Editing Work Orders on desktops will soon provide limited details upon opening them. Users will (with the right permissions) will be able to select a MORE button to further view/edit the entire Work Order. This new process will increase the speed for editing work orders by limiting the need to load thousands of data points. Saving user’s time and energy by focusing directly on the items important to them.