Maxpanda System Updates



  1. Admins can show/hide ENTER WORK AREA in the work orders.
  2. Guests (non registered users) will now receive an email including a link to add more NOTES to their work order request for ALL STATUS except COMPLETED or CLOSED or REJECTED.
  3. Adding Create new Part within the Part module in Work Orders.
  4. Adding hourly EMAIL/PUSH notifications back within the USER Profile settings. Users on GoMAX will be able to set specific times they would only want to receive notification. This way Jimmy can sleep at 11 pm without getting interrupted by his cellphone.
  5. Two months ago we removed the WO hyperlink in the email notifications so users don’t visit offline work orders in error. Our techs will find a better solution to allow direct linking from email to online WOs (excluding offline).
  6. Admins to assign a DEFAULT IMAGE to any Asset. This image will preview a small thumbnail for any USER during the Submit WO process helping further identify correct asset prior to submission. The default image will not be visible in the Work Order Attachment area after WO is Approved. This is only for the Submitter’s benefit.
  7. Adding 2 new fields in Parts: A) QUANTITY/UNIT {per PC, per set, per roll} and B) MODEL {part model} indicating where parts is used to a kind of models. These are open optional and open fields for use.
  8. Added Work Order ID column on MY PO Page. Now you can view what work order your PO is related to right from your My PO list.
  9. Added auto check off and disable Enter Work Area Is Required when Show Enter Work Area is checked off by the admin.


  1. Enabling PDF files to be uploaded and attached to mobile work orders through GoMAX cmms mobile assistant.
  2. Enabling Purchase Order review and approval on mobiles.
  3. Added new custom labels for the desktop submit forms so we’ll be adding this feature to the mobile apps as well.