Maxpanda CMMS Updates

AugustBlocked off for MAJOR development

  1. August will be heavily dedicated to the .net core upgrades for the entire desktop application.
  2. Audit trail for all inventory / parts. – We know this one has been a long time waiting, but we needed to complete tons of parts/po projects prior.
  3. Save button will be disabled after you add a new asset. Some customers are clicking it 2x’s and creating the same asset twice. Now you’ll be able to only click that save button once.
  4. New PO REPORT: The average should be weighted and should change when new product is received and should calculate the average of the qty on hand. I have attached an excel sheet to demonstrate. If you manipulate the quantity purchased or the cost it was purchased at it will change the average cost of the items currently on hand. Also, the average should almost never be zero. If you have added inventory at any cost above zero then the average will be more than zero. When parts are used on a work order there should be the option to display the average there as well.
  5. Add a setting in preference page to allow Admins to set PO’s to use cost price or sale price per part.


  1. Add setting on company preferences to set on/off PART IS REQUIRED when close/complete work order. If PART IS REQUIRED on work order, quantity must greater than 0 when close/complete work order. If part is assigned to asset, parts will show up on work order automatically.
  2. New sub-menu added in the PREFERENCES pages and a whole bunch of settings have been reorganized with simple to read help text.
  3. SSO SAML integrations through USER INVITE email.


  1. Adding a toggle per PM’s (or by Site, not sure yet) to toggle whether or not weekends are counted in the PM schedule.


  1. Ability for Admins to change VENDOR’s registered email address.
  2. New mass upload files for PM’s and TASKS.
  3. HR Module including time off / holidays. When a staff is off no pm’s scheduled to the user. Notifications are not sent to time off workers etc..This is a big project and we will be asking all customers for their input prior to starting.

December – TBA

  1. TBA