2019 Maxpanda Updates

July 15 – 2nd update
  1. Numerical Task data will be captured as DECIMAL not INTEGER within Task Details and all Work Orders. Numerical values entered in TASK DETAILS will not round off to the nearest integer. We are replacing this method to allow TASKS to capture decimal point values.
  2. Tasks set as REQUIRED (red asterix) by the Company Admin must be completed prior to saving the TASK or changing Work Order Status.
  3. Here is an update on the API development. Read data is 100% completed. We are 75% complete CREATE/EDIT data. API tests begin mid July. SWAGGER documentation to be completed asap.
  4. Repaired an incident in older I.E. browsers where Staff/Admins could not update WO status changes. Please try to convince I.T. (if possible) to avoid older I.E. browsers and move onto Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Chrome.
  5. Show total entries in all Lists will default to 10 but include an option to show a maximum of 50 at any given time.
July 22 – 3rd update
  1. PDF files for QR code downloads to follow Avery 22805 layout for assets, locations, bins and parts.
  2. Users ability to turn on/off email notifications for Part Transfers.
  3. User Roles will auto populate primary phone # in Submit WO form. This must be entered into their profile to be displayed.
  4. Set Work Orders to In Progress from On Hold if assigned Staff sets the Tool Time Module to start.
  5. Added ON/OFF on Company Preference page. When Tool Time Enabled is set to YES, Set Tool Time WO In-Progress can then be selected YES/NO. If Tool Time Enabled is set to NO, Set Tool Time WO In-Progress set to NO and YES is disabled.
July 31
  1. Added 2 new columns on the edit Part section in BINS: Open WO Qty  which shows quantity of parts on open work orders. Closed WO Qty which shows quantity of parts on closed work orders. If either of these quantities are greater than ZERO, Maxpanda will not show the RED X button and Users (any roles) will not be able to remove parts from the bin. This will enable a consistent part inventory count.
  2. Customer data (your customers) split using independent Sites.
  3. Complete testing on all Open APIs – preparing for launch.
  4. New Parts Consumed report outlining total parts used within 1 a year period.
  5. All Vendor roles (both registered and non-registered) will receive full details in email notifications.