Maxpanda System Updates


  1. Re-engineered both MY TODO + MY WORK ORDER lists for increased loading speeds on larger data counts on desktops and mobiles.
  2. Optimized large dropdown lists: New method will only provide 50 max locations/ asset/buildings/parts in all dropdown lists but will still allow for live search for customers with lists longer than 50 items.
  3. Re-enabled connectivity to the Maxpanda API (mAPI) using SWAGGER.
  4. Released GOMAX 5.5.1 to address an issue causing the mobile API to overload users local database. VERY IMPORTANT to upgrade to 5.5.1 if you haven’t done so already: Simply launch GOMAX, log out to view version number at the bottom of the login screen. If you’re on 5.5 then update to 5.5.1 as soon as humanly possible.


  1. Further optimizing mAPI connections to include push/pull throttling will be set to 1 request per every 2 seconds as well as limiting retrieval of any data to a maximum 30 day history.
  2. We’re breaking up the work order: Editing the Work Orders on desktops will now provide only the Details page at first edit. Users can press MORE to further view/edit the entire work order.
  3. Removing CLOSED work orders off all mobile apps.
  4. Removing CLOSED work orders off all desktop except on List View and Company Wide lists.
  5. Releasing Zapier connections. Zapier updated their backend API connections from v1 to v1.0.1 forcing Maxpanda to update all code.
  6. Adding a new dropdown list (within the WO) allowing users to select any Staff within the company and cc them a copy of the WO.
  7. Adding START DATE column data in List View. Admin can set this feature on/off in PREFERNCES.

December 2020

  1. Adding a new page to manage CLOSED work orders on the desktop as we will be removing them from List View and Company Wide View.
  2. Adding SUBMITTED BY data as a new column in the SLA EXPORT report.
  3. Developing a new Active PM Report.
  4. Allowing the editing of items for OnOrder Purchase Order statuses.
  5. Refracturing the Part Transfer module to instantly move parts from Site to Site within a single company.
  6. Refracturing Part’s consumed module inside the work order. A new column to ASSIGN quantity per part (by admin/editor/supervisor) to be used and a new column for actual quantity used by maintenance Staff.
  7. Developing a full PART AUDIT TRAIL for stock that can tell Admins when QOH increased, when it decreased and why? Reasons could be: “Changed by”, “Stock received from PO”, “Issued to WO #”etc…
  8. Introducing Maxpanda/AWS API Microservices – more info soon.