Monthly App Updates


  1. All CSV data downloads to include similar columns as the Multi Uploader for easy download/upload maintenance of all data.
  2. Add new confirmation popups for Admins wanting to move buildings, locations, assets and parts from Site to Site.
  3. New Reports Module: Create your filtered data set per report, schedule it, receive an Email when it’s ready for download. Reports will be available for 30 days post creation and will automatically be deleted.
  4. Updating a TASK NAME in active PM’s and/or PM Templates will auto update past and future WO’s.
  5. Asset Cost Summary Report – adding 2 new columns “Description” and  “Item Type” – this would pull from the invoice line items attached to the WO.
  6. Multi Attachment downloader built inside each Work Order. Download 1 or all WO attachments to your desktop as a single Zip file.
  7. Updating the Reset User’s Password module with a simpler workflow for editors and admins.
  8. Added Vendor Name to the approved work order notifications sent to Submitters/Tenants.
  9. Vendor field will be visibly greyed out and can’t be edited by anyone lower than a Supervisor/Editor/Admin system role.
  10. New password reset message with clear instructions for each user wanting to change their current password.
  11. Staff/Supervisors assigned to specific Categories will only receive email and push notifications within those WO Categories.
  12. Show each USER’S assigned system role for their default Site. Know who is who in each of your Sites.


  1. Auto assign REQUIRED fields by selected PRIORITY settings when submitting a work order.
  2. Auto send a digital Task checklist to SUBMITTERS depending on WORK CATEGORY they’ve selected prior to approving the work order. This will assist you to ensure your staff/submitter have checked every possible fix on site prior to assigning the work order to a Staff and/or Vendor. Great for hospitality organizations.
  3. Asset Cost Summary to include invoice breakdown of all included INVOICE LINE ITEMS.
  4. Part Transfer module. Transfer a part from a Site to Site or Location to Location with email notifications for Supervisor/Editor/Admin.
  5. Inventory Barcodes will now include options to print with Part name, description, location, number as well choosing 4 barcode styles. This will be implemented for single or multi barcode printing. Download Barcodes to individual png files and/or pdf sheets for labelling.


  1. Optimize email notifications and actions while implementing Amazon’s 2019 mail api engine. Maxpanda sends close to 280,000 email and push notifications per day.
  2. GoMAX! Mobile v5 – The new apps are built on higher integration standards from previous versions allowing seamless transition from iOS/Android to Desktop. Our tech geeks have integrated both mobile versions into the desktop code allowing for faster updates, easier debugging and an overall optimized user experience.
  3. Inventory and parts – Unit of Measure module (UoM) launched, admin will be able to define their own UoM data and assign it to individual parts.


  1. Maxpanda CMMS and Mobile v5.0
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