2021 CMMS System Updates


  1. User Site permissions edit page will load to a new page allowing for more space to manage settings. Allow users to be assigned to multiple buildings + allow multi buildings to be assigned to building groups.
  2. Ability to move an Asset from Site A to Site B while including history/pm/part data.
  3. Adding lease calendar reminders to Customer and Location data.
  4. Ability to start/stop Asset Downtime by creating and selecting a specific Priority. Admins must create a new PRIORITY first then add it to an existing or new Work Order.
  5. GoMAX now renames uploaded images and replaces the name with a timestamp.
  6. GoMAX now allows users to create a new work order within an existing work order. The new work order will include building group, building, location and asset for convenience as well as to speed up the mobile submission process.
  7. GoMAX time zone bug fixed. If a user changed their time zone/culture settings multiple times GoMAX was not compliant. This has been fixed in order for mobiles to match desktop date format settings properly.


  1. Admins will be able to set PO request limits per USERS (i.e. Mike can’t approve PO’s over $1000).
  2. INVENTORY, PARTS, PO & BINS. Add new consumed field/column to capture real consumed quantity on work order. Keep planned quantity as original allocated quantity. non-consumed quantity (original planned quantity – consumed quantity) goes back to inventory (or bin if a part is from bin/part). Part assignment also being optimized.
  3. Audit Trail for parts/inventory version 2 release.
  4. GoMAX Mobile Apps will undergo a full code review/update enhancing global performance.
  5. Allow Supervisor Limited/Unlimited to access the DOWNLOAD DATA function on major lists.


  1. YEARLY ARCHIVES – starting with 2004-2018. Maxpanda will retain current year + 2 past years [2021 + 2020 (01/01-12/31) + 2019 (01/01-12/31] of data moving forward.