Asset Metering Setup

Meter Reading

  1. Go to COMPANY menu then select METERING TYPES to define the type of meters to run on your ASSETS such as hours/levels/temp/odometer readings etc.
  2. Edit an existing Maxpanda METER (we provide 6 templates) type or create a new one to fit your needs.
  3. Assign it to your Site or Multi Sites (see the picture).
  4. Edit an asset and assign 1 or more metering types to it (your almost done).
  5. The HOURS example (in the picture) has a trigger set for every 80 hrs. Every 80 hours entered by staff on this asset, a new work order is generated.
  6. Feel free to print the qrcode of your asset. Using our freemobile app (GoMAX CMMS Assistant) staff are able to scan the asset’s QR Code, update the hours and save, using their smartphone.
  7. Each trigger (80 hours) will generate work orders for supervisors/editors/admins to assign to staff for completion.

Auto-pull PM template data into a Metering Work Order

NOTE: This feature uses PM TEMPLATES not PM’s.

1. Create a new PM template
2. Open it and click the checkbox to ACCESS IN METERING
3. Save

1. Add your desired METER reading type to any asset
2. Select your PM template from the dropdown menu
3. Save