Choosing the best Computerized Maintenance Management CMMS Software

The computerized maintenance management software is specifically designed to manage maintenance and operations of a single building or national enterprise. The CMMS stores important maintenance data on the desktop that provides any company the capability to track work orders, instantly determine the assets needs for reactive proactive maintenance and generate relevant usage reports.

Most companies are looking to invest in a computerized maintenance management software that helps to saves money in the long run and it extend asset lifespan. The CMMS software is also referred to as enterprise asset management software, facilities management software or preventative maintenance software. CMMS software is designed to improve productivity, reduce downtime on assets and increase efficiencies for maintenance staff, vendors and contractors.


CMMS Software minimum Features

Maxpanda CMMS software includes important features that will provide the best experience to any business owner. Some of the core offerings that you can find in most enterprise CMMS software are asset records, technical records, work order management, pm maintenance scheduling and service work capability.


  • Work orders – The work order helps to track the repairs and maintenance which outlines relevant information on the asset or location. What parts were required for replacement? Time tracking for maintenance staff and vendor, Task list required to complete prior to completing the work order, Updated photos on job completion and more.


  • Technician record – Includes technician records that allows users to store the important about the maintenance employees such as training, certifications and more.


  • Mobile interface – It has mobile application offering all employees 24/7 access to the software through Smartphones Tablets.


  • Asset records – The asset records centralize purchase dates, warranty, serial number, cost, location etc.


  • Multi-location management – It has a Multi-location management feature that has the capacity to handle several facilities within the software. Maxpanda includes up to 100 Sites, that’s 100 different databases managing unlimited amount of buildings, assets, parts and people in each Site.


  • Analytics and Reporting – Reporting and analytics can range from the fundamental template reports pre designed by the CMMS provider to customized analytics requested by the client.


  • Inventory management – It collects the information on the purchase orders, supplies and parts such as supplier, location, quantity, cost and more. Users receive email and push notifications when stock reordering ensuring fulfillment is always met for work.


  • Preventive maintenance scheduling – It helps to define, assign, execute and monitor the scheduled maintenance. It has options for scheduling maintenance depending on calendar dates or time such as cycles.


Guide to finding the Best Computerized Maintenance Management Software

CMMS software is an important tool for the organization. The maintenance and facilities management software increases workflow as usage increases. By using CMMS software you can check the details about the parts, assets, locations, buildings and procedures necessary to perform required jobs. When you are choosing the Computerized Maintenance Management Software you should consider:

  • Functionality

The functionality is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right maintenance software for your company. Does the app include all the minimum functions required to gather all relevant data for reporting and cost analysis? Is the CMMS simple to use for your nontechnical staff? Is initial setup quick and painless with no costs involved?

  • Mobile devices

Does the maintenance software support mobile devices? Does the software support all mobile devices that allow workers to maintain communication 24/7? The CMMS apps are specially designed for Android, iOS and other devices.

  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews are vital factors to consider before subscribing to any CMMS maintenance software. They offer details about the software such as features, cost, support and general usage. Read a few of Maxpanda’s customer reviews here.

  • Cost

Cost may or may not be a critical factor to consider. Self-hosted maintenance software is expensive when compared to a SaaS subscription model such as Maxpanda CMMS.


Benefits of Computerized Maintenance Management software

The Computerized Maintenance Management software is one of the most popular and required operational tools for maintaining capital asset costs towards any size company. This software allows the business owner to track related tasks such as cleaning, inspections and planned maintenance for each asset or building. Implementing CMMS software at the manufacturing plant is a perfect choice. The CMMS assists all users to create and track work order progress and extend equipment life by scheduling preventive maintenance on the assets, locations and tools in the facility.

Reducing Overtime

CMMS helps to reduce overtime and the requirement for emergency repairs and maintenance. With scheduled maintenance, the maintenance work is performed efficiently and within the manufacturers recommended time periods.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

This software automates the planned scheduling of the maintenance, cleaning and repairs. Switching to proactive maintenance helps extend equipment life dramatically while reducing the operating expense for the organization.

Reducing Paperwork

CMMS software helps to eliminate the need for clipboards, spreadsheets and miscellaneous paperwork that can be lost or forgotten. The software helps to capture the information automatically and permanently. Users may view details regarding the work orders on their mobile devices, desktop or print. Users do not need to search folders, filing cabinets and other storage bins to find the important details they need for maintenance and operations.

Enhanced Safety

The CMMS software helps the company in checking as well as maintaining the equipment irregularly. Offering high safety standards to reduce work loss due to accidents or insufficient information making the equipment safer for the environment and operator as a while.

Improving Productivity

One of the main benefits of using CMMS Maintenance software is improving productivity. It can be linked to the mobile device to allow access in real-time for relevant information about the equipment, location, customer, staff, part and invoice.


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