CMMS: What Is Its Role Within The Company?

In today’s technology-driven world, business moves at a lightning fast pace. Paperwork simply cannot keep up with the speed a company needs to operate efficiently. That’s why CMMS (computerized maintenance management system software) was developed. It’s designed to streamline the process of preserving assets and organizing repairs. But what is a CMMS exactly, and how does it benefit your business?

Ever heard the saying that preventative care is the best care? This style of maintenance helps your business avoid problems before they occur – this is opposed to reactive maintenance, which involves putting out fires after problems have already happened. CMMS software is designed to foresee these problems ahead of time so your company will never lose efficiency or have interrupted service. It’s a way for companies to manage inventory and maintenance on a platform that’s accessible for technicians, managers, and employees. This digital platform can assist your business operations in numerous ways:

It helps manage inventory. Trying to keep up with sales using pen and paper is a nearly impossible task. Even with a spreadsheet, it’s grueling to manage thousands of parts. With CMMS, your entire staff can see what’s in stock and make changes in real-time. It gives you the ability to automate purchases so that you’re never short on essential supplies. Say goodbye to overspending on inventory – CMMS lets you see exactly how much you’re paying, so you can stay within your budget. You’ll also be able to view which machines need spare parts. Leave the guesswork out of inventory management by using CMMS – you’ll know exactly what your business needs, and what it costs.  

Regulate work orders. When essential equipment breaks down, you need it fixed quickly to keep your company functioning. CMMS gives you the ability to record the issues and probable causes behind them, and quickly assign a technician to solve the problem. Managers can access these orders from a desktop or using a mobile app. When a new work order is issued, a technician is notified immediately. 

Keep track of scheduled tasks. When no jobs are missed, your workforce will operate like a well-oiled machine. CMMS software can help everyone keep track of upcoming repairs – this includes the ability to send reminders to those with imminent tasks. The online calendar with color-coded lists makes comprehending work orders easy. Managers will be notified when duties have been completed. 

Make information for audits readily available. A history of every action performed on your assets will be accessible when they’re filed using CMMS. Verifying information will be seamless in the event of an insurance or accident claim. You’ll be able to search and find all tasks performed on an asset in seconds. Using our software, you can achieve ISO certification which shows customers that your brand is consistent and follows industry standards. 

View repair history. With older machines, it’s helpful for technicians to know the source of past problems. Logging repair history into CMMS makes it easier to diagnose the causes of future issues. You’ll also be able to monitor when upcoming maintenance is due. It makes it easy to view all the previous problems with the machine, and how they were fixed. Eliminate the downtime that occurs when an asset malfunctions by using CMMS software to log repair history. 

What kinds of companies can utilize CMMS? When it comes to healthcare, you need a program that can meet the trying demands of this industry. The breakdown of medical equipment can be life-threatening for patients that rely on it. CMMS will track the performance of this vital equipment to prevent outages – and if a repair is needed, a technician will be notified immediately. Property managers will appreciate all the benefits that CMMS has to offer –  it’s nearly impossible to juggle all the requests in multiple buildings without it. Whether it’s managing repairs or scheduling unit cleanings, there are an array of operations that CMMS can help you manage.

Or how about running a restaurant? Preserving kitchen appliances is essential for your operation to keep producing delicious plates. You also need to stay on top of a rapidly depleting food inventory. But there’s more to it than that – you also have to consider regular cleanings of the restrooms and dining areas. To keep customers happy, you’ll also want to have your HVAC systems serviced semi-annually. How do you keep track of all these tasks? CMMS is intended to decrease any headaches that come along with maintenance scheduling. We offer customizable pricing plans to give your company a platform that suits your needs. For entrepreneurs in all industries, this software will bring efficiency and expediency to your company’s asset management. 

Maxpanda offers feature-rich CMMS software that’s user-friendly, fast, and affordable. Does your business need building management software? Our award-winning digital platform is designed to be straightforward, which will quickly improve the productivity of your business operations. It makes scheduled repairs streamlined and accessible to all users involved. We offer 24/7 support so that you’re always covered when you need assistance.