How a CMMS Supports TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

TPM strategies were developed in Japan over 50 years ago with the purpose of continuous improvement of equipment effectiveness. Many operations have adopted this philosophy and now require a system to aid in managing it. That is where a CMMS can help. We’re going to go over the 8 pillars of TPM and how a CMMS can help.

Pillar 1: Autonomous Maintenance
Assigning the best resource to the task will allow your team to focus on areas that are best use of their skills.

How a CMMS Provides Assistance
Identifies the required skills and can assign the right resource as maintenance management software

Pillar 2: Focused Improvement
Relates to continuous improvement of processes increasing efficiency.

How a CMMS Provides Assistance
Use historical data to analyze assets and gain insight on breakdowns. Use this information to make asset modifications.

Pillar 3: Planned Maintenance
A strong practive maintenance strategy includes identifying the cause of the failure, resolving issues before failure and increasing the life span of the equipment while reducing downtime.

How a CMMS Provides Assistance
Track trends and access real-time data to increase efficiency, decrease labour costs and decrease downtime.

Pillar 4: Quality Management
Ensuring quality standards is imperative to the functioning of the equipment and the final product.

How a CMMS Provides Assistance
Combining scheduled inspections supported by a predictive maintenance management software strategy. Find the problem before it’s a problem.

Pillar 5: Equipment Management
This is the process of analyzing common equipment failures and sharing them both internally and externally.

How a CMMS Provides Assistance
The historical data allows for review of breakdowns, their causes and repairs.

Pillar 6: Education & Training
Lack of knowledge and training can hurt the whole team, but it can be hard to manage.

How a CMMS Provides Assistance
Verifications and required training can be tracked in the system and can notify the appropriate person in advance when it’s expiring or required.

Pillar 7: Administrative & Office
Administratively heavy system can increase expenses and decrease efficiency.

How a CMMS Provides Assistance
Bridge the gap between the office and the maintenance team by streamlining communication and knowledge sharing using Maxpanda maintenance management software.

Pillar 8: Safety Health Environmental Conditions
An efficient operation needs to also be safe. This pillar surrounds including regular safety inspections in the preventative maintenance plan and helps to adhere to applicable safety regulations.

How a CMMS Provides Assistance
A CMMS can store information such as safety checklists, safety data sheets and inspection procedures. It can also provide documentation to demonstrate the requirements have been followed.

In summary, a fully functional mobile-enabled CMMS can streamline your TPM needs. We would love to walk you through a free Maxpana demo to answer any questions you may have. Or learn more about maintenance management software.