How CMMS Software Benefits Universities

From classrooms, offices, cafeterias and restrooms, there are many buildings and facilities which require facility management software on University campuses. Include the critical equipment and systems such as HVAC, alarms, elevators, sprinklers just to name a few and you can start to see the full extent of work orders that would be required every single day.

Now consider the hundreds to thousands of individuals including students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus each day and how important it is to reduce liability and keep them safe. Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) helps universities ensure that everything is in the best condition and while maintaining the budget.

Here are 5 ways CMMS software can benefit the maintenance team at your university:

  1. Perform Maintenance on the GoMax!
    • With mobile use trends constantly on the rise, it wouldn’t make sense not to include free mobile maintenance software in our box of options. With today’s on-the-go culture, our smartphones and devices are vital to providing a route to workmanship that is more efficient, as well as stress and strain-free. Maintenance technicians can create maintenance requests as soon as a problem is reported, as well as initiate or terminate a maintenance intervention anywhere.
  2. Ensure Compliance with Government and Regulatory Standards
    • There are important regulations many schools must adhere to, such as government standards needed to maintain funding. Keeping up with these requirements can be overwhelming, but our CMMS makes it easy to access and send records to the appropriate parties to ensure compliance. 
  3. Boost Productivity and Overall Efficiency
    • Avoid missing scheduled events by keeping constant track of data, enabling facility managers to schedule PM tasks facility management software, send notifications, share important information and monitor work progress.
  4. Assets and Inventory Tracking
    • With all the facilities and assets universities have to manage, it’s essential to ensure they are all tracked. Preventative maintenance programs will help eliminate breakdowns and increased costs while extending the overall lifecycle.
  5. Enhance Safety for Students, Faculty, Staff and Visitors
    • Safety is a keyword of today’s world and universities are held to task on this. CMMS software and facility management software helps maintenance departments make sure classrooms, dorm rooms, administrative offices, fitness centers and other key campus locations are safe for use.

Why Our Customers Choose Maxpanda

The University of Florida says Maxpanda is “An ever-growing software aimed at pleasing the needs of many client types providing cost savings and streamlining of work order processes.”. Some of the pros he identified are “It’s easy to navigate, easy to teach to others and extremely affordable”. Go Gators!

Easy Setup

A huge deciding factor is affordability and ease of setup, Maxpanda facility management software offers a cost-effective way to manage a university campus’s work orders. The University of Tennessee took only one (1) day to move all digital assets from their prior software to Maxpanda. That’s how easy it is and it’s also why there are no setup fees – unlike our competitors.

Cost Savings

The most telling comparison is the annual fees. The software The University of Tennessee transitioned from cost approximately $36,000 per annum in comparison to Maxpanda which has a cost of $499 per month for Maxpanda’s Enterprise subscription plan. That a big difference per annum in savings.

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