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­Maxpanda mAPI Integration – Getting started with Zapier

Integrate your various applications to Maxpanda CMMS using Zapier. Zapier is a platform which connects apps with each other without having to write any computer code.

To learn more about Zapier read this – short article.

To get started with Maxpanda App on Zapier – click here.


You can use Maxpanda CMMS + any Zapier integration as long as you have a Maxpanda “Enhanced, Standard, Pro or Enterprise” subscription plan.  Compare your plan that supports Auto Sync Client Data hereIf your app is supported in Zapier you may integrate with Maxpanda CMMS. Zapier supports thousands of apps. Review supported apps online at

Here are few use cases where you can integrate Maxpanda with apps.

  1. When a new customer invoice is created in Maxpanda, a Zapier integration can directly create an invoice in your accounting software (If it is supported in Zapier). Quickbooks , Xero, Freshbooks, Zoho Books are few supported accounting packages. There are thousands of supported accounting apps.
  2. When a new customer is created in your CRM software or accounting software, Zappier can create that customer in your Maxpanda CMMS account automatically.
  3. Vendor Management: A vendor can also automatically be created in Maxpanda CMMS if such vendor gets created in your ERP or CRM software.

Getting Started:

  • If you are on supported subscription plan, login with company admin access.
  • Go to profile page and select enable all Users access to mApi & to the user you want to access integration.
  • Please note: The transactions completed using API / Integration will be completed through the individual user.

After enabling access – logout & login again with the User who has mApi access. User should now see an integration menu at the top right dropdown.

Select the Integration Menu: Here you’ll see a Generate Key button under Application & mAPI.

Press the “Generate” key button to generate a Private Key for your Zapier integration.

Please note: Do not regenerate key more than once. If you regenerate your key you have to reconnect your Zapier integrations with the new key.

Let’s start creating an integration.

Use Case: “Integrating with QuickBooks” – If a new Customer Invoice gets created in Maxpanda then it also gets created in QuickBooks. This can be done with any supported accounting app once your Maxpanda account is integrated with Zappier.

Create a Zapier account if you don’t have one.

Use this link to access Maxpanda App on Zapier. You can also search it in Zapier app directory.

zapier maxpanda api

Click Accept & Build Zap button on this invitation page.

Click on Make a Zap.

Now we want to push all new customer invoices to QuickBooks

invoices to QuickBooks

Provide a suitable name to your new Zap (a Zap is an integration configuration between Zapier, Maxpanda and any other app).

Then select Maxpanda CMMS as your Trigger App.

Under trigger click choose app & select Maxpanda.

Selecting a trigger app: In this use case let’s select a trigger when a new Customer Invoice gets created.

Click Save & Continue.

 Customer Invoice

Click connect an Account button. It will ask you for your Api Key. Enter the key generated under the Application & mAPI section of Maxpanda.

zapier maxpanda api

After your key is entered, press test button & verify that your test is successful.

zapier maxpanda api

At this point Maxpanda CMMS should be connected to Zapier

At this point Maxpanda CMMS should be connected to Zapier.

Zapier will now fetch a single invoice to ensure all invoice fields are valid. Make sure you have at least one customer invoice created in Maxpanda CMMS for this test to be successful.

Successful test should show only one fetched invoice.

api success

In this next step we have to connect with your target application (Quickbooks, Freshbooks etc…). In this case, we are connecting to QuickBooks accounting software.

Step 2: Choose your accounting app under action

Select QuickBooks for integration

Select QuickBooks for integration

Now we want to create a new invoice in QuickBooks when an invoice gets created in Maxpanda CMMS.

Select Create Invoice Action under step 2, Choose Action.

You must next connect to your QuickBooks account.

Click on “Connect an Account“

You will be asked for QuickBooks login & Authorization for API access.

zapier maxpanda api

Click on “Connect”.

zapier maxpanda api

Test connectivity using the “Test button”.

zapier maxpanda api

Click Save & Continue.

This next step is extremely important where you will be required to map important fields from your Maxpanda invoice data to QuickBooks.

zapier maxpanda api

At this point you’ll want to search your customers in QuickBooks OR create new customers if you do not have any customers.

Click Add a search step under customer field, this will add a new step in your Zapier workflow.

zapier maxpanda api

We now ask Zapier to search your customers in QuickBooks by using email. (You can also use other unique identifier such as phone number etc…).

Now map Maxpanda email fields in the dropdown to search value.

zapier maxpanda api

Creating a new Customer in QuickBooks if customer does not exists:

So, click on “Create QuickBooks Online Customer if it doesn’t exist yet?”

Map create customer fields from Maxpanda to your QuickBooks fields.

zapier maxpanda api

zapier maxpanda api

Now you can create a customer using fetched data.

zapier maxpanda api

This step will try to create a new customer in QuickBooks.

zapier maxpanda api

You may also login to QuickBooks to review if customer is created correctly.

Final step for complete integration is to create a template for invoice mapping.

Go to setup template for step 3 (Create Invoice)

zapier maxpanda api

Begin mapping desired fields for the QuickBooks Invoice with the Maxpanda invoice module. You must select fields from step one “New Customer invoice”.

zapier maxpanda api

zapier maxpanda api

zapier maxpanda api

You need to map each line item in invoice as shown below.

zapier maxpanda api

For Product / Service invoicing, your accounting software (QuickBooks) & Maxpanda have these entries pre-installed.

Example: All Invoice Item Types in Maxpanda should be present in QuickBooks

zapier maxpanda api

Values from QuickBooks

zapier maxpanda api

After reviewing this, map all fields to each line item. Once you’ve mapped all relevant fields, click continue – this will send a test invoice to QuickBooks.

zapier maxpanda api

zapier maxpanda api

Click send test to QuickBooks Online

zapier maxpanda api

Click “finish” once test is successful. You may also login to QuickBooks and verify if the invoice is successfully created.

At this point your Zap is ready. Turn it on once you’re ready begin using your brand new Zap.