Maxpanda CMMS Updates

September 23

  1. Updating GoMAX Mobile to version 5.9.3 // Includes disallowing staff’s ability to remove Tasks from work orders and extending Meter readings from 6 to 7 digits – LIVE SEPT 23
  2. Adding new text reminder for new customers to remember to setup their password on page 2 of the registration process (or you can’t login) – LIVE SEPT 23
  3. Added help text reminding you that closed work orders get archived after 2 years – LIVE SEPT 23
  4. Debugging AUSTRALIAN time zones for AWS. Issue occurring when editing PM schedules – LIVE SEPT 23
  5. SSO SAML integrations through USER INVITE email. – LIVE SEPT 23
  6. Added ability t assign an Account # to each Building. – LIVE SEPT 23
  7. After a guest submits a work order using the guest portal, refresh the page to a customized link created by the company admin or defaults to – LIVE SEPT 23

September 30

  1. Adding ability to set CONTRACT dates for customers. – LIVE SEPT 30
  2. Adding ability to set minimum and maximum number of hours staff can work at a customer’s location. Both these items will be on CUSTOMER INDEX PAGE and be searchable/filterable and downloadable. – LIVE SEPT 30
  3. Developing a running total of hours worked per customer by every staff added to the work order. This data will also be shown in new columns within the customer INDEX PAGE. – LIVE SEPT 30
  4. Preferences Menu will be altered by grouping similar functions on all 4 pages. Each page will include relevant customization features. – LIVE SEPT 30
  5. Adding a setting in preferences menu to let admin set if po uses cost price or sale price. Must select 1 can’t be both. – LIVE SEPT 30
  6. Increasing browser’s session expiry setting to 1 HOUR. Currently it’s set at 2 minutes.  – LIVE SEPT 30
  7. Added ability t assign an Account # to each Part Category. – LIVE SEPT 30
  8. Archived work orders are READ ONLY when downloaded after being closed for 2 years. Adding new text for Archived work orders as a simple reminder within the dashboard. – LIVE SEPT 30
  9. Downtime Report – we’ll add a new menu link in the Reports section which will direct Admins to the existing downtime reporting tools. Current downtime reporting can be view in the Asset Work Orders list. – LIVE SEPT 30


  1. GoMAX will now send Pending push notifications to Supervisor Limited/Unlimited & Editors/Admins.
  2. Admins will be able to change the VENDOR’s registered email in their account.
  3. Developing a Future PM report (including dynamic pm’s) with scheduler.
  4. Create a PO from the main part list.
  5. Upgrading all running schedulers and migrate them onto the new AWS server settings.
  6. Developing a PO report.
  7. API finally gets some throttling settings. Biggest improvement will to disable the ability to constantly push/pull similar data.
  8. Expand the text in the customer invoice description. There’s a max character setting that won’t allow you to save an invoice if you have too many characters. We’ll fix this.
  9. Creating TASK GROUPS. Admins will be able to create a new task group and assign multiple tasks to each group. Each task can be assigned and priorities to various staff/vendor.
  10. Add 1-touch dial for all phone numbers in GoMAX Mobile. Press the icon to instantly call your contact within any work order.
  11. Attachments will now be able to be selected to PRINT when printing the entire work order.


  1. Customize the type of Push Notifications each user wants to receive by WO status.


  1. TBA