Screenshots 2016

Add, edit and track unliimted Assets.

asset listings

The work order list is color coded providing you with a sense of urgency Color codes definitions can be found in the Calendar View.

asset management work order

The Maxpanda CMMS Calendar is an amazing tool! The Calendar displays both hourly preventative maintenance work orders and daily. The Calendar has drop and drag capabilities for manipulating pm and work order dates. This makes handling time, resources and your team a breeze. This screenshot is the DAY AND WEEK view.

asset management calendar

The Calendar displays all your preventative maintenance schedules. It also shows FUTURE PM’s so you know what’s coming up next week, month, year.

asset management preventative maintenance

Real-time reports within your dashboard. Search all work order status or counts instantly. Need to know whose working on what? Search it, Download it, Save it, Store it!

asset management report