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Using Maxpanda to Reduce Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is planned or unplanned work with a priority designation requiring immediate attention

Reactive Problems

Organizations that are reactive typically do not believe it’s possible to perform work any other way. Overall, they get frustrated. Maybe it’s lack of training or leadership resistance. Either way, it’s affecting worker productivity due to the majority of work being unplanned. Unscheduled work also affects job safety. When workers feel rushed, bad things happen. Lastly, those organizations with poor reliability typically waste 10 percent of their company revenue.

Consider This

Maxpanda asset management software plays a major role in the change that you are about to embark on. Typically, users struggle to leverage CMMS in support of asset reliability, this may be because they need better set of instructions or they’re frightened of using computers and smartphones. This is why we built Maxpanda CMMS as well as GoMAX! Mobile CMMS Assistant. Maxpanda will help you improve the way you create, manage and report on your incoming work orders and your preventative maintenance routines. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or national enterprise, Maxpanda has a price plan to fit your budget. We’re pushing the limits of technology and we want you to be part of the journey. Our Mission is to disrupt the CMMS industry with a platform that’s faster, better, and more affordable. Our Fair Pricing Model: For decades CMMS software has been a race to the bottom with clunky outdated solutions offering far more frustration than value. We wanted to change all that by providing software that just works. We want Maxpanda to be an amazing value for your organization — helpful on-boarding with 24/7 support. Maxpanda is an investment in your team and culture. Our fair pricing model is set at a level that allows us to continuously invest in enhancing a solid product & service while providing the greatest user experience & ROI possible.

  1. Establish a solid preventive maintenance (PM). Establish maintenance strategies using formal reliability centered maintenance for quick and easy analysis. Otherwise, rely on manuals from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and staff experience. A problem arises when that staff retires or manufacturer is out of business. Place emphasis on condition and cost monitoring software, such as Maxpanda CMMS. With early asset defects and identifications, the staff can prevent unplanned breakdowns and collateral damage. By proactively planning needed repairs, your ultimately creating an environment of savings. In support of your Maxpanda CMMS PM program, you should ensure that all maintenance staff members have basic computer knowledge coupled with their maintenance skills.
  2. Synchronize your data with +1000 apps: What does mAPI stand for? mAPI is a proprietary Maxpanda API software specifically developed to securely transfer data from your Maxpanda CMMS database to other software that also operate on highly secure API web protocols. mAPI Software Integration. Join millions of people like you who seek to manage their work orders online, seamlessly integrate preventative maintenance routines on buildings, vehicles, locations, assets and much more into their existing systems.
  3. Establish a amazing reliability team. It helps to have more than one person focused on asset, building, location, warehouse and plant availability. These staff should rely heavily on the CMMS system for failure analysis, as well as decision making pertaining towards any root cause analysis.
  4. Perform root cause analysis (RCA) on worst events to identify the true cause based on the trigger point. Use Maxpanda CMMS by setting metered triggers in addition to PM schedules for each major piece of equipment.
  5. Perform localized inspections where and when needed evaluating specific assets to isolate problems and failures comparing the history through Maxpanda Active Reporting Modules.
  6. Utilize defect elimination techniques, such as brainstorming, quality circles and kaizen events, all of which involve working level and cross-functional group discussions.
  7. Conduct system walk-downs and record problems using your GoMAX! Mobile App as individual staff or groups.
  8. Establish a core team to manage Maxpanda CMMS daily or weekly. Train your staff on the importance of data entry, establish business rules, build standard operating procedures (SOPs), set up mandatory fields and TASKS and conduct periodic audits.
  9. Perform formal job planning to provide sequenced task steps, material/craft requirements, safety/hazard precautions, as well as reference materials and permits. Job instructions help keep workers safe, organized and informed. Job plans also help the craft follow standardized actions to ensure asset performance. The planner role is multifaceted, but key points include a well defined pm & task library.
  10. Create a formal weekly schedule process by selecting the fully planned work that can be relied on by operations, maintenance, warehouse/purchasing, and health, safety and the environment.
  11. Train maintenance staff as well as vendors to not perform self-inflicted reactive maintenance whereby they purposely decide to do unscheduled, low priority work. Schedule all work orders and metered and preventative maintenance in Maxpanda with strict priority settings matching industry standards.