Building & Category Groups

Building & Category Groups. How to Manage and Maintain thousands of Buildings.

  1. Building Groups can be set for each individual SITE or COMPANY WIDE.
  2. Assign each building to a Building Group.
  3. If you don’t assign a Building to s Building Group, it will always appear during the work order filter process.
  4. Assign any user to 1 Building Group or multiple Building Groups.
  5. By doing this they only have access (view work orders) to the buildings in that Building Group.
  6. They can only submit work orders to buildings/locations assigned to that Building Group.
  7. Assign people to multiple Building Groups or buildings or locations. You can really get fine grained here.

Using Category Groups

Admins can expand pre-existing Category Groups within Maxpanda to fit their organization’s requirements. A Category Group can be defined as a main Work Order Category which consists of multiple Sub Categories. For example, PLUMBING may be designated as a CATEGORY GROUP where PLUMBING-WATER, PLUMBING-H20 and PLUMBING-PIPING may be 3 desired sub-categories. The CATEGORY GROUP and SUB CATEGORIES are filtered and searched on most Work Order management pages within Maxpanda CMMS making it quick and easy for any USER to filter and view work solely in a sub-department (category) such as PLUMBING-WATER.

Company Admins may define Work Order Category Groups and Categories within the COMPANY / Work Order Categories menu under COMPANY SETUP.