Top 10 Benefits of a CMMS

Top 10 Benefits of a CMMS like Maxpanda

We’ve written about what a CMMS is, including its functionality options such as helping to track and diagnose assets in your organization. Now it’s time to talk about how it benefits you, your team and your facility or organization. This is just a small slice of the pie full of advantages:

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Universities and CMMS

How CMMS Software Benefits Universities

From classrooms, offices, cafeterias and restrooms, there are many buildings and facilities which require facility management software on University campuses. Include the critical equipment and systems such as HVAC, alarms, elevators, sprinklers just to name a few and you can start to see the full extent of work orders that would be required every single day.

Now consider the hundreds to thousands of individuals including students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus each day and how important it is to reduce liability and keep them safe. Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) helps universities ensure that everything is in the best condition and while maintaining the budget.

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