The 100% Benefits Of CMMS For Cost-Effective Property Management

Benefits Of CMMS. Effective property management is a balancing act: you have to keep tenants happy and keep property owners happy, all while lowering the cost of maintenance as much as possible to maximize profits. At times, these can seem like dueling incentives – to keep people happy, you have to spend a lot of money, right?

Not necessarily – and a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can help. 

Efficiency means savings, and everything a CMMS can do works to make all of your processes more efficient. We’re going to go over the ways a CMMS can streamline and improve your property maintenance – and save you money.

Preventive Maintenance Comes First

Preventive maintenance of high cost assets can save you a lot of money. We aren’t, of course, advocating for preventive maintenance on all things – you should probably wait until a light bulb fails in a common area, for example, before replacing it.

That said, preventive maintenance on assets like HVAC units, roofs, plumbing systems, etc., can save you a lot of time and money. The costs for emergency repairs are inevitably higher, tenant and owner satisfaction drop when emergency repairs happen a lot, and repair or replacement almost invariably cost more than preventive maintenance.

Your CMMS should have preventive maintenance scheduling as one of its core functionalities. From there, work orders will be sent automatically (more on that in the next section). Better yet, you’ll be able to analyze when a particular item is due for scheduled maintenance (part replacements, etc.), and schedule preventive maintenance for the same time, saving on labour costs.

Spare Parts Management Saves Time

Here’s a scenario that may ring true to many of you: you send someone out to fix a light bulb in a common area. They arrive at the building only to find there are no light bulbs – and it’s the end of their shift, on a weekend. Now you might have to pay someone extra to go fix the bulb on the weekend, or you may have to deal with tenant/property owner dissatisfaction.

You’ll never experience a scenario like this again with a CMMS. You’ll be able to track how many spare parts you have at a given location. This allows you to stock up when you’re running low – you can also transfer spare parts from one location to another in your CMMS, so if you can ask someone who is working at two different locations in one day to transfer spare parts from one spot to another.

This functionality goes far beyond light bulbs, of course – you can track everything from screwdrivers to paint. Your entire maintenance team will have access to the CMMS, so when a spare part is used, they’ll be able to remove it from the CMMS, keeping everything up to date.

Work Order Management Keeps Things Moving

The amount of time it can take to call one handyperson, learn they’re still busy on the job you’d given them prior, get back on the phone, call someone else, figure out how far they are along in their job…you get the idea. It’s inefficient.

A CMMS will come with built-in work order management – you shoot off a work order, the person you’ve assigned it to receives a notice, and they can then notify you through the CMMS when the work is done. No more phone tag!

These are just a few of the many ways in which property maintenance CMMS can make property management more time and cost efficient. Our CMMS will also help you by running and saving a variety of reports on what work has been done, and it comes complete with a number of triggers you can implement which, when met, create a work order for preventive maintenance.

Automating your property maintenance saves you time and money!

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Property Management Maintenance Software: Reasons Why You Need It

Implementing a smooth and comprehensive property maintenance strategy is an important aspect as far as doing business is concerned. It has led to the birth of a platform that you should have to try to use for your maintenance and repair program to become better. A more efficient approach is vital when it comes to scheduling regular maintenance, receiving requests, and sorting out what needs to be done to address the problems. This is why you need property management maintenance software.

Keeping your property tenants happy and satisfied serves as the ultimate way for your business to prosper dramatically. Hence, you have to get a provider of property maintenance software. This is to provide real benefits to the clienteles who are depending on the way you serve them. There are a lot of property management maintenance software choices. One of the great options is created and provided by Maxpanda. This company aims to give satisfactory services to its clients. Their main purpose is to help businesses optimize their operations.

Why do you need property management maintenance software?

There are clear reasons why you need it. Below are some of the things you have to learn as to why this software is important for you.

It’s a powerful tool to help you have a more optimized maintenance operation.

Optimizing the process of fixing issues in relation to your business is quite necessary. That is why you have to get a trusted software tool serving this purpose. But make sure that the features provided by the provider are great enough to help you. Otherwise, the problems you really want to solve can remain as problems.

There are issues like the need to repair and/or renovate the apartment for rent. Attending to this need should be done right away. An immediate response should be effectuated to make the tenants happy. When they experience happiness, they would be able to appreciate your management system. And it can have a domino positive effect on the business you’re handling and managing. Hence, progress is easily achievable.

Tenants are always kept updated regarding maintenance and repair services.

It’s necessary to keep your tenants always on the loop. This is an essential aspect when doing a property-related business. But of course, it’s not always easy to keep them always updated. If you do it manually, the result would be unfavorable. Meaning, it’s not going to be very easy for you. Hence, you should find a way wherein the process would be more efficient, effective, and helpful. More particularly if your tenants have a long-term contract with you, assisting and settling their problems must be done as quickly as possible. This way, there can be an assurance that their satisfaction level would reach a definite dramatic height. It would be then more favorable to your business success.

The number of complaints regarding tenant service tend to reduce.

With property management maintenance software, you will be able to reduce the number of complaints associated with repairs and maintenance systems. The usual problems to arise are related to fixtures, lights, HVAC, pool sanitation and other related services, and so on. All of these must be fixed as immediately as possible. It is probable to solve all these problems when you have an optimized way. A software can serve as the most effective solution. Thereby, it is best advised to have a property maintenance software for your business to hit the desired success level.


Real estate rental businesses are dramatically increasing despite the presence of Covid these days. It is so because of the fact that people still need a house or an apartment to live. It is necessary to provide shelter to every family. Hence, the use of management and repair software is important for every owner of a house, or apartment, or condo for rent. The purpose of which is to expedite the action whenever necessary. Every time there is a problem, you have to make sure that you can settle it immediately. The rate of providing a resolution process must be high. Otherwise, your business growth will be compromised.