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What are Sites?

A Site (or Department) is an infinite number of Buildings housing unlimited Locations, Assets and Users. All managed by a Site Admin. Sites are able to operate autonomously within the Corporate umbrella and managed by you the Company Admin and/or Company Editor.

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Creating a Site
When you first create your company account you will have a default Site called Corporate. The corporate name can be changed anytime to whatever you prefer. This Site is your initial database and depending on your selected SUBSCRIPTION PLAN you are allowed to have 1-100 databases managed by you, the Company Admin/Editor.

To create a new Site:
1. Select SITES menu option from the left-hand menu
3. Give your Site a name and description
4. SAVE. You now have 2 Sites.

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You have now created your first Site.

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Switching between Sites

When you are viewing a Site you will only be able to view Buildings, Locations, Assets and Work Orders assigned to that Site. Any Buildings, Locations, Assets and Work Orders you create within that Site will be assigned to that Site.

Users can switch between Sites from the drop-down menu located in the upper right corner.

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Adding Buildings, Locations and Assets to Sites.

Select the Site you want to add Buildings, Locations or Assets to from the drop-down menu located in the upper right hand corner.

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Add a Building
Add Locations
Add Assets
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Moving Buildings, Locations, Assets between Sites

To move your Buildings, Locations, Assets between Sites:

1. Select SITES > VIEW ALL from the main menu.
2. Click the blue EDIT button for the Site you want to move your Buildings, Locations and Assets in or out of.

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To move a Building/Location/Asset into a Site, check off the Buildings/Locations/Assets you wish to move then click ADD.

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The Building/Location/Asset, along with any associated Locations, Assets or Work Orders have now been moved into the new Site.

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To remove a Building/Location/Asset from a Site, check off the Building/Location/Asset to want to remove and click REMOVE.

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The Building/Location/Asset has now been removed and placed in the default Corporate Site.

Deleting a Site

To delete a Site:
1. Select SITES > VIEW ALL from the main menu.
2. Click the red X for the Site you wish to delete.

Note: You cannot delete Sites that have Buildings, Locations, Assets or Work Orders associated with it.

Assigning Users to Sites

Users can be assigned to multiple Sites with a different user role in each.

To assign User roles and Sites:

1. Select STAFF/USERS > USER LIST from the main menu
2. Click the blue EDIT button

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3. Click the ADD button.

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4. Assign a USER ROLE and SITE from the drop-down menu

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Viewing Work Orders

To view work orders for a Site:

1. Select the Site from the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner
2. Select WORK ORDERS from the main menu
3. Select VIEW ALL
4. To view all work orders from all Sites, select COMPANY WORK ORDERS

Note: You can toggle between Sites by selecting another Site from the drop-down menu.

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Guest Portal
a. Activated per Site

Each Site must enable the Guest Portal in order to allow guests to submit work requests within that Site. The Guest Portal is located in the Site menu option. Each Site manages their own guest portal. Guest portal forms do not require username passwords. Guest Portals can be set up to allow scanning of their QR CODE. For example, a nurse or student can scan the GP QR code and submit a new work order request.

Enabling the Guest Portal:

1. Select the Site you wish to enable the guest portal for from the drop-down menu located in the upper right-hand corner.

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2. Select SITES > GUEST SERVICES from the main menu.
3. Check the box to enable Guest Services.
4. Enter a code word

A link will be generated that will then enable guests to submit work orders; simply provide them with the link.
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2. Custom Emails Whenever a work order is created, assigned, or its status changes, emails are sent out to users affected. You can customize what these emails say for each category of email.

To customize your emails select Company > Custom Emails from the main menu. Type in what you would like each type of email to say and click Save. Please note: emails are not customizable by Site. All users across all Sites will receive these emails.

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