The 100% Benefits Of CMMS For Cost-Effective with the best building management software

Benefits Of building management software. Effective property management is a balancing act: you have to keep tenants happy and keep property owners happy, all while lowering the cost of maintenance as much as possible to maximize profits. At times, these can seem like dueling incentives – to keep people happy, you have to spend a lot of money, right?

Not necessarily – and a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can help. 

Efficiency means savings, and everything a CMMS can do works to make all of your processes more efficient. We’re going to go over the ways a CMMS can streamline and improve your property maintenance – and save you money.

Preventive Maintenance Comes First

Preventive maintenance using the proper building management software of high cost assets can save you a lot of money. We aren’t, of course, advocating for preventive maintenance on all things – you should probably wait until a light bulb fails in a common area, for example, before replacing it. 

That said, preventive maintenance on assets like HVAC units, roofs, plumbing systems, etc., can save you a lot of time and money. The costs for emergency repairs are inevitably higher, tenant and owner satisfaction drop when emergency repairs happen a lot, and repair or replacement almost invariably cost more than preventive maintenance.

Your CMMS / building management software should have preventive maintenance scheduling as one of its core functionalities. From there, work orders will be sent automatically (more on that in the next section). Better yet, you’ll be able to analyze when a particular item is due for scheduled maintenance (part replacements, etc.), and schedule preventive maintenance for the same time, saving on labor costs.

Spare Parts Management Saves Time

Here’s a scenario that may ring true to many of you: you send someone out to fix a light bulb in a common area. They arrive at the building only to find there are no light bulbs – and it’s the end of their shift, on a weekend. Now you might have to pay someone extra to go fix the bulb on the weekend, or you may have to deal with tenant/property owner dissatisfaction.

You’ll never experience a scenario like this again with a CMMS building management software. You’ll be able to track how many spare parts you have at a given location. This allows you to stock up when you’re running low – you can also transfer spare parts from one location to another in your CMMS building management software, so if you can ask someone who is working at two different locations in one day to transfer spare parts from one spot to another.

This functionality goes far beyond light bulbs, of course – you can track everything from screwdrivers to paint. Your entire maintenance team will have access to the CMMS building management software, so when a spare part is used, they’ll be able to remove it from the CMMS, keeping everything up to date.

Work Order Management Keeps Things Moving

The amount of time it can take to call one handyperson, learn they’re still busy on the job you’d given them prior, get back on the phone, call someone else, figure out how far they are along in their job…you get the idea. It’s inefficient.

A CMMS building management software will come with built-in work order management – you shoot off a work order, the person you’ve assigned it to receives a notice, and they can then notify you through the CMMS building management software when the work is done. No more phone tag!

These are just a few of the many ways in which property maintenance CMMS can make property management more time and cost efficient. Our CMMS building management software will also help you by running and saving a variety of reports on what work has been done, and it comes complete with a number of triggers you can implement which, when met, create a work order for preventive maintenance. 

Automating your property maintenance saves you time and money! Get the right building management software today.