Top 10 Benefits of a CMMS like Maxpanda

We’ve written about what a CMMS is, including its functionality options such as helping to track and diagnose assets in your organization. Now it’s time to talk about how it benefits you, your team and your facility or organization. This is just a small slice of the pie full of advantages:

  1. Plan and Schedule Maintenance
    Maintenance scheduling is the process of making sure planned work is carried out.  Appropriate preventive maintenance scheduling can reduce equipment downtime and increase reliability. The average CMMS solution offers planning, scheduling, and active monitoring of various work orders.
  2. Manage Work Orders
    Most work orders are still issued with paper allowing for the loss of information and miscommunication. CMMS software gives you the ability to configure work order forms with customized fields, automatically track all work orders and capture the history associated with them.
  3. Eliminate Paperwork
    How many hours are lost looking for that one piece of paper? Using software for facilities management eliminates this by keeping all relevant information in a central location available on computers and mobile.
  4. Enhance Productivity
    Add fluidity to your team with the features of a mobile CMMS which enables maintenance technicians to access real-time information, inventory and work orders without having to return to the office.
  5. Reduce Downtime and Costs
    Downtime is costly in the form of revenue loss and asset damage. With a CMMS you can regularly conduct asset maintenance meaning they are less likely to break down.
  6. Reduce Overtime
    Emergency repair calls increase costs and can potentially cause catastrophic events depending on the facility. CMMS software reduces that need by scheduling preventative maintenance.
  7. Ensure Compliance with Regulatory Standards
    Many organizations need to comply with national and international regulatory standards and face periodic audits and inspections. CMMS software allows you to provide documented compliance, reduce prep time and provide detailed reports on work performed.
  8. Standardized Maintenance Processes
    Keep everyone on the same path with documentation, repair manuals and media that can be stored in the CMMS. This can be tied to the asset and corresponding work order.
  9. Real-Time Asset Information
    Every piece of equipment needs to be continually monitored and a CMMS allows you to have an overview of all maintenance operations and assets. You can check asset health statuses and historical data allowing you to track downtime and other issues.
  10. Track, Report and Manage Costs and KPIs
    CMMS software tends to track every single task, activity, cost, expense, and metric. This data enables you to make educated decisions on repair and replace options.

In summary, the benefits of a CMMS clearly outweigh any implementation costs. The money you can save with longer asset life, reduced downtime and improved efficiency are indisputable. If your organization or facility requires maintenance, implementing the right CMMS will prove to be a win.

There are different CMMS options available and we would love to walk you through a free Maxpanda demo to answer any questions you may have. Or you can sign up for a free trial to explore our CMMS yourself.