Work Order and Preventative Maintenance Calendar

Monthly View: Shows all wo’s for each day

Weekly View: Shows all day items at the top and hourly scheduled wo’s

The Calendar provides added benefits when working with work orders. These include:

  • Hyperlinks open work orders
  • Drag n Drop work orders from 1 day to another
  • Alter entire pm occurrences by day week or month
  • Alter either the pm schedule or future occurrence
  • Change the amount of time allotted to complete the work order
  • Color coded links to show current status

Work Order status colors:

  • Yellow – pending, you need to approve a new work order.
  • Green means go – you’ve Approved a new work order.
  • Red – Overdue, was not completed or closed in time depending on the due date during the approval stage.
  • Black – Rejected. Add a note for history, the submitter receives this as well.
  • Grey – Cancelled. Maybe there we’re 2 submitted and you simply needed to cancel one.
  • Blue – FUTURE PM. These can only be viewed in the calendar (future dates) or in VIEW UPCOMING list.
  • Pink – Reopened. Maybe you forgot to add an invoice or picture. Go ahead reopen closed work orders.
  • Orange – Completed. This status color is reserved for the RESOURCE or MAINTENANCE ROLE only.
  • Brown – Closed. When the work is done, close the work order.

The Maxpanda CMMS Calendar view also provides instant popup notifications for more details per work order without actually opening the work order.