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Web-based CMMS software for maintenance and operations

What is CMMS software? Our program is a web based CMMS, or computerized maintenance management software, that allows you to manage with simplicity. Without the need to install any CDs, download software, or worry about upgrades, Maxpanda CMMS software lets you simply work. No need to agonize over IT concerns or infrastructure. Just manage your company's maintenance tasks with ease and convenience.

CMMS Software

CMMS software that is stronger, faster and smarter

The beauty of a web based CMMS lies mostly in its accessibility. With an installed program, you will have to handle making sure every computer in your organization is connected, safeguarding the data stored directly on your PC, constantly communicating with a full team of focused IT experts, and you may need to be wary of losing data because business computers may not always be updated properly. Fortunately, a web based CMMS leaves all that behind. With Maxpanda, your data is stored on the ultra-secure Amazon Cloud, and is always accessible from any computer, anywhere - safe, secure, and password protected, of course. The software remains updated, and is backed up daily. Additionally, because we constantly seek to create the best user experience possible for our clients, our program is compatible for all major desktop browsers, whether your preference is Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer. You can also look forward to accessing the program via your mobile device without issue, due to our program's mobile optimization.

CMMS Software

Why try Maxpanda CMMS for Free?

Maxpanda was born of a desire to make the process of computerized maintenance management something that joyfully aided ticket managers. We sought to replace the run-of-the-mill programs that plagued the industry, by which frustrated users had to simply abide. We made it our focus to create a program that is uncomplicated, budget-friendly, and seriously, just better all around.

To do this, we implement all of the best characteristics into Maxpanda software, and into our company's essence in general. We provide solutions to ticketing management problems and improve the experience overall. Our software leaves the clunky, encumbered world of long contracts and forced commitments behind. We are here to serve you for as long as you want, and at a budget-friendly price. You pay for the data that you use, not for the amount of user accounts you have registered, and not for a locked-in, contracted time period. You have everything you need to successfully run your maintenance management with a few simple clicks.

In addition to providing a great experience on the front end, we also remove security concerns for our clients. Our servers are state-of-art, and protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. As we mentioned before, your information is saved on the secure Amazon Cloud, protected by regular security patches and updates. The nice thing about that is it takes the responsibility to safeguard data you enter into the program out of your hands. All in all, we are here to take the pressure off and give you a better experience with your CMMS software.

Give Maxpanda CMMS software a try, for free!

We know, it can take a lot to shift into something new and different. But we're so sure that you'll be happier with Maxpanda so go on, start saving today!

Maxpanda ITIL Incident Management /Definition of ITIL Incident Management

ITIL Incident Management is focused on rapid restoration of services with minimal impact to the business operations. The Incident Management process often relies upon temporary workarounds to ensure services are up and running while the underlying problems are investigated and permanent solutions are put in place. The process places more emphasis on restoring the ability to perform the service, than on fixing the underlying problem. Investigating the root causes and fixing the underlying problem is part of ITIL’s Problem Management process. In most cases Incident Management process is owned and executed by the Maxpanda requester/submitter. ITIL Incident Management notification tends to come from users, but IT detection systems can also ring incident alarms. The details of the incident are recorded permanently in the incident management system and gets categorized according to predefined criteria for the purpose of diagnosis and prioritization. Additional details regarding the incident are gathered and used along with tools such as the knowledge base to attempt resolution. Incident service requests are formally managed through a staged process from inception to conclusion.

Implications For Your Business

An incident is any event that is not part of the standard operation of an IT service that causes, or may cause, an interruption in, or a reduction of service. The goal of ITIL Incident Management is to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible with minimum disruption to the business, thus ensuring that the best achievable levels of availability and service are maintained. The Maxpanda submitter will usually play the key role within the ITIL Incident Management process. They are typically the single point of contact, recording and monitoring the progress of Incidents as well retaining ownership of them throughout their lifecycle. Maxpanda CMMS supports ITIL Incident Management process to ensure that incidents result minimal business disruptions. It further aims to provide meaningful inputs to the Problem Management process that may follow. Maxpanda CMMS makes it easy for end users to report incidents by email or submit requests from Maxpanda CMMS self-service portal. End user can monitor the status of incidents and receive notifications and communications (such as messages requesting further input) while the incident is being worked and resolved. By allowing incidents to be classified and routed automatically or manually to a skill-based queue where they can be addressed by the first available technician with the required skill set, Maxpanda CMMS helps keep the lid on disruptions caused by incidents. Business rules in Maxpanda CMMS apply appropriate priority to incidents that could cause the most harm to the business operations. Maxpanda CMMS also enables end users and staff to report symptoms and conditions that may serve as input to the problem management process. Maxpanda CMMS knowledge management process provides guidance and helps to expedite incident resolution.