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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

Subscribe to any plan with an allocated amount of monthly work orders. This includes submitted requests, scheduled preventive maintenance and metering. Start small and grow big by upgrading depending on your business requirements.
Start small and grow big with monthly plans you can upgrade to automatically at any time. Monthly plans are charged every month starting on the day your trial period has ended.
Some CMMS charge up front fees to simply create your database (we've automated this). Some CMMS charge you by the amount of USERS or amount of buildings assets parts you manage (we think that's silly). Since 2010, our Mission has been to disrupt the CMMS industry with a platform that's faster, better and more affordable. Our fair pricing model is set at a level that allows Maxpanda to continuously invest in enhancements while providing an ultimate user experience for you & your team.
A Site (database) is an infinite number of Buildings/Locations & Assets/Inventory. Sites are operated autonomously within the corporate umbrella managed by the Admin(s).
Maxpanda CMMS includes built-in Multi Data Uploaders allowing you to add thousands of Buildings, Locations, Addresses, Assets, Bins, Parts, and Vendors on a single spreadsheet. No other CMMS allows you to self-manage the entire setup process as well as allow you 100% access to your data 24/7.
Unlimited. We hate limits, so should you!