Construction Maintenance Management Software

equipment maintenance software Maxpandas CMMS effortlessly handles an unlimited number of preventive maintenance schedules for all of your vehicles, tools, and heavy equipment. Easy to use, and simple to learn. Construction Management Software Detect early signs of equipment and vehicle fatigue. Monitor performance based on amount of work orders generated per asset. Monitor maintenance by odometer, hours, days, calendar dates, days of the week, tire depth, or fuel/oil consumption. Maxpanda CMMS shows you (in real time) which employees have what tools assigned to them. Track all the sub-systems of your heavy equipment with ease. Monitor blades, tires, engines, hydraulics or any other sub-system and schedule, track and maintain a history of routine maintenance for each.

And while we've made certain the software is very easy to implement, adopt, and maintain—we've not sacrificed capability. The software is powerful and feature-rich, including: Scheduling, Repair Histories, Fuel/Oil Tracking, Tool Tracking, Work Orders, Tire Tracking, Sub Assets, Parts Inventory, Depreciation, Warranty Tracking and more. Cities and Municipalities can set up maintenance procedures and preventive maintenance schedules for facilities and equipment such as the following:

Sewers, Drains, Pipes, Streets / Potholes, Curbs and Gutters, Traffic Control Devices, Sanitation Systems, Vehicles, Parking Lots, Parking Garages, Landscape Maintenance, Buildings, Fire Hydrants, Pipelines, Asphalt Repairs and anything else you can think of. Works with heavy equipment & construction fleets easily to maximize efficiency and improve productivity in operations. Supervisors of heavy equipment fleets get the critical information they need for tracking vehicles and equipment maintenance.

equipment maintenance software

Features for the Construction & Fleets equipment maintenance software

  • PM Scheduling and Tracking for all your equipment
  • Total Equipment Cost accounting and reporting
  • Dashboard monitoring tools for equipment issues and performance
  • Full Parts Inventory and Purchasing tracking
  • Warranty recovery module to increase your bottom line
  • Full Technician accountability and Time clock
  • Tool and Parts Tracking
  • Fuel usage and consumption reporting
  • Tank and Pump and tanker tracking and reporting
  • Paperless shop – a "dream come true"
  • Tire parts cost and tracking
  • Tracking Road calls and job-site repairs for remote work orders

equipment maintenance software

Built into your Dashboard. You and your clients have access to our 24/7 technical support portal built right into your Maxpanda work order management portal. All communication begins there through our proprietary ticket system. Emails are routed to the techs in sequential order and have an average response time of 1-3 minutes. That's unheard of in facilities maintenance but we aim to please! You're never alone. Each and every Maxpanda client is assigned a specific product manager to their account. Don't feel like posting a trouble ticket? Email or call your product manager during regular business hours. These services are all included in your monthly subscription plan.

All stored safely at your fingertips. Maxpanda stores any type of office documents for you. Upload and attach documents to any work order. O&M manuals are critical to have on hand during warranty and inspection times. Imagine having a monthly pm setup for any asset or location which included a pdf, word, excel document related to the piece of equipment. Having these documents stored to a Preventative Maintenance routine makes your life so much easier. Data conversion and import services to get you up and running in a day. Anytime a new program is purchased to replace an existing CMMS, management will need to decide whether or not to convert data from the old system to Maxpanda. This can be a key decision in terms of data quality because there is a risk that old redundant data transported to the new CMMS (Maxpanda) may cause errors. Typical examples of such problems are missing data, poorly worded descriptions and errors.