2018 Webinar & Software Overview

You've already analyzed your current maintenance and operation procedures

Let's review the following:

  • Prorated Price Plans (monthly / yearly subscriptions)
  • Mass Data Importing solutions
  • Custom Dashboards including color-coded List Views, Calendars, Mobiles & Map View
  • Review all 15 system preset system roles
  • Review Guest Service Portal access (1 per SITE)
  • Submit a real Work Order & observe realtime status changes
  • Review Preventative Maintenance scheduling & the powerful Task library
  • Generate Admin level Reports showcasing schedules and formats

    All done? Let's get you started

    In 5 minutes you can complete registration and start populating your new account today on a 15 DAY FREE TRIAL. Maxpanda continues to disrupt the CMMS software industry with a platform that's faster, better and much more affordable. Maxpanda is a CMMS platform built on AWS delivered via web and mobile for companies and departments of any size. We also include dedicated product managers helping you move forward gradually allowing you to start small & grow big.

    All plans include these features and more:

    • Office 365 single sign on couple with AWS cloud security
    • Public guest service portals for each Site created - no username/password required to submit a new work request
    • Multi-Site management. Manage up to 100 databases with a single account
    • Multi assign or unassign Vendors and/or Maintenance Staff to unlimited Work Orders
    • Work Order Status Reports in real time downloaded from your dashboards
    • Custom reference id per work order
    • Custom priority and SLA settings for work orders, preventative maintenance and meter types
    • Custom category groups and categories for staff/vendor assignment, filtering and reporting
    • Custom building groups assigning buildings with assets and locations as hierchy
    • Single site work order management or company wide access viewing unlimited work orders within 100 database (Sites)
    • Preventative Maintenance module includes boilerplates, templates and a shared template database populated by people from around the Globe
    • Task Library to populate individual Tasks on work orders and completed by staff/vendor through desktops or mobiles
    • Building group, buildings and location maintenance management
    • Color coded list view of all Work Orders including a GPS controlled Map View and live Calendar
    • Work Order management by Maintenance Staff, Vendor, My work orders and My Todo list
    • Customer maintenance management for service type companies includes Zapier integration to financial and crm packages
    • Asset maintenance management including life cycle analysis using straight line depreciation controls
    • Inventory, part transfer and bin management utilizing the latest QR/Bar code scanning technology through GoMAX Mobile CMMS Assistant (included for everyone)
    • Enterprise level reporting capabilities with instant downloads, previews, weekly and/or monthly scheduling
    • Invoice management through desktops, print and GoMAX Mobile CMMS Assistant (included for everyone)
    • Purchase Orders management including PO Templates for your convenience
    • Gallery module storing every picture, audio file, pdf or office doc online for quick filtering