Spend an hour with us, become a Maxpanda Pro

  1. Analyze your current maintenance and operation procedures (where are you now & where are you wanting to be)
  2. Prorated Price Plans (monthly / yearly subscriptions)
  3. Mass Data Importing solutions
  4. Custom Dashboards including color-coded List Views, Calendars, Mobiles & Map View
  5. User data access for 16 predefined system roles
  6. Review Guest Portal access (1 per SITE)
  7. Submit a real Work Order & observe realtime status changes
  8. Review Preventative Maintenance including a powerful Task library (customized digital lists)
  9. Generate Admin level Reports showcasing schedules and formats
  10. Questions and Answers - Take this time to ask about features not presented during webinar

Free CMMS Webinar Requirements

Maxpanda continues to disrupt the CMMS industry with a platform that's faster, better and much more affordable. Thousands of maintenance and operation professionals are striving to organize their daily incoming work order requests and preventative maintenance routines for unlimited users including staff, vendors, submitters, tenants and guests. We also strive very hard to maintain Maxpanda's simplicity while continuously enhancing key elements of the software through direct feedback from our clients such as yourself.

You'll need to click on your invited email link (join.me software) 5 minutes prior to the webinar and ensure you on Firefox or Chrome. Join.me software is not available for Edge or older versions of I.E. You'll want to decide wether you want to call in using a local phone number (check your invite details) or call by computer which will require a built-in microphone (laptops work best).

View unlimited Work Orders through easy to manage color coded Lists, Calendars, Mobiles or Live Maps:

free cmms demo free cmms demo free cmms demo

Maxpanda product managers utilize www.Join.me audio conferencing software. Presentations typically last 1 to 2 hours ensuring questions regarding your CMMS requirements are met. Join.me allows for direct VOIP as well as local call-in numbers. If you've never used join.me it's a good idea to install the www.join.me conference app and test it prior to your scheduled webinar ensuring a prompt starting time for everyone.

Private webinars are scheduled Monday-Friday 10am CST (central standard time) with the expection of Wednesday @ 1pm CST.

Tough to get the team together?

Viewers can sign into the webinar remotely. If their scheduled to work simply click here and share a 1 hr prerecorded video featuring work order creation, preventative maintenance scheduling and report generation.