• A Site is an infinite number of Buildings, Locations, Assets and Users
  • Sites are operated autonomously within the corporate umbrella managed by the Company Admin
  • Lists Calendars Maps: View and manage multi status work orders through color coded lists, calendars and live GPS maps
  • GoMAX Mobile CMMS App: Built for any iOS & Android smartphone, ipad or tablet including ONLINE / OFFLINE mode
  • Parts Inventory: Manage unlimited parts per Site. Set low part notifications. Assign parts received to WOs with remaining inventory to warehouse
  • Help Desk A: Any registered user invited into you account may submit WO requests
  • Help Desk B: Each Site includes a customized guest portal form for anyone in the world to submit a Work Order
  • Assets + Metering: Generate work orders on Assets through defined triggers such as hours, miles, production, kilos etc
  • Preventative Maintenance & Task Management: Calendar schedules include Dynamic settings to generate WOs per days/months/years
  • Scheduled Reporting: Generate instant reports for print/download/share or schedule them on a Weekly/Monthly basis
  • Purchase Orders, Service Type Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Templates
  • Vendor Management: Invite unlimited 3rd party contractors to your account. Assign them to work orders, let them invoice you
  • Open API + Webhooks: Connect your data to your favorite apps using RESTful read and write

5 Sites including
100 Monthly
Work Orders

7 Day Trial

10 Sites including
200 Monthly
Work Orders

7 Day Trial

15 Sites including
350 Monthly
Work Orders

7 Day Trial

20 Sites including
500 Monthly
Work Orders

7 Day Trial
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Maxpanda has everything you and your team require to ensure successful Maintenance & Operations including $0 Setup · Unlimited Users · Lifetime Upgrades · Free Support

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· Save $120-$720/year on annual subscriptions · cc charged upon completing 7 day trial (upgrade downgrade cancel anytime)


Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

Subscribe to any plan with an allocated amount of monthly work orders. This includes submitted requests, scheduled preventive maintenance and metering. Start small grow big by upgrading or downgrading depending on your business requirements. Maxpanda CMMS embraces grandfathered pricing - what you pay in 2022 will be the same in 2202
Start small and grow big with monthly plans upgraded dowgraded at any time. Save even more (up to $720/yr) by selecting a yearly subscription. Your credit card is charged upon completing the 7 day free trial which you can cancel at any time prior without being charged. Monthly plans are charged every month starting on the day your trial priod has ended
Some CMMS charge up front fees to simply create your database (we've automated this). Some CMMS charge you by the amount of USERS or amount of buildings assets parts you manage (we think that's silly). Maxpanda will help you improve the way you create, manage and report on your incoming work orders and your preventative maintenance routines. Our Mission is to disrupt the CMMS industry with a platform that's faster, better and more affordable than your current process. Our fair pricing model is set at a level that allows us to continuously invest in enhancements & services while providing an ultimate user experience
A Site (database) is an infinite number of Buildings, Locations, Assets and Users. Sites are operated autonomously within the corporate umbrella managed by the Company Admin(s)
Maxpanda CMMS includes built-in Multi Data Uploaders allowing you to add up to Millions of Buildings, Locations, Addresses, Assets, Bins, Parts, and Vendors on a single spreadsheet. Company Admins have direct access to bulk uploading data sheets multiple times per company growth. No other CMMS allows you to do self-manage the entire setup process as well as allow you 100% access to your data 24/7. In fact, with Maxpanda's API and Webhook technology you can update your data in Maxpanda and have it auto update in any other system on the planet, AUTOMATICALLY
Unlimited. We hate limites, so should you!