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Maintenance on the GoMAX

If you're struggling to remain in constant contact with team members or simply seeking to increase the efficiency of your maintenance & operations teams, then GoMAX mobile software for reactive, metered and preventative maintenance management is the solution. Best of all, GoMAX is 100% free!

Get Notified

GoMAX utilizes the latest push & email notification technology to help you stay on track of what's important to you. Stay connected across the entire company with unlimited user accounts

Existing Hardware

Use your own smartphone or tablet on the go to reduce company lag time between creating, assigning and completing work orders across multiple sites

Offline Mode

Your CMMS data is stored on the AWS cloud. GoMAX is connected to the cloud 24/7 but can also be used in an offline mode for areas where maintenance staff can't get a data signal or reach wifi

All Together

Say goodbye to paper and hello to a paperless environment. Invoices, Manuals, Digital Signiatures, Work Orders, Metering, PMs all on your smartphone


Connected cmms barcode qr

Stay connected with every work order through color coded lists & calendars. Speed things up with QR/Bar coding all your assets, parts, bins and locations

There's never been a better time to setup Preventative Maintenance than right now

With GoMAX CMMS for Android & iOS devices you will experience better organization, communication, accountability and productivity for your entire maintenance and operations teams. Generate work orders for buildings, assets, parts and even GPS locations instantly

gps based work orders


Mobile Maintenance Work Order Tracking View and Manage Overdue & Pending Work Orders. Staff review My Work Orders & My To Do List. We love this app! mobile cmms app Angela L
Started with simple Communication, Building, Asset and Location Cost Tracking. It’s these things that connected our organization and had the biggest impact on our productivity. cmms app mobile Tom C
Very user friendly software. The mobile app makes it awesome. People at the customer service give quick response and are very friendly. Solved our problems quickly. app for cmms Sarah F
I can’t find alternatives to this template in the market for such a price. Of course, if you seek deeply you will find the analogue, but believe my experience – the price will be much higher. cmms apps Kelly D
It’s just five stars. I love the ease of use of GoMAX CMMS. It is also really nice to be able to track the progress of a request in real time. Amazing technology and service. ios cmms software Tina Y
GoMAX is built for maintenance work orders. Hassle free paper free. All teams involved have access. Being online or offline there's documented accountability for maintenance. android cmms software Tod V
The ability to input data and reduce paperwork and the amount of time saved is unreal. GoMAX has saved us a ton of time and money while reducing our frustration. best cmms James R
My colleague recommended GoMAX. I hesitated for a long time, but than I convinced management and they quickly understood what the app had to offer, saving the company money each year. top rated cmms Alex P