What is Healthcare CMMS Software?

health care facilities With the demands on the healthcare sector today, it's more important than ever before that your management software delivers the solutions required to meet the current needs of your health-based organization. Further, it must be robust enough to meet the future vision's and needs of the organization. Without a hitch, your organization should be able to easily manage and maintain preventative work orders as well as demand-based work orders, joint commission activity, overdue preventative maintenance (PM) work orders, PM compliance, inspection-completion rate, facility condition index, and more.

asset management software for hospitals Maxpanda CMMS started with a vision. That vision was to rid the world of unhelpful, clunky, CMMS software. For healthcare especially, we believe it is essential that your CMMS runs exactly the way your organization needs it to. We focus on delivering a user-friendly, intuitive system that makes the ticketing side of preventive maintenance management easy. Our web-based program means instant access for all staff that require it. We think that setting aside servers, having focused IT specialists, and worrying about maintaining updates to the system are all unnecessary for organizations to run smoothly. In fact, we know those things are usually more of a hindrance. We are here to change all that.

facility management software for hospitals

CMMS software for healthcare

With the understanding of the demands placed on the healthcare industry, as mentioned above, we know how rewarding it can be when a program just works the way it is supposed to. At Maxpanda, we are driven to give our clients what they want and more than they would expect. We know that hospitals and other healthcare-related organizations use an extraordinary amount of equipment in their day-to-day operations. In addition to maintaining all the information related to patient care, liability risks, funding, and more, hospitals also need to track the care related to their machines! Our system easily provides all that, and more. Your organization can effortlessly manage these maintenance requirements for medical equipment of all types and identify potential vulnerabilities, as well.

A quick glance at the benefits of Maxpanda's full-featured software package:

  • Devise and manage contingency situations for power outages, evacuations, and other emergency situations
  • Track turnover times for emergency facilities, as well as cleaning times of lobbies, ORs, patient waiting rooms, and beds
  • Smooth communication between requesters, vendors, contractors, and internal staff on all submitted work orders and preventative maintenance
  • Inventory tracking that provides immediate information on stock and shows when supplies need to be replenished - this is especially helpful when multiple departments access the same inventory.
  • 24/7 customer care access for any issues with the program. We know trouble can arise at any time of day or night - that's why we are available anytime, anywhere.

Why pick Maxpanda's Healthcare CMMS?

We have our clients in mind at every turn. We constantly seek to improve our program so as to always deliver the best results. However, despite a continuous delivery of top-shelf programming, our clients get to enjoy our service with a fair budget in mind. We don't charge clients based on the number of accounts they require. Rather, clients pay based on what they need and use from their CMMS. We also refuse to trap our clients into a lengthy contract. Our subscription costs run monthly, so any moment you find our system no longer meets your needs, you are free to cancel. We offer easy data transfer from your current system if you have one, over to ours, so you don't have to be concerned about losing necessary information. All in all, we've got you covered!

Try Maxpanda's approach to health care maintenance management software, today!

We know that jumping ship from your current health care maintenance management software may be a little daunting, but we are really confident that our program will make a huge difference to the way your company runs its maintenance ticketing. Try Maxpanda CMMS & get settled in without hesitation.

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Caron Group hospitals facility management software In 2019, we changed our name to Caron Group. Caron is a Welsh name, which represents love and kindness; hailing from the Welsh word for love, ‘caru’. We’re positive about the next chapter for our care home family and we look forward to offering you a warm welcome at one of our homes very soon.

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Respect, dignity and choice are our guiding principles and represent the heartbeat of everyday at Caron. Visit Caron online.

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