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Multi-channel support from a single platform

Enable end-users to reach support via multiple channels such as email, self-service guest portal, mobile app, or walk-ups. Automatically log all requests as tickets. Categorize and Prioritize tickets with intelligent automation. Automatically categorize tickets based on historical data. Automate ticket prioritization with powerful workflow automation based on custom SLA and Priority. Auto-assign tickets to the right agents or groups, and ensure no ticket falls through the cracks with round-robin or load balancing auto-assignment. Get visibility into all your tickets and track their progress with a quick glance at the dashboard. Collaborate with your team from a single screen and know who’s working on a ticket, its priority, and status. Speed up resolution time & improve service quality. Empower end-users to resolve their IT issues on their own by attaching proper documentation, videos and other help files to assets, locations, parts.

SLA management

Ensure on-time resolution by setting multiple SLA policies for task deadlines. Standardize prioritization of tickets to focus on the right tickets and quickly resolve major incidents. Specify the priority of tickets based on their impact and urgency, and automate incident prioritization. Stay on top of your daily tasks by viewing them from the dashboard’s calendar, list, mobile or map view. Easily manage all that’s time-bound with automated notifications. Measure the performance of your incident management process with predefined and custom reports. Identify bottlenecks, make informed decisions, and monitor agent or team performance.

Keeping a track of business assets is important for every organization. Record of assets is required for regulatory compliance purposes. Moreover, accurate records of physical and digital assets also help in efficient resource planning. Gone are the days when organizations used to keep manual asset management registers. Today different types of asset management apps are available and they in turn save time and improve the efficiency in keeping a record of the company’s assets. Here we will explain the process of IT asset management and why it’s important.

IT Asset Management What Is IT Asset Management?

IT asset management refers to an all-encompassing computer system that tracks the organization’s assets. The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) has defined IT asset management as “a set of business practices that incorporates IT assets across the business units within the organization.” The process helps to support strategic decision making in an IT ecosystem.

The purpose of an IT asset management solution is to:

  • Effectively help manage the assets.
  • Improve visibility of assets.
  • Ensure optimum utilization of assets.
  • Reduce IT and software costs.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

IT asset management ties the assets with the IT infrastructure of the organization. With a robust asset management system, management and IT professionals can review and monitor all types of assets within the organization. The information can be used to make detailed decisions about purchase and other aspects of the asset’s lifecycle.

I.T. Stuff:

  • SAR1 Architecture - (pdf)
  • ITeval - (pdf)
  • Maxpanda Brochure - (pdf)
  • CAIQ - (xlsx)
  • Business Requirements - (xlsx)

Maxpanda has everything you and your team require to ensure successful Maintenance & Operations

  • $0 Setup: Manually upload all your data using Maxpanda Spreadsheets. Upload unlimited buildings, locations, assets, parts and bins in seconds
  • Unlimited Users: We know your not used to hearing this but yes, there are no user fees whether you have 2 or 20,000 Users
  • Free Tech Support: We want you to be successful so we include free tech support as well as lifetime product updates
  • Reservations: User may reserve a room, location or asset using a shared calendar between the entire Site
  • A Site is an infinite number of Buildings, Locations, Assets and Users. Sites (databases) are operated autonomously within the corporate umbrella
  • Lists, Calendars, Maps: View and manage multi status work orders through color coded lists, calendars and live GPS maps
  • GoMAX Mobile CMMS App: Built for any iOS/Android smartphone, ipad, tablet including Online or Offline
  • GoMAX Mobile GPS: Generate Work Orders in the field with captured GPS location for quick identification
  • Parts Inventory: Manage unlimited parts per Site updating quantity, QR/Bar coded for GoMAX, low level notifications and auto Purchase Order generation
  • Help Desk A: Any registered user may submit work order requests through desktops and mobiles for follow up through email and push notifications
  • Help Desk B: Each Site includes a customized guest portal form for anyone in the world to submit requests placing a link on your website or printing its QR Code
  • Staff & Vendor Rating: Rate staff and vendors per work order on desktops/mobiles even through the Guest Portal
  • Teams: Create groupings of staff as teams to quickly assign the same team to any work order, metering type or scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Teams: Create groupings of staff as teams to quickly assign the same team to any work order, metering type or scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Asset Management with Metering: Generate work orders on Assets based on a calendar or defined triggers such as runtime, miles, kilos
  • Asset Allocation: Manage your all your Assets from head office. Send Assets to various location around the world and track them by where, who, what, when
  • Preventative Maintenance + Task Management: Generated Calendar & Dynamic work orders on a set number of days after last work order completed
  • Task Groups: Develop your list of Task Groups - A Task Group include multiple Tasks that can be assigned to mulple staff/vendors
  • Scheduled Reporting: Generate instant reports for print/download/share or schedule them on a Weekly Monthly basis
  • Purchase Orders, Service Type Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Templates
  • Vendor Management: Invite unlimited 3rd party contractors to your account. Assign them to work orders, let them invoice you
  • Webhooks: Webhooks are data and executable commands sent from one app to another (very quickly)
  • Open API: Connect your Maxpanda data to your favorite apps using RESTful read write functionality

· Save $600/year on annual subscriptions · cc charged upon completing 7 day trial (upgrade downgrade cancel anytime) cmms software

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