Physical Audit Services for your Fixed Assets, Parts, Locations

Physical Audit Fixed Assets

  1. Address - This lists every address for each Location and Building. Once all addresses are entered, a dropdown select menu beside the Location/Building name will be available to associate the correct address to that Location/Building.
  2. Buildings - Maxpanda uses buildings to sort multiple locations for the submitter when submitting a new work order and the admin/editors when filtering or reporting on costs per location(s). Think about a real example such as Building name i.e.) SUMMERSIDE APARTMENTS, then associate each location to that building (i.e. Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 2 First floor, Basement, Stairs, 2nd floor Showers etc…). You will need to create Location Types in the excel sheet or in your online account. A Location Type can be a UNIT, FLOOR, WASHROOM, GARAGE, FIELD, ROOF etc.). Maxpanda allows you to search by location & asset types.
  3. Locations - A building is a BUILDING in Maxpanda. Each location will be assigned to that building. If you only want to create work orders towards that 1 Building, simply add it as a building and a single Location with the same name. Eventually you will have access to various enterprise reports such as Location Cost Summary and Building Cost Summary. To receive location based work orders through your portal you are required to create locations.
  4. Assets - Review all the predefined asset types (HVAC, ENGINEERING, HOSES, FURNITURE etc. Fill out the required asset details for each piece of equipment then select each asset type from the dropdown menu. Finally select the asset status (Active, In Storage, Disposed). Add to the asset status list as required.
  5. Parts - Enter the Name of the Part, the Part Number, any Notes, Quantity on hand, Minimum Level (for notification), Unit Price (captured costs on wo's), Storage Location and Send Reorder Email (yes or no = Admins receive email notifications when min. levels are reached).
  6. Company Codes - The excel sheet is prepopulated with COMPANY CODES used by default in Maxpanda CMMS. If you like you can overwrite any code making sure the sort order is correct. This action can also be completed by an ADMIN within the COMPANY menu in Maxpanda. Adding new codes takes a second. It's wise to have a company meeting and get the team onboard on all the terminology they will be using company wide and moving forward.

What Happens Next

  1. Signup for a 15 day free trial to ensure Maxpanda CMMS is exactly what your looking for (we do not sell Pizza)
  2. Contact our Physical Auditing Manager ( to schedule a time for a quick call to go review all your data requirements
  3. We discuss your audit requirements and provide a time estimate of gathering all the informations
  4. The estimate highly depends on amount of buildings, size of buildings, amount of assets and parts inventory quanitity
  5. Pictures are taken for each item being uploaded as well as onhand manufacturers documentation
  6. Increasing your costs would be the requirement to create daily, weekly, yearly Preventative Maintenance routines
  7. We upload your new data into the relevant menu sections (buildings/locatins/parts etc...)
  8. New data may be uploaded at anytime after the audit is complete but be carefull not to overwrite
  9. Mass data may not be DELETED - erros must be deleted manually within each line item
  10. Share and bookmark the cmms technical document available for you and your entire team 24/7
  11. You should be inviting your maintenance Staff/Vendors to signup for their account. Maxpanda system roles are define online
  12. Once staff/vendor are signed up have them download GoMAX mobile app on their iOS or Android smartphones/tablets