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Best CMMS for Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance Software You've got tenants to sort out, newly emptied properties to get cleaned and let, leases to organize, and a whole host of other responsibilities to see to, checklists to tick, and of course, maintenance management to facilitate. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a helping hand to help you tame the chaos? This is where Maxpanda comes in to save the day. We are here to help by delivering the maintenance management program of your dreams. We bring you a user-friendly, intuitive program that will ease your maintenance management pains and help you get everything under control, with the fluid click of a button.

Property Maintenance Software free from complication

Property Maintenance Software Maxpanda's web-based work order management software improves workflow efficiency by offering a multitude of tools designed to help with your day-to-day operations.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy with Maxpanda's Property Maintenance Software are:

  • Smooth communication between your organization and contractors or vendors on all submitted work orders whether reactive or proactive maintenance
  • Multi-site location ability - Whether you manage a boutique travel accommodation, or oversee a large property management corporation, Maxpanda fits your needs.
  • No extra hardware to purchase - Our program is web-based, which means it is ready to go when you are, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • Up-to-date access - What you see is what you get - meaning our users always have the latest version of our program, without the need for installing lengthy updates, new software, or security patches. We also won't ever hit you with unexpected software support fees. Or any software support fees for that matter!
  • Security - We have a robust, comprehensive security system in place, so you can rest assured that your content is always protect, backed-up, and supported.
  • Cloud storage - As part of our drive for security, your data will be stored on the ridiculously secure Amazon Cloud where it will always be available when you need it, but you won't have to worry about safeguarding the data on your company computer system.
  • 24/7 customer care - We are always available to help you with any issues, especially because as a property manager, you know that issues rarely arise during business hours.

Property Maintenance Software

Why trust Maxpanda to relieve your Property Maintenance Software headaches?

We started specifically to be better at CMMS than what was already out there. Our clients are our #1 priority, and everything we have put in place has been to make sure our property maintenance software is exactly what you need it to be. We deliver a product that is top of the line, but without the unmanageable price tag. Our approach to offering our CMMS services is by way of monthly subscription, with rates based on the amount of data your organization uses, not tied to the number of users on your account. This user-friendly program has been designed with one distinct purpose, and that is to make your life easier as you navigate through property maintenance management.

Property Maintenance Software

Give Maxpanda CMMS a chance to blow your Property Maintenance Software expectations out of the water

We know that asking you to make a change is a bit cheeky. However, we are utterly confident that if you do make the switch to Maxpanda's Property Maintenance Software, you'll be basking in good-decision glory. So, give Maxpanda a try!

In terms of Maintenance Management - Maxpanda assists in:

Accounting Integration, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Alerts/Notifications, API, Asset Life cycle Management, Asset Tracking, Audit Trail, Automated Scheduling, Barcode / Ticket Scanning, Barcoding/QR Codes, Billing & Invoicing, Calendar Management, Calibration & Meter Management, Compliance Management, Customizable Fields, Customizable Forms, Customizable Reports, Data Import/Export, Document Management, Document Storage, Equipment Maintenance, Equipment Tracking, Fixed Asset Management, Historical Reporting, Inspection Management, Inventory Management, Inventory Tracking, Invoice Management, Job Order Management, Maintenance Scheduling, Mobile Access, Monitoring, Multi-Location, Predictive Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Purchase Order Management, Real Time Data, Real Time Reporting, Reminders through email and Push Notifications, Reporting & Statistics, Scheduling, Service History, Task Management, Task Scheduling, Technician Management, Third Party Integrations, Work Order Management, Workflow Management.

Maxpanda CMMS Software includes

  • $0 Setup: Manually upload all your data using Maxpanda Spreadsheets. Upload unlimited buildings, locations, assets, parts and bins in seconds
  • Unlimited Users: We know your not used to hearing this but yes, there are no user fees whether you have 2 or 20,000 Users
  • Reservations: User may reserve a room, location or asset using a shared calendar between the entire Site
  • A Site is an infinite number of Buildings, Locations, Assets and Users. Sites (databases) are operated autonomously within the corporate umbrella
  • Lists, Calendars, Maps: View and manage multi status work orders through color coded lists, calendars and live GPS maps
  • GoMAX Mobile CMMS App: Built for any iOS/Android smartphone, ipad, tablet including Online or Offline
  • GoMAX Mobile GPS: Generate Work Orders in the field with captured GPS location for quick identification
  • Parts Inventory: Manage unlimited parts per Site updating quantity, QR/Bar coded for GoMAX, low level notifications and auto Purchase Order generation
  • Help Desk A: Any registered user may submit work order requests through desktops and mobiles for follow up through email and push notifications
  • Help Desk B: Each Site includes a customized guest portal form for anyone in the world to submit requests placing a link on your website or printing its QR Code
  • Staff & Vendor Rating: Rate staff and vendors per work order on desktops/mobiles even through the Guest Portal
  • Teams: Create groupings of staff as teams to quickly assign the same team to any work order, metering type or scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Asset Management with Metering: Generate work orders on Assets based on a calendar or defined triggers such as runtime, miles, kilos
  • Asset Allocation: Manage your all your Assets from head office. Send Assets to various location around the world and track them by where, who, what, when
  • Preventative Maintenance + Task Management: Generated Calendar & Dynamic work orders on a set number of days after last work order completed
  • Task Groups: Develop your list of Task Groups - A Task Group include multiple Tasks that can be assigned to mulple staff/vendors
  • Scheduled Reporting: Generate instant reports for print/download/share or schedule them on a Weekly Monthly basis
  • Purchase Orders, Service Type Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Templates
  • Vendor Management: Invite unlimited 3rd party contractors to your account. Assign them to work orders, let them invoice you

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