Public Works Maintenance Software

Maxpanda's Public Works Maintenance Software Rocks! Simple yet Powerful Maintenance Management.

Preventative Maintenance Software street maintenance and repairs City and municipal maintenance is not a small task for any city, small or large. When a pipe is leaking or breaks, it's an emergency that can could potentially put lives in danger. Having proper maintenance routines is key for any municipality and having Maxpanda SaaS to support this is a must. Track all of the street segments, pipes, drains, and sewers in your city and schedule preventive maintenance inspections for equipment that needs to be maintained. The benefits of implementing CMMS to support your municipal maintenance are easy to see and essential to realize. Easy-to-use web-based applications can help your City or Municipality increase asset life, track maintenance costs, prevent and predict asset failures, improve labor productivity, reduce costly downtimes, minimize investments in inventory, and lower the total cost of maintenance. Cities and Municipalities can set up maintenance procedures and preventive maintenance schedule for facilities and equipment such as the following: Sewers Drains Pipes, Streets, Potholes, Curbs and Gutters, Traffic Control Devices, Sanitation Systems, Vehicles, Parking Lots, Parking Garages, Landscape Maintenance, Buildings, Fire Hydrants, Pipelines, Asphalt Repairs and anything else you can think of.

equipment maintenance software Who uses Maxpanda? Hotels, Resorts, Service, maintenance departments, Schools, Sports facilities, Shopping malls, Property owners, Hospitals, Healthcare centres, Maintenance managers, Property managers, Service managers, Client managers, Technical service departments, Maintenance engineers, Property companies, Plant managers, Sport facility managers, Maintenance Management, Infection prevention and documentation, Certificate management, Flexible reporting, Maintenance schedule, Maintenance archiving, Inspection notifications. Develop a CMMS plan that works for you. These days it seems that lesson is very visible. Everywhere you go people around you are doing more, with less. If that's the case, then why are companies not reporting company efficiencies being at an all time high? With the adoption of a CMMS system like Maxpanda, you're getting exactly that- more, with less. While I am confident that everyone in the facility maintenance industry is well aware of the benefits of a CMMS system, I believe the real confusion lies in the implementation of the system. Many companies struggle for an all-encompassing implementation plan and are therefore unable to see the results of a system working at its full potential.

Maxpanda has developed an easy four step CMMS implementation plan that is not only simple to execute, but actually works for all types of industries! Try our work order software free for seven days. Public works work order software should be easy to use for all users. Work order software property management can focus on not only location based work order requests but buildings as well. City Hall can always use our help by using the best work order ticket software around.