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Maxpanda CMMS for Public Works Maintenance

Maxpanda's Public Works Maintenance Software is one of a kind, offering simple, yet powerful maintenance management for those in the public works sector. City and municipal maintenance is not a small task for any locality, small or large. When a municipal pipe starts leaking or bursts, it's an emergency that can potentially put people at risk. When a block of streetlights go out, the area they are meant to illuminate feels less safe. These are just a couple examples of the reactive emergency repairs that officials must respond to and organize, saying nothing of the planned works that come into play.

Generate new work orders captured through gps location on GoMAX Mobile apps. USERS must enable GPS tracking on GoMAX and their mobile device (shows error if this is off). Captures gps location from GoMAX + add the gps location to a NEW location field (preferences option must be on) and have it hyperlinked to the user's default map for mobile phone and desktop viewing. GPS WO menu shows hyperlinked coordinates to be opened by default mobile map app. GPS created work orders are available in the SLA EXPORT report. Report has an option to show/hide the gps coordinates within the REPORT PREFERENCES. GPS coordinates are also shown using hyperlinks in the report. Maxpanda shows work orders using gps location coordinates in the Map View by selecting the 'GPS WO' option at the top right. In the List View, Maxpanda appends the gps coordinates in front of the asset & location names for quick filtering and reference points.

What better way to take control of your asset management priorities than with a public works software that puts your city's needs first.

Maxpanda: the best choice for asset management work order software

Maxpanda began its journey with a serious destination in mind. That destination was seeing the end of the outdated, unmanageable CMMS in exchange for something better. We deliver our clients a user-friendly, intuitive asset management work order software that takes the stress out of maintenance management. We make it easy for department of public works staffers to organize and track all things maintenance. The benefits of implementing CMMS to support your municipal maintenance strategies are endless. Some of the positives you can look forward to are:

  • Flawless tracking of all the street segments, pipes, drains, and sewers in your locality
  • Scheduling of preventative maintenance inspections for equipment that needs to be maintained
  • Easy-to-use web-based applications that help your municipality
  • Increase asset life Preventative Maintenance Software
  • Track maintenance costs
  • Prevent and predict asset failures
  • Improve labor productivity
  • Reduce costly downtimes
  • Minimize investment in inventory
  • Lower the total cost of maintenance

Cities and municipalities can set up maintenance procedures and preventative maintenance schedule for facilities and equipment such as:

generate gps work orders

  • Sewer drain pipes
  • Streets / Potholes
  • Curbs and gutters
  • Traffic control devices
  • Sanitation systems / Vehicles
  • Parking lots / garages
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Buildings
  • Fire hydrants / Pipelines
  • Asphalt repair

What does Maxpanda have that other don't?

We have developed an easy CMMS that is not only simple to execute and straightforward to use, but actually works for all types of industries. Organizations can look forward to using a system that is tailored to their needs.

At Maxpanda, we constantly strive for the best so that we can deliver our clients the best. Our web-based CMMS means on-demand access by our clients, at any time, from anywhere. Our system is always up-to-date, and because it is web-based, it means no downtime for updates or security patches or hoping employees remember to install them! Our robustly secure system stores its data on the Amazon Cloud, which removes the responsibility of your employees to safeguard data they would otherwise have to store on their computers. Finally, though our program is top-rated, it doesn't scourge the budget. Please discerning taxpayers with our budget-friendly CMMS that is charged monthly, based on the amount of data used rather than the amount of user accounts registered. The best part? We don't lock our clients into unreasonable contracts, which means you can leave any time though we're sure you won't want to.

Let Maxpanda be your new choice in public works work order software

We're serious when we say we believe that using our system will make all the difference in the world to the efficiency of your municipality's asset managemet. We're so serious that we even give our new clients a Free Demo so we can show them how great our stuff is without any risk to them. Let us make a positive change in the way you deal with the greatest Public Work asset & location management software in the entire history of the universe.

In terms of Maintenance Management - Maxpanda assists in:

Accounting Integration Activity Dashboard Activity Tracking Alerts/Notifications API Asset Life cycle Management Asset Tracking Audit Trail Automated Scheduling Barcode / Ticket Scanning Barcoding/QR Codes Billing & Invoicing Calendar Management Calibration Management Compliance Management Customizable Fields Customizable Forms Customizable Reports Data Import/Export Document Management Document Storage Equipment Maintenance Equipment Tracking Fixed Asset Management Historical Reporting Inspection Management Inventory Management Inventory Tracking Invoice Management Job Management Maintenance Scheduling Mobile Access Monitoring Multi-Location Predictive Maintenance Preventive Maintenance Purchase Order Management Real Time Data Real Time Reporting Reminders Reporting & Statistics Scheduling Service History Task Management Task Scheduling Technician Management Third Party Integrations Work Order Management Workflow Management.

Maxpanda CMMS Software includes

  • $0 Setup: Manually upload all your data using Mxpanda Spreadsheets. Upload unlimited buildings, locations, assets, parts and bins in seconds
  • Unlimited Users: We know your not used to hearing this but yes, there are no user fees whether you have 2 or 20,000 Users
  • Free Tech Support: We want you to be successful so we include free tech support as well as lifetime product updates
  • A Site is an infinite number of Buildings, Locations, Assets and Users. Sites are operated autonomously within the corporate umbrella managed by the Company Admin
  • Lists, Calendars, Maps: View and manage multi status work orders through color coded lists, calendars and live GPS maps
  • GoMAX Mobile CMMS App: Built for any iOS/Android smartphone, ipad, tablet including Online or Offline
  • Parts Inventory: Manage unlimited parts per Site updating quantity, QR/Bar coded for GoMAX, low level notifications and auto Purchase Order generation
  • Help Desk A: Any registered user may submit work order requests through desktops and mobiles for follow up through email and push notifications
  • Help Desk B: Each Site includes a customized guest portal form for anyone in the world to submit requests placing a link on your website or printing its QR Code
  • Staff & Vendor Rating: Rate staff and vendors per work order on desktops/mobiles even through the Guest Portal
  • Asset Management with Metering: Generate work orders on Assets based on a calendar or defined triggers such as runtime, miles, kilos
  • Preventative Maintenance + Task Management: Calendar scheduled but also Dynamic to generate work orders on set number of days after last work order completed
  • Scheduled Reporting: Generate instant reports for print/download/share or schedule them on a Weekly Monthly basis
  • Purchase Orders, Service Type Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Templates
  • Vendor Management: Invite unlimited 3rd party contractors to your account. Assign them to work orders, let them invoice you
  • Open API: Connect your Maxpanda data to your favorite apps using RESTful read write functionality