Preventative Maintenance Software Running a hotel, whether it's a specialty boutique, or a national hotel chain, can be very complex as it requires serious organization and flawlessly run logistics. Of course, these things only come with careful planning and hard work to ensure a smooth interaction between all the departments within the hotel. It's this seamless effort that gives your guests the feeling of security as they know their accommodation has all of its ducks in a row and the can look forward to enjoying the stay.

Maxpanda's web-based CMMS ensures our clients get exactly what they need when it comes to the logistics related to maintenance. With its robust security, user-friendly navigation system, and simple access, this tailored program is the solution you have been waiting for to ease all your maintenance program woes.

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Software for preventative hotel maintenance, schedules, checklists, and more

In the chaotic, busy world of today, hotel staff and managers know what it's like to constantly be putting out fires. You need a multi-faceted maintenance software that will act like a partner in your maintenance management rather than a frustrating but necessary tool in the toolbox. We've designed Maxpanda for hospitality environments that want to stay on top of their game.

With Maxpanda CMMS, your hotel can look forward to:

  • Delivering guest services faster and better
  • Recognizing and correcting potential maintenance issues immediately
  • Automatic alerts to maintenance staff
  • Discovering trends and identifying problem areas
  • An electronic calendar linked to completed service recover work orders
  • Clean rooms and an efficient schedule
  • Ease in sorting out scheduled preventative maintenance
  • 24/7 access to Maxpanda's customer service
  • On-demand access to the software (So no worrying about whether the computer or tablet you're using has the right program installed)

By allowing your hotel the efficiency of working with an award-winning CMMS like Maxpanda, you will assist it in improving its operational costs while easily managing the lifecycles of every asset. If you're well-entrenched in the world of maintenance management and planning, you already know that it is about so much more than simply setting out a schedule and hoping that your staff can accomplish their tasks. Tighten your budgetary belt without feeling any pain in your gut and take control of your hotel logistics with Maxpanda:

  • Achieve key performance indicators to better help with projections
  • Reduce document storage and handling costs
  • Shoulder less of the burden in safeguarding data otherwise on the hotel's computer system
  • Establish standard operating procedures per department or site
  • Eliminate staff overtime if desired
  • Have higher rates of proactive work, such as preventative maintenance, inspections, and repairs
  • Reduce energy consumption by 20%
  • Reduce maintenance-related customer complaints
  • Reduce the backlog of outstanding work requests
  • Identify barriers that currently hinder management from accomplishing corporate objectives

Why choose Maxpanda for your hotel and swimming pool maintenance software?

hotel maintenance software At Maxpanda, we are driven to continue our job of ridding the world of cumbersome, difficult CMMS programs and replacing them with a hotel preventative maintenance program that solves your problems and relieves your headaches rather than adding to them. Our program is written with its users in mind. We have created it so that it is straightforward to use, employs all the necessary features for a successful hotel preventative maintenance system, and doesn't break the budget. See, in our drive to provide the best for our clients, we didn't think an overpriced program was what they needed. Nor did we think that locking them into long contracts was sensible. Our clients simply pay for the data they use, in a monthly subscription.

Give Maxpanda a try for your hotel preventative maintenance planning

We understand that sometimes making a change is a bit daunting. However, we really believe our Hotel Preventative Maintenance Management Software will have you wondering why you didn't switch sooner.