Running a Restaurant is a very complex & logistical endeavor that requires careful planning and hard work to ensure the effective interaction of all departments. Equipment breakdowns and accidents do happen, which is why Restaurants employ multiple professional maintenance staff of every level. Restaurant maintenance staff, sometimes called maintenance or operations engineers, perform a wide range of essential tasks, helping to ensure a smooth operating facility resulting in happy customers. Scheduled Routine preventive maintenance comprises for a significant percentage of the duties for the Restaurant maintenance engineer, this can become overwhelming. Responsibilities range from changing HVAC filters to lubricating kitchen equipment to regular boiler maintenance. Restaurant maintenance staff are also typically responsible for scheduling regular inspections of electrical equipment as required law, as well as working with vendors to replace old and or new equipment.

Restaurant CMMS Maintenance Software Restaurant maintenance engineers are heavily responsible for minor mechanical, electrical, HVAC, Sweeping carpets, washing floors, cleaning readily accessible windows, cutting grass, cleaning guestrooms, replacing burned-out light bulbs or construction-related repairs throughout the premises. Maintenance workers often have to refer to blueprints, diagrams and manuals in making repairs, and they also have to arrange for the pick up or delivery of the necessary parts and supplies. Having a cmms in place like Maxpanda can help you organize your o&m documents all in one safe and convenient place. The success of any Restaurant is based on the level of service that is provided to its guests. By storing all of your buildings, floors, rooms and equipment in an asset management solution you can track the maintenance on your entire organization. The live asset cost report will give you the maintenance costs at any level of the organization. Preventive maintenance procedures can also be set up for HVAC units and generators to prevent failures. Ultimately, the maintenance management system can be utilized to track maintenance, greatly reduce costs, give a higher level of service to all customers and a cleaner more happier working environment for your staff. Using Maxpanda's simple, easy-to-use web-based application can help your Restaurant extend asset life, track maintenance costs, provide a higher level of service, maintain a clean and efficient environment, improve labor productivity, reduce costly downtimes, minimize investments in inventory and lower the total cost of maintenance.

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What if Kitchen Equipment is down? Does that matter?

Maxpanda is a critical tool for your hospitality's maintenance and operations. Widely used by clients as small as bed and breakfasts to national multisite brands around the world. Whether you use Maxpanda CMMS for a single building or multiple properties, the positive effects are significant with gains starting on day one. Easily set up automated communications, scheduling, tracking and reporting for everything including the kitchen sink.

10 Habits of Successful Operations & Maintenance Managers

1. Make decisions quickly Successful leaders are expert decision makers. A General Manager's day is filled around the clock with meetings and exchanges with staff, guests, vendors, suppliers and new recruits, etc. The goal of each meeting and encounter is to make decisions. Successful restaurant cmms managers either empower their employees to reach a desirable outcome or they do it themselves. They focus on “making things happen” at all times – encouraging progress and keeping their restaurant cmms managers above par.

2. Get out of the office Years of hands-on experience in the trenches have finally led to a nice, large office, but don't get too comfortable. With so many meeting, emails, and administrative tasks to attend to, it's easy to get trapped. Spend too much time in the office and you may lose track of what is happening in the "front of house." So make it a practice to spend a little time each day walking around the restaurant cmms managers, helping the front desk, directing and motivating employees, inspecting rooms, interacting with a guest or two. This will help you understand your employees, guests and restaurant cmms managers better.

3. Lead by example People truly follow only those they trust. If you want to gain the trust and confidence of your employees you must set an example for them. This may sound easy, but few leaders are consistent with this one. Successful leaders practice what they preach and are attentive of their actions.

4. Surround yourself with the right people This is easier said than done as high employee turnover continue to plague the hospitality industry - wreaking havoc on productivity, morale and the restaurant cmms managers's bottom line. Reports show that 54% of organizations see greater new hire productivity and 50% higher retention rates for new hires when they have a well-planned onboarding process in place. You already know that first impressions are so important when it comes to restaurant cmms managers guests, well the same goes for new recruits: Give them an exceptional first experience; so you can both know you made the right choice.

5. Motivate your employees - The ball is in your court. According to a recent study by Dale Carnegie Training, less than 20% of non-management employees are fully engaged (aka, fully motivated and productive) and the single most important factor influencing engagement is an employee’s relationship with his or her direct manager.

6. Delegate Don't try to do everything yourself and don't micromanage. Communicate the restaurant cmms managers's mission, vision, values, and goals, etc., then step back and let your staff take it from there. Setting this example will encourage your department heads and managers to do the same.

7. Measure and reward performance Studies show that a lack of praise and recognition is a top reason that employees are unhappy at their jobs. Successful managers (restaurant cmms managers) are active in recognizing and acknowledging hard work and are mindful of rewarding top performers. These employees and their efforts should not be taken for granted - they are the ones who will help you achieve your company goals and, potentially, motivate others to become more engaged. They are also the examples other employees look to when trying to improve themselves professionally.

8. Implement the right technologies Technology is the key to running a restaurant cmms managers in this modern day and age, from managing a guest's experience, to property management, to employee training. While rolling out new technologies can be daunting, the benefits are worthwhile and often necessary to remain competitive.

9. Take Responsibility Great leaders know when to accept that mistakes have been made and take it upon themselves to fix them. It doesn’t help to point a finger or place blame, if you are the leader, you need to take responsibility, attend to the matter, learn from the situation and then move on.

10. Love your job Successful restaurant cmms managers love being leaders, after all, making a difference in other people's lives is why you chose the hospitality industry in the first place. Being a successful restaurant cmms managers is all about your ability to serve others and this can’t be accomplished unless you genuinely enjoy what you do.

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