School Maintenance Software

facility management software for schools Whether your maintenance wheelhouse includes a school, daycare, college, university, or an entire school district, having a solid, dependable education facilities management system in place can make or break the way you run your maintenance logistics. Maxpanda CMMS offers a cost-effective solution that is visually appealing and easy to use. Get employees, vendors, contractors, and anyone else on board with a program that suits everyone's needs, is easily accessible, and is designed to make a positive difference in maintenance management. When your job means trying to make sense of the work orders, and chaos that can be maintenance departments, Maxpanda is a solid partner to have along for the ride.

An education facilities management system to exceed expectations

At Maxpanda, we had a vision of real asset managemet -- to build the perfect school building maintenance software. When we began, and it has carried us through to today. That vision was to change the world of computerized maintenance management systems as we knew it. We wanted to help do away with unwieldy systems like manual work requests or filling out a work order manually. That seemed more hassle than they were worth. Instead, we present a user-focused, user-friendly system with intuitive navigation, sensible and useful tools, and a price tag that is very affordable.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy with Maxpanda's work orders management Software are:

  • Security - We maintain a robust, comprehensive security system, wherein our users know their content is protected, backed-up, and fully supported.
  • Always up-to-date - Because the system is web-based, you always have access to it whenever you need and from wherever you are without having to worry about massive updates or security patches.
  • 24/7 Customer Service - We provide our customers with access to customer service at any time, and this is included with your subscription fees.
  • No extra hardware to purchase - Since our program is web-based, it's simply accessible through your preferred internet browser. No fussing with discs or downloading the program from online. Your personnel can get started using it right away.
  • Multi-site locations - Easy, budget-friendly implementation available from anywhere, without the need for high-power servers or a dedicated IT division.
  • Budget - Our subscriptions fees are charged monthly, which means your institution doesn't have to dedicate a large capital outlay upfront. Please taxpayers, the board of directors, or whomever else might be scrutinizing your books with these small monthly costs that can be passed through your operating budget.

We make sure that accessing our program is easy, but we also make sure that employing your data is simple as well. You can download it in the preferred file format any time you need it. You can crunch it, and email it to the accounting department, board, or whomever else needs it. Easily take control of your data and maintenance management at the click of a button.

Why let Maxpanda solve your maintenance management software problems?

We provide solutions to your maintenance management troubles. Our award-winning CMMS for schools is the education facilities management system you've been waiting for. We deliver an easy-to-use asset management product with school maintenance departments and support staff in mind. We make it simple to transfer your data over from your current system. We don't lock you into an endless contract for our services. And we are constantly in communication with our clients in order to make any needed improvements so we are always giving our best.

Give Maxpanda's work orders maintenance management system a try

Maxpanda is ready to make a difference for the way your school does maintenance management. Let us help get you moving into the best CMMS software.
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