Maxpanda is an investment in your team and company culture

Maxpanda will help you improve the way you create, manage and report on incoming work orders and your preventative maintenance routines. Maxpanda CMMS is PM Optimized, Asset/Space Management perfect, Offline Online for your mobile needs, includes an Open API, manages your Parts & Purchase Orders and is 100% AWS Secure. We make life easier for facilities managers working online or offline. We do this by ensuring your data is safe and accessible to your team 24/7 - Book a Free Demo so we can show you our Dashboards, Work Orders, Preventative Maintenance, Reports and answer all your questions pertaining to maintenance management software in cloud.

The days of tracking your inventory with a pen and paper are long gone. Even newer inventory management systems using spreadsheets are a far cry from the incredible optimizations available through Maxpanda CMMS software. We operate on an SaaS model featuring cloud-based solutions. That means that no matter where you are, you’ll be able to access Maxpanda CMMS software. You can coordinate inventories and maintenance tasks across the city or across the globe. You can grant different levels of access to our software, so employees and executives can always view and update the information they need to.

The Menu, the Map, the Legend

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Find yourself overwhelmed by inventory? Want an all-in-one solution to track inventory, spare parts, maintenance schedules, asset value, and work orders in real time. Understand that maintenance management involves the monitoring of several moving parts, from vendor reputation to the actual physical location of your assets. Maxpanda CMMS might be right for you! Our CMMS software is all about optimization - everything you need to manage maintenance and inventory, all in one user-friendly package.

Our Enterprise Asset Management Software is web based and customizable for all your integrated facilities management services, and helps you manage and facilitate your day to day operations in multiple buildings or worksites all through our graphically based dashboard.

Our #1 focus has and always will be on 2 things. Our clients and yours. Since the beginning of Maxpanda Asset management software, we’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we’re designing a new module for the Maintenance Supervisor or enterprise report for the VP of a large asset portfolio, we take great care to ensure that Maxpanda Asset management software will ultimately serve you, rather than our own internal goal or bottom line. Our core Enterprise Asset Management Software product offering is simply the most robust cmms in today’s market bar none. The web-based Maintenance Manager is an intuitive Enterprise Asset Management Software providing powerful on-demand and preventative work order management tools, comprehensive reporting and integrated Resource Library to ensure a timely and effective strategy that will increase the life cycle of your facility. Facilities management and Asset management software is not just for the directors anymore – asset management software has to be both fast and powerful for the data clerk, resident, nurse, teacher and administrative assistant to work with on a daily basis.